About Me

Hello there and welcome to DigitalWorldGuru.com. That’s good to see that you’ve opened this page; it shows, you’re serious in business and it’s important for you to know who you’ll working with. Great! I like this kind of people, because it’s important for me to know people who I’ll be working with too!

Ok, Let’s start with who I am and what I’m doing here! My name is Ali, I’m 30 years old and married to a nice Russian girl. Except of writing, I like movies, travelling, reading and like 80% of all men, soccer!

I’m a computer technician and writer who loves developing content for creative industries, small businesses, and blogs. Tech, startups and business are what I love to write about but I’ve written articles on many different topics. When you need a blog post, stellar business proposal, press release, website copy, a fresh set of eyes for proofreading or a total rewrite – I’m here to be your right hand!

I have written for a variety of clients on topics like business, startup, technology, product comparisons, reviews, and for personal blogs as a ghostwriter. Need someone who is tech friendly? That’s me! It’s now about 13 years that I’m in tech industry; people call persons like me tech savvy but you can call me just Ali! ) I can upload and edit work on a variety of platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, Google Drive and etc.

Ali and Katya

Me and my lovely wife Katya

Contact me now and let’s bring your ideas to life! 🙂