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Here’s What Digital World Guru Is All About & What to Expect

Let’s start with who I am and what I’m doing here! My name is Ali Monajemi, I’m founder of Digital World Guru! Digital World Guru is an online source for anyone who’s interested in smartphones world and it’s where I share my in-deep reviews of smartphones with you.

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. You hear your colleague gushing excitedly about her newest smartphone or your mom tell you that your cousin has just bought a new phone.

Darn, you want to buy a new phone too! BUT you’re not a techie and have no idea what type of smartphone is suitable for you. What’s your source when you want to buy a new smartphone? Where you’re looking for information?

You know, buying a new phone is like get a new car, cloth, glass or anything else. If your friend is exited about his new $950 iPhone 8, it doesn’t mean that its phone will be best choice for you too. That’s where I can help you by reviewing different phones and providing information which let you pick the best phone for yourself.

I’ve started to reviewing and testing all different types of smartphones over the last six years. From Samsung to Apple, OnePlus, Huawei, Nokia etc. During these years, I’m also trying to help others who’re looking for a new phone to pick up the best ones according to their budget and needs.

I launched Digital World Guru in July 2016 to show you how to choose the best smartphone for yourself. Of course smartphones isn’t all my world and I’m going to write about blogging, movies, apps and other my favorite things in the near future, so stay with me!

Need help for choosing your new smartphone? Contact me!

If you struggle to choose your new smartphone or just want to get some quick tips from me, use the contact form below or email me at admin@digitalworldguru.com. I’m currently doing it for free, so grab your chance. 🙂

P.S. It’ll take me roughly 48 hours to get back to you. Weekends could be longer but I definitely get back to you.

Ali and Katya

Me and my lovely wife Katya