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4 Useful Applications For Android & iOS: From Video Editing to First Aid

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Follow all new apps coming out every week is a hard task, but you’re lucky! We do this for you and provide a list of some of the best and useful applications for Android as well as iOS. In this post, you’ll find out an image editor app for iPhone as well as another useful app to edit and add effects on videos.

When you’re out of home, your safety is important. Red Cross has introduced an app that teaches you first aid and gives helpful advice in emergency situations.


1- First Aid by American Red Cross

Red Cross has introduced an official first aid app for Android and iOS. Basically, this app is a database of various emergency situations, and it gives you step-by-step instructions for different situations. When you’re looking for a professional help, it will give you good advice.

First Aid App

Get First Aid here:

Download from Google play

App Store




2- Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary released its special app for iPhone. It’s free and has such features as increasing color automatically by one tap, balancing color, cutting and rotating photos as well as adjusting contrast and brightness. This app can really cover all your photo editing needs.

Aviary App

This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone now and gives developers the opportunity to use Photo Editor features in other apps.

Get Aviary here:

Download from Google play

App Store




3- CinePro

CinePro is a video app for iOS which letы you use filters in videos, like what you’ve seen in Instagram. It’s a real-time app and you can see the result instantly. So, for example, if you are recording a video with Portland filter, you can watch this filter on the video that you’re recording and change it if you don’t like it at the same time.

CinePro App

This app lets you record video with your front or rear phone camera and manually adjust ISO, Focal length, Image Aspect Ratio and Record Frame Rate options.

Get CinePro here:




4- Dropbox for iOS

Dropbox has updated its app, and now you can upload images and videos automatically from camera to Dropbox. This feature was available only for Android users, but now it’s also available for iOS users too.

Dropbox App

Get Dropbox here:

Download from Google play

App Store





  1. With this ever evolving technology, it’s a wonder how anyone can keep up. How do you or is there any app that gives news on updates, advancement, and up coming software?

    1. Dear Maurice,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, you’re right; we’re seeing hundreds of new applications coming up every month and that’s not easy to keep up with all of them. Personally I use base sources (Google Play and App Store) to see what’s new in the market but for choosing, I spend a couple of time to check each one and see which one pays to be introduced on the site.


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