8 Little-Known Best Paying Affiliate Programs

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It’d be nice to make more money off of your blog, right?

After all the effort it takes to make a blog successful. And the continued effort that content requires every single week, without fail, for your blog to continue being successful… You need to start making some kind of revenue from it.

But the question most bloggers struggle with crops up: “Where do I begin?”

That’s a pretty difficult question to answer. There’s a lot of right and wrong answers to it, too. Depending on your blog niche, traffic, etc. However, for this post – the answer is simple. It’s “affiliate programs.” More specifically, the best affiliate website for you, as any kind of blogger.

Why Super Affiliates are So Successful?

Successful affiliate marketers don’t waste time constantly dabbling and dipping their toe’s into things. They maintain deep focus and remain consistent over a long period.

When it comes to marketing strategy for the best of the best, finding the right affiliate program that has an outstanding commission structure is the name of the game.

Elite level marketers don’t waste time promoting products that produce one-off $20 commissions.

Instead, they align themselves with high paying affiliate programs. These affiliate marketing programs offer products/services that net huge commissions. And they’re the bread and butter for the super affiliates of today.

Of course, the affiliate programs alone don’t create wealth for these titans of digital marketing.

They create and share content that provides a ton of value, making a difference in people’s lives. Furthermore, they establish powerful brands that communicate their message to the world.

People that succeed, fully understand the power of self-education — they’re always learning, growing and challenging themselves in some way.

Success in affiliate marketing (and any business really) is as much about your psychology as it is about marketing strategy and know-how.

Ok, let’s get into the top 8 affiliate websites any level of blogger can benefit from.

1- Fiverr Affiliate Program

Promote the world’s largest marketplace for digital services – Fiverr. From whiteboard explainer videos to WordPress and logo design, earn up to $150 for every first-time buyer with their dynamic CPA model. Get paid to drive traffic, it’s that easy.

With over 3 million digital services available, 250 unique categories and a gig purchased every 4-seconds, anyone can easily find a relevant service to promote from Fiverr’s marketplace.

Maximize your affiliate potential with Fiverr’s new stores for affiliates. As an affiliate, there are some things you do the best. You might be the best content writer, the best marketer, or the best videographer in your industry, but… there are some tasks you clearly struggle with. You may need help developing creative copy for Facebook posts or crafting that unique thumbnail image to increase clicks on Youtube, the list goes on and on.

To save you time and increase your affiliate success, Fiverr has created the ultimate set of stores to support your affiliate efforts with premier talent. Those stores include the most relevant and best performing gigs from their top sellers in variety of categories: Web or Blog, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

2- ClickBank

ClickBank is first in the list of highest paying affiliate programs to get started for beginners and is my personal favorite. It’s ClickBank where I earned my first commission online and I still can’t forget how happy and energized I was on that day.

ClickBank is basically a marketplace for digital products such as eBooks, videos, online courses, softwares, memberships etc. There is a small percentage of physical products as well on the platform.

Unlike most of the other affiliate networks, ClickBank doesn’t have any rigorous process for signing up and promoting the products.

It’s completely free to join as an affiliate on ClickBank. Vendors need to pay a one-time fee of $49 when they list their product on the ClickBank marketplace.

The commissions at ClickBank ranges from 50% up to are as high as 90%.

3- Hammacher Schlemmer

I absolutely love this store and online catalogue. They stock some crazy stuff, some of which is also crazy expensive.

If you are not familiar with the company, the name Hammacher Schlemmer is well known for innovation and they are America’s longest running catalogue.

Hammacher Schlemmer offer high-quality products at their New York store, online and through their Affiliate Network.

Affiliates earn 8% commissions.

Now I know that an 8% commission doesn’t really make it sound like it should be in a list of high paying affiliate programs, but just take a look at the price of some of their products:

Affiliate Commission Examples:

  • Item12332: Mixed Martial Arts Trainer Price $7,000 x 8% affiliate commission of $560
  • Item12533: Amphibious ATV Price $49,000 x 8% affiliate commission of $3,920
  • Item12245: Golf Cart Hovercraft Price $58,000 x 8% affiliate commission of $4,640

4- Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing provides a user-friendly interface that I like. When I was starting with an affiliate marketing program, this network allows me to learn the ropes. Since it has at least 1,000 brands, I choose products that offer high incentives. Like the other high paying affiliate programs, Rakuten does not have a fixed payout scheme. The commission rate depends on the amount that the merchant will pay.

One thing that I like about Rakuten Marketing is that it offers customized deep linking and rotating banners. I can customize the ad unit, depending on my requirements.

But, if you are not a techie, you can use the standard aid unit provided by the affiliate network. Rakuten gets high scores for its tech implementation.

5- WP Engine

WP Engine is a web hosting business that’s part of an industry worth a lot of money. Actually, it’s worth in the region of US$76 billion per year.

But they carved out a very specific slice of that pie – hosting for WordPress, the dominant blogging platform on Earth. What also makes WP Engine stand out from other web hosting affiliate programs is their reputation – people love them.

And this is despite the fact that their entry-level hosting package costs over $30 per month, and their “best value” package comes in at almost $300 per month.

And they have no visible issue finding new customers.

They’re also not afraid to handsomely reward affiliates for sending new customers their way, to the tune of $147 per sign-up.

$50 – $80 commissions for web hosting affiliate programs are pretty normal, but $150 per signup is way above the norm.

How many $150 signups would it take you to replace your day job?

Go for it!

6- Jillian Michaels 

Jillian Michaels helps people lose weight, gain muscle tone and eliminate excuses. She’s a renown fitness trainer and thousands of people sign up for her program every month.

Her monthly customers aren’t quitting because she provides customized advice through her interactive smartphone app.

She offers over 500 unique workouts that the app suggests (based on the user’s input). She also upsells existing customers on DVDs, books and fitness equipment which helps you earn more moolah.

Example payout: you will earn 20% on new subscriptions. If you rack up $1,000 in net new monthly memberships, she will pay you $200.

7- StudioPress 

StudioPress is another rather a niche but very worthwhile affiliate to pursue if you have the digital presence audience. They create responsive, adaptable and highly customisable WordPress hosting and themes, that extend the function and accessibility of WordPress fluidly.

8- iTunes Affiliates

One common thread you’ll see among the affiliate programs I mention here is trust. Many of the best affiliate programs are not going to be earning you a huge boost for every single commission; rather, since they’re trusted companies, you’ll earn high volumes of commissions and a moderate payment for each commission.

Apple’s iTunes is a good platform for affiliate promotion for two reasons. The first is the trust, as mentioned. The second is that, in addition to music and media, your affiliate commissions count for app sales and in-app purchases.

Sure, you can earn a few cents per song when someone buys the new Kanye album, but hook a whale on a new Gacha game and, well, imagine earning a commission from this guy’s purchases. If all of that is nonsense to you, let me sum it up; this guy spent over $16,000 on a free-to-play Final Fantasy phone game in one year.


So, there you have it – 8 high-paying affiliate programs that you can sign up for.

I did my best to include a wide variety of programs, but my focus was on how much affiliates (you) get paid.

And in some cases, that’s up to $300 per sale, which is absolutely nuts when you think about it. 10 referrals like that each month is job replacement income for the majority of people.

I hope you enjoyed the article! If you liked it, I would really appreciate it if you can share it on one of your social networks. Also, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought – I love talking to the readers, so hopefully will talk to you in the comments below.

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  1. I personally liked your ranking post of affiliate marketing sites as you give detailed descriptions on what sites are best to use and details about each different sites separate uniques. This post will personally help me out as I will be looking into using some of the sites listed in my own website thank you a great deal.

  2. Hi Ali,
    I love the concept of your website. The best affiliate networks is a gem of a website. I will take a look at all of them and choose one to join definitely. I’ve heard of a few but not heard of others. I will do research on Rakuten and Hammacher first since they are familiar to me. But the WP Engine and iTunes affiliates also intrigue me. You have indeed opened my eyes to look at other affiliates. Thanks for making this website. I will certainly be bookmarking this page.


  3. Hi, thank you so much for this thoroughly researched and detailed article. I have read lots of information about affiliate marketing on a variety of sites but your site and the valuable information you provide here has blown me away.

    Of the 8 affiliate programs you listed I am surprised the only one I know is the affiliates trusted friend, Clickbank 🙂

    I smiled when you described how you felt when you made your first sale – congratulations on that.

    I have not heard of the other programs – you leave me scratching my head (in a good way) and I am quite excited having read all this information. I am a fan of Jillian Michaels – her determination, ethic, and focus, and her skill in the area of fitness – I am blown away that there is an affiliate program for her app. And iTunes affiliate program……I did not know.

    This takes me to the beginning of your article where you talk about the Super Affiliates who made it only because of their consistent hard work, determination and focus. But they focused on high-ticket products that are running affiliate programs.

    I will be saving your site my favorites and coming back to it to learn lots of things going forward.

    Thank you.

  4. great website thanks very valuable information i will definately be looking into them affiliate programmes

  5. Hi, I am an affiliate marketer and this is good quality information I feel lucky to come across and enjoy reading. You may well know we are always on the lookout for new affiliate programs and your article is interesting as it offers quite a variety of programs. I know a few of the ones you mention in the article, but others are completely new to me. Hammacher Schlemmer is a good recommendation as this may be a good alternative to Amazon, since they are drastically reducing the commissions as of this month. However I haven’ t checked the prices yet and perhaps it’s a bit expensive since you mentioned they have high ticket products. Do you know if they also ship to Europe and other countries?
    Thank you for your time to put this together and I will forward to friends as I’m sure they will find one or two affiliates to their liking. Cheers!

    1. Hi Marisa, I’m happy to see that you’ve found this article useful. As far as I know, Schlemmer used to ship items to Europe before but because of COVID-19, they may changed their shipping system so feel free to check their official site to get updated info.


  6. Hi Ali,

    Very nice blog with extremely useful information. There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there, but it is very difficult to identify the ones that actually pay what they promise. You have done a great job handpicking and letting us know of these resources.

    What i really liked about your post is the fact that you have included some very nice programs that are rather overlooked like Hammacher Schlemmer and Jillian Michaels.

    I am looking forward to read more such content from you, keep sharing!!

    Best wishes and stay safe.

  7. Hi Ali, I was looking for something similar and found your website. I’m really glad I did, you seem to really know what you’re talking about and everything was laid out really clearly. I will definitely try to encorporate your suggestions on affiliate programs into my website. I never knew some of these even existed. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing on the affiliate programs! I’m currently searching for some highly paid affiliate programs to join and your post definitely helps me a lot! I appreciate all your efforts on collecting these information. You done a great job. Thanks again!

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