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Choosing the right niche is the most significant decision you need to make before starting your website. Of course, every one of us want to choose a topic we have personal interest in, however, if we want to monetize our website, work in affiliate marketing and create a stable income stream coming from our website, then it`s more reasonable to choose a niche which would guarantee us success and high profit.

Of course, there are many profitable topics that you can start with, but here are probably the most successful ones. They can provide an easy start to an affiliate marketing newbie and guarantee success to an experienced marketer.

What makes these niches successful in 2022? Some of them are topics that never expire – people will always be interested in them and will need these kinds of products – no matter what year, what season or what country it is. While other niches present goods which are in trend now, and it would be a pity not to use it to our advantage.

So let`s see what niches will bring success to online businesses in 2022!

We choose profitable niches with low competition!

Choosing a niche may seem a piece of cake, however, the niche you choose will determine your success. Or your failure. The thing is, most people go for popular topics thinking that it will be impossible to fail when almost everyone is your potential client. However, very soon there realize that they got lost in thousands of other online businesses in that niche or are far behind the giants of these niche (huge websites or brands working in this niche).

That`s why it`s important to not only choose a popular niche that will guarantee you a lot of clients, but also a niche that has little competition as well. It means that it will be easier for you to get seen by your target audience. And the more viewers or readers you get, the more sales you make.

Luckily for you, I’ve done the rough work and have found 10 popular niches that also have low competition – what makes a perfect niche for achieving success in affiliate marketing in 2022.

Meet the list of profitable niches with low competition in 2022

The niches you are going to see have been chosen using two important tools that every online marketer knows pretty well – Google Trends and SEMrush.

Google Trends is a website where all the information about various Google searches is being analyzed. Here you can check any keyword for the niche you are considering and see if it`s popular enough. It`s important because it`s Google who will rate your website and bring it higher in search results.

SEMrush is famous for its tools that are used for SEO. One of the most significant tools is keyword search that allows you to find and choose the keywords that are popular enough but also have little competition.

This selection of niches is based on a deep analysis of current trends among both digital marketers and online audience. That`s why choosing one of these niches can guarantee you reducing the risk of failure and increasing the chance of achieving success.

1- Solar Energy Products

First couple of products are directly related to modern global trends – taking care of the environment and looking for other sources of energy. Many disasters have happened in the recent years that proved that we can`t rely on nuclear energy or oil and we need to look for new energy sources that will keep us and the environment safe.

One of the most trendy and easy to use energy sources is the sun. Every year more and more solar energy items are being produced for use in ordinary households and can both save us money and do task really well. Let`s see what Google Trends thinks of them.

From the Google Trends chart it`s obvious that solar power products keep trending for years. It means that more likely they will keep trending as well, it can secure you clients for years to come.

SEMrush confirms high demand of this kind of products. Moreover, SEMrush analyzes not only the keyword search, but also keyword usage that allows us to see how high the competition is in this niche. According to SEMrush, the competition in solar energy items is not as high as you might expect.

It means that your chances to rate high in Google is very high and you are very likely to create a stable income source for yourself.

Although the number of products in this niche may seem limited, but I`m sure that with the current environmental situation and the forecasts for the near future, these products will become more and more varied very soon.

2- Eco friendly products

As I have mentioned in the first category, more and more people are caring about environment, taking more action to preserve environment as it is or as least do less harm to it. That is why you can find more and more eco-friendly products aiming at saving the planet. These mass products are a new category on the market, therefore it can make a perfect niche to start your own business with.

If we take a look at the Google Trends chart for ‘eco-friendly’, we`ll see that the interest towards this topic has doubled over the past few years. SEMrush confirms the amount of searches for eco-friendly products.

What`s more, SEMrush shows that there are not many competitors for this keyword, so your chances to succeed are pretty high in case you choose this niche.

There is one more advantage of this particular niche – the variety of eco-friendly products is huge! You can choose whatever you like and you won`t lose! Eco-friendly products cover everything from biodegradable toilet paper or trash bags to items for personal care, shopping bags, and kitchen accessories. You are free to choose whatever looks good to you without the risk of losing to competitors or not finding your audience.

3- Baby Clothes

Babies are universal. Whatever concerns babies is popular in any country you can imagine. What it means to affiliate marketers? It means that the whole world is your audience. Sounds pretty promising, right? Luckily, products for babies are and will always be super popular. Your task here is just to choose what kind of baby products you want to sell. Let`s take baby clothing as an example.

Google Trends indicates that interest in baby clothing has been high through the years which is a good sign for any affiliate marketers. But there is one more component that makes a perfect niche that is low competition. For that, we must check SEMrush.

SEMrush confirms huge interest in this keyword, although it also indicates that competition is also relatively high. It means that if you want to succeed in this niche, you will need to put a lot of effort into achieving high ranking in search engines. On the other hand, if you are ready for challenges, you will be rewarded with unbelievably huge audience.

What attracts me personally in this niche is that you can choose literally any kind of products related to babies – from baby clothing to toys, kitchenware, toys and baby accessories. Moreover, I believe that even if you don`t reach top 10 on Google, you will still have your audience and stable sales.

4- Health & Beauty

You can hardly find a person (no matter what gender they are) that doesn`t use any beauty or at least health-care products. Moreover, new beauty products are constantly added up to this market which also increases the variety of products you can choose from. But I wouldn`t recommend to choose a niche without considering the information provided by professional tools, so let`s see what Google Trends and SEMrush think of health and beauty products.

Both Google Trends and SEMrush confirm that the amount of searches for health-care and beauty products is huge. The fact that the interest in this type of products has been stable for years suggests that there won`t be any drastic changes in the future as well. So you shouldn`t be afraid of losing audience.

As far as competition is concerned, surprisingly, SEMrush indicates that the competition is relatively low in this niche which significantly increases your chances to achieve success in this field.

All these factors mean that the only things you`ll need to start making a fortune out of this niche is some consistence and the right marketing strategies.

5- Pet Products

Throughout the past years pets have changed their role from household helpers to family members and friends to our children. That`s the reason why people are taking more thorough care of their pets and even treat them as their equals sometimes, demanding the same services for them (like playgrounds, hotels and beauty salons). And this demand is constantly rising. Just take a look at the charts below.

According to Google Trends, pet products had its ups and downs throughout the years, however, they managed to keep their popularity. And there is no reason why they may lose any of their popularity in future.

Moreover, SEMrush shows that the popularity of these products is rising much quicker that the offer. The competition is unbelievably low what will allow you to gain your audience and hit the top 10 in Google quite easily.

High demand along with low competition is just a dream of an affiliate marketer. And seriously, I can`t understand why are you still reading this article – go ahead and take your chance in this niche right now!

6- Sports Equipment

Nowadays many people are stuck in their offices doing their highly stressful work, leading a very passive lifestyle. For many of them sport is the only opportunity to release the stress, have some me-time and keep their body strong and healthy. Sport equipment and accessories can be a great niche for an affiliate marketer, but let`s take a look at the stats first.

As you can see from Google Trends chart, sports products remain at the same high level of popularity. Love for sport is universal and the amount of people who need equipment, clothing and accessories for doing sports is literally limitless. But let`s get into details and see if more specific sports products can work out for a successful affiliate marketing business or not. For that, we`ll search ‘sports bags’ in SEMrush.

The results in SEMrush are very promising. While the amount of searches is huge, the number of competitors is relatively low. These two factors make this type of sports products a perfect idea for any affiliate marketer.

Let`s try another one, for example, ‘sports bra’. SEMrush shows that the demand is 4 times higher than our previous example and equals 20K. Just imagine – 20,000 potential clients looking for an opportunity to purchase this product! I`d say, it`s even more than enough for a successful business.

But let`s check the competition as well. According to SEMrush, the competition here is slightly higher that with sports bags, but still, the level of demand covers all the risks related to higher competition.

7- Minimalist Watches

Although we are surrounded by electronic devices that show time, many of us still wear a watch. Not only does it show the time, but also it remains a stylish accessory that completes our look. Let`s see what the professional tools think of it.

Although the Google Trends charts show that the popularity of watches has slightly decreased (probably due to the abundance of devices we use in our everyday life), they still remain in high demand.

However, things are not that simple with watches. There are several famous brands that dominate in the market, they offer high quality watches at a relatively high price. And as we know, high price reduces the number of potential clients. But it`s not the reason to give up. Minimalist watches are now in trend. They suit almost any style, fit into any look and what`s more important, have a relatively low price.

SEMrush tests show that there is almost no competition in minimalist watches at all! How do you like that? There may be not as many potential customers as in other niches, but all of them are yours!

8- LED

Not only people are constantly looking for more environmentally friendly solution for their everyday life, but also they demand higher effectivity. Although LED lamps are a bit more expensive than ordinary lamps, during the past years they have proven to be more effective and provide better lighting for a longer period of time.

You may be thinking now that there is nothing new about LED lamps and the competition may be pretty high in this field. Let`s see what the stats say.

Google Trends shows that an incredibly huge amount of people is looking for LED options. So no need to worry about lack of clients.

On the other hand, the competition is quite high too. So in order to succeed in this business, you`ll have to work a bit harder on your content and spend more time on building your marketing strategies. However, you will be rewarded by endless customers who can guarantee you stable income for years to come.

Sum It Up

Choosing a niche is a strategic move. You need to evaluate the current situation, but also think ahead. You need to keep in mind all different factors, levels of competition and demand being just a few of them. Finally, the niche you choose determines what kind of content you will have to create for years to come. So you need to take this decision seriously. And I hope that my list of profitable niches will help you make this decision.

Good luck!


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      1. Hi Melanie, yes when you choose a niche, you’re going to write and publish regular content for that.

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    But, let’s say that it won’t ever work, I have to choose another niche right? (Because I will never give up). In your article (which would have been fine if I had read it earlier) I saw a niche that captivated me. As I am a person that tries to make something good for this planet as much as possible, the Solar Energy products made me think to start another website with this niche (If the actual won’t work). I have to thank you for these ideas that maybe later I will put them into practice.

    Another niche that you presented and I liked, was Eco-friendly products, like biodegradable bags or maybe even recycled paper. This is another brilliant idea and I hope that more and more websites with such niches will appear in the near future to help in saving the planet.

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    1. Hi Codrut and thanks for your comment. One of the reasons that I recommend tools like SEMrush is that it does not let you become confused when you’re choosing a niche or make your profitable keywords list.
      Firstly, you SHOULD NOT change your niche if you like it. If you love what you’re doing, money will fellow but it would be much more difficult to make money from the topic or niche that you’re interested in. If any of listed niches in the article is what you really like then feel free to pick one of them since they are ever-green niches and never get old but if you want to change your niche just because of the money, Do Not Do That! Stick with what you love and you’ll get success for sure.

      You’re welcome for your kind words, it’s nice to see that you’ve found my articles useful. )


  29. Thank you Ali, for the valuable niche information.
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    I have learnt more from this post for FREE than the ones I signed up for. It’s also nice to know that SEMrush offers a 7 day free trial.
    Not sure that I would be able to compete in the Health and Beauty niche but I love the idea of Solar and Eco-friendly products. People are more aware of the environment than ever, having a more sustainable lifestyle and using renewable energy. This is the way of the future and we will see huge long-term growth in this sector. Thank you once again.

    1. You’re more than welcome Rusty. Glad to see that you’ve found my post useful. I’m going to write a new post about the best products to promote as an affiliate marketer so make sure to follow up coming posts. )


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    1. Hi Yoana, you’re on the right direction and just need to follow your passion. If you LOVE a niche, you can definitely get success with that even if it’s competitive so don’t listen to “No it can’t” people and do what you love.
      For the first, I recommend you to continue with writing as quality as posts you can, when your site is full of quality posts, you have endless choices to pick up products for affiliate marketing.


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  34. This is a great article! Picking out a niche is one of the most important but also the most difficult steps for a blogger. I love these choices! It is true, more people are looking for environmentally friendly products and I would have never thought of LED products like LED lamps. Pet products are a good choice because you have so many different choices and room to grow. Thanks for the info!

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