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What Happened in My Birth Year

Birth Year

What was the world like in your birth year?

It’s always enjoyable and memorable to review our childhood memories at any age. Every time we look at our old photo albums or hear our parents sharing memories, we reminisce about our childhood, and then a smile unconsciously comes to our lips. But have you ever thought about what the world looked like back in your birth year? Continue reading…

Have you ever thought that if there was the Internet or Google (as one of the biggest world’s companies) when you were born? Have you ever thought what movies, songs or books were famous when you were born or who won Oscar at that time?

“What Happened in My Birth Year” is the name of an amazing website that goes back to your birth year and in a beautiful and simple way starts to give every detail about the year you were born, such as if there was something like Google at that time to more comprehensive topics like the most important cultural and political events of the time.

Of course, there is something else that makes this website even more interesting. The smart engine of the website does not give you information based only on your birth year; it also tells all important events that have happened during your life. For example, in addition to the information about most important events that happened in your birth year, it tells you what the most popular animation for children was, when you were 9 years old; or how old you were, when Google started to work and other information like this.

Don’t worry if you are not a native English speaker, because whathappenedinmybirthyear uses very simple words what makes it easy for everyone to understand.

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Interesting website! I entered my birth year, and all that information that came up! Some I already knew but it was interesting to read. When I first entered my birth year, then I saw the years scrolling back…I thought Id be waiting a long time for it to get to my birth year! LOL! but it didnt go all th way back 🙂

Reinis Inkens
Reinis Inkens

Hah, that is a very cool and nifty site! Kind of a nostalgia trip, although I have to admit my attention span has been ruined by the quick pace of modern media, so I didn’t sit through the whole thing. Complements for your entire site actually, looks very slick and professional. I hope it works out for you!

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