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5 Websites to Visit when Bored

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Playing old games and visiting old websites remind us of our old memories. Memories that we had surfing websites and playing video game consoles. Here is a list of 5 websites to visit when bored…

In this post, we list 5 interesting websites when bored that will help you browse your old memories. Imagine you’re lying down to rest for a while and taking your smartphone out of your pocket. You can play games or visit different websites. Sometimes, they can be old websites and games which one day seemed so amazing to us.

Nostalgia is always interesting for us, especially when we’re watching a classic TV commercial, listening to an old song or playing old games. Doing this makes us feel good. Many people have many nostalgic memories connected to the Internet, and we’re going to list 5 websites to revive your memories which will take you to the old days.

1. OnThisDay Facebook Page

OnThisDay Facebook Page

Facebook was launched in 2004, and many users have lots memories from that time. Since Facebook is a social network, users have many personal memories stored there. Facebook knows this fact and introduced On This Day feature. By going to this page, you can see all your old posts from the same day, but posted years ago. To see your memorable posts, you can visit or search On This Day on Facebook. You’ll have access to many old pictures and posts and it really pays to visit it.

2. TheNostalgiaMachine website

TheNostalgiaMachine Website

Music and songs always revives many memories. lets you choose a year (for example, from your childhood) and then shows you all popular songs of that time; you can listen to them and go to earlier years. After the year and the song are chosen, it will open up at YouTube.

3. My90sTV/My80sTV/My70sTV websites

My90sTV/My80sTV/My70sTV Websites

In addition to music, many people have nostalgic memories with TV shows and commercials. You watched these TV shows several times because they remind you of something. If you want to experience this feeling again, you can visit, and There are TV commercials and programs from 70s, 80s and 90s that will take you back to those decades.

4. Sndtst Website

Sndtst Website

Watching old TV programs is interesting, but it might take some time. If you’re a kind of person who has many beautiful memories connected to old video games, is the right place for you. You’ll find a complete collection of old video games` songs on this website.

5. Windows 3.1 Classic Game

Windows 3.1 Classic Game Website

If you’ve been using Windows for a long time, you probably know Windows 3.1 Classic Game. Video game consoles weren’t very famous and well-known at that time. Now, a website simulated Windows 3.1 Classic Game which is called Ski and lets you play it online. To play this nostalgic game, click here.

Well… we’re done! ) Have you reminisced about good old times? Great! By the way, feel free to share your old memories with us and let us know if you know any other similar websites that can revive our memories in comments!


  1. This has to be one of the most relevant topics to make a post about. I find it fascinating what my mind gravitates too when I get bored online and while I don’t really visit any of the websites you mention.

    However I do visit Facebook a lot 🙂 and I always notice how many hours can slide away just looking at comments, posts, articles and videos that people share, lol.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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