Is the Affiliate Cash Club Scam a Scam

Affiliate Cash Club Review – Make +$4k Today or Zero?!

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Do you think is it too good to be true if I tell that there’s a program which claims that you can make +$4k or +$5k daily? Yes, the same as you, I think it’s just a big fake claim that does not come to true but Affiliate Cash Club says that it’s real and it’s completely possible.

Now this is the question we should ask from ourselves:  Is the Affiliate Cash Club a scam platform and it’s one of those programs that should not be trusted by anyone or they really have a secret weapon that makes you $4,784 daily?

Reading trustworthy reviews like this helps you find out if claims of a new MMO (making money online) are real or fake and in this review of Affiliate Cash Club, following questions about this program will be answered in detail;

  • What Is Affiliate Cash Club All About?
  • Is This a Trustworthy Program?
  • Can You Make Money With Affiliate Cash Club?
  • How You Can Join Affiliate Cash Club?
  • Is Affiliate Cash Club a Legit or Scam Program?

Ok let’s start!


Product Name: Affiliate Cash Club

Official Website:

Founder: Jordan Mathews

Type: Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Cost to Join: $37 + Upsells

Short Review:

In the sales page of Affiliate Cash Club, it’s said that making +$30k in a month is guaranteed by this program; with a quick calculation, we’ll find out easily that this means the income potential will be something around $4,700 every day!

Jordan Mathews (owner of Affiliate Cash Club) says that this money comes from affiliate marketing and it does not matter if you’re familiar with this business model or not because their secret formula of affiliate marketing has this potential to make that much money for you in a short amount of time.

Well, this is the first red flag that can be found in a marketing platform and it’s not the only red flag I’ve found in Affiliate Cash Club. In short, this program is something you should stay away from it because it has many scam signs (which I’ve covered in details in my review).

The marketing method they use may look new in your opinion but the truth is that it’s nothing more than a common “get-rich-quick” marketing technique that has been used for years by a lot of worthy and unworthy programs.

In this marketing model, the company makes a fake imagination of money making online process for the targeted audience and when potential buyer attracts to the system/program, the company starts to offer more and more related products.

It’s very clear that there is no chance to get success with this type of business model and my long-experience in reviewing online making money platforms says that none of the automated systems in this industry can exceed even 10% of your expectations and because of that, Affiliate Cash Club IS NOT Recommended to anyone.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is Affiliate Cash Club

What is the Affiliate Cash Club Exactly?

By reading the words said by the owner of Affiliate Cash Club (Jordan Mathews) we feel that this program is about a legit million dollar market called affiliate marketing but this imagination changes as soon as you get familiar with the system.

Then Jordan starts to talk more about his secret system and explains how it’s like a revolution in the Internet marketing world and how it made millions of dollars for people who invested in it.

Jordan also says that to get success with his revolutionary system, you don’t need to work +40h/week or put a lot of energy behind it; you just need to set up the system once and monitor the result. Well, without a doubt, this is a too good to be true claim because it’s not logical to pay $37 for a product and start to earn $4k or more.

I don’t feel good about this system and other hypes and unrealistic claims of this program make me sure that this system won’t work as its owner says.

I know affiliate marketing business and I’m working as an affiliate marketer for a long time so I know very well that there’s no space for all-in-done-for-you systems in this business and learning all aspects of this business step by step by trustworthy training platforms is the only way which can turn you into a successful affiliate marketer.

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how Affiliate Cash Club works

The Warnings You Need to Know About Affiliate Cash Club

  • Not Real Testimonials Created by Freelance Actors

If you look at the faces of people who left testimonials on ACC (Affiliate Cash Club), you’ll find out that some of the faces are very familiar to you. Well, you’re right because you’ve probably seen testimonials of these people for other similar programs.

And you can easily find 90% of these persons on freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr if you search for freelancers that offer “creating nice testimonial” services.

And keep in mind that if there’s only one fake testimonial on this website, it means that there are much more for a high chance which you can find simply with quick research. Using fake testimonials also confirm that there’s still no any real person who has already made money with this system.

I really can’t and don’t want to believe a program or system that only relied on black hat methods for making a profit. I hate persons who taking advantage of people’s trust to sell their product and to be honest, it does not matter really if you can find something valuable in these systems, in my opinion, when there’s no honesty, there’ no value.

And because of that I always completely ignore these products because they’re totally worthless. So the next time you see wonderful testimonials, don’t forget to check the background of people who created those testimonials to make sure that they’re real. It can be done easy and fast with a simple Google image search.

What You Should Know About Jordan Mathews?

What I want to tell you may look very strange but it’s true; the person who is introduced as the owner of Affiliate Cash Club IS NOT a real person. According to my research, it’s just a fake name and does not exist in reality. There are several reasons that confirm this fact, from not providing any contact info of the owner to not being in any of the sales videos.

Here’s the question: why he prefers to stay unknown if he has built several successful online products before?

There are two answers to the above question:

  • He’s not belive on the products that he’s created.
  • He’s not the real owner of Affiliate Cash Club.

It’s not acceptable for whatever reason he has done this; a business/product owner should be always the first person who appears in the sales videos to talk about the product. Steve Jobs is a great example, can you remember any Apple’s product that introduced without him?

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Affiliate Cash Club pros and cons

Affiliate Cash Club – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • The introduced method (affiliate marketing) is a legitimate way to make money online
  • This prouct sold in ClickBank and because of that, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee for that
  • Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if you use it the right way

The Bad,

  • None of done-for-you systems work in the affiliate marketing industry
  • Fake claim of making $4k or $5k as soon as you set up the system
  • Unknown owner. Hiding the real name of the owner behind a fake identity
  • Unreal promise of making $10k easily in the first 7 days of your working
  • Using fake actors for creating unreal testimonials
  • Not real claim of making serious money without any hard work
  • Promise of working only 10 to 15 minutes every day which is not true at all.
  • Low Alexa Ranking

This Is Not Something You Can Call “My Business”

There are similarities between Affiliate Cash Club and programs that I’ve reviewed recently like Lotto Dominator, Fast Profits and Cash Club Fund.

For a low chance, you may find some ways to make a few extra bucks from this system but the problem is that as long as you continue working with this system, you never build your own online business.

You will work on a system that is not yours and the person/s who is behind Affiliate Cash Club does not take any responsibility for any faults that can happen in the future so if anything goes wrong, your hands will be completely empty.

Fortunately, the explosive growth of social networks helped us to build our own online business as easy as possible these days so there’s no reason to use a suspicious automated system to making an income online.

Is the Affiliate Cash Club Scam Scam

Final Word – Is the Affiliate Cash Club a Scam? 

I’m very careful to use legit and scam words when it’s time to write the conclusion section. To be honest, I was ready to mark Affiliate Cash Club a scam but when I’ve found out that it provides a refund option which let you get the money back, I’ve changed my mind.

It’s the only reason that stopped me to call it scam but still I don’t see any value behind this all-done-for-you system and since it’s impossible to make any serious money with this program, I recommend you to request a refund before it’s too late.

After purchasing the program you start to receive deceiver upsells every now and then. Please be smart and don’t be fooled; these upsells never make you even a dime and keep in mind that there’s only one winner in this game and it’s not you!

My Conclusion

Making money with affiliate marketing is a reliable way that works very well if you know how to use it properly. Building your own website and make it profitable through affiliate marketing techniques is The Right Way to make part or full-time income through this business model.

Programs like Affiliate Cash Club are only waste of the time and they will never bring you long-term results. You can start to learn affiliate marketing step by step and build a thriving online business but you need to find the right source and training tools that can put yourself in the success path.

My Best Recommendation program below helps you find the right way of making serious money with affiliate marketing so feel free to check it out if you’re interested in this business.

What Is The Right Way of Making Money Online?

Persons who are behind Affiliate Cash Club and other semi-scam programs never teach you the Right Way of making money online because if they do, they can’t make money anymore. They hide two most important facts which are necessary if you want to get success in the online world: Patient and Hard Work.

When you get into affiliate marketing business, you get familiar with terms like APK Offers and Affiliate Program, and knowing these terms help you find out the turht of affiliate marketing.

Scammers know that everyone wants to make money as fast as possible and that’s why they want you to believe that making money online with their system is as easy as anything because they know there are only a few people who are willing to put enough effort to achieve financial freedom through the Internet.

Believe me! There’s not any golden key for making big money online. Of course there are opportunities to make money online as much as you want but these opportunities will appear in front of your eyes ONLY after you accept the hard work and effort that needed to get success in any online business.

If you’re looking for a Top-Secret Formula which can work as a revolution for your financial life, I’m sorry but you’re totally on the wrong path and you need to change it asap. If you want to know what’s the right way of achieving financial freedom, I can help you with that but I’ll not be a good friend if you want to rely on systems that promise you huge amount of money overnight.

The #1 Training Platform recommended below shows you the Right Way for building a constant income online. It does not promise you fast and easy money but it promises you The Success and it can guarantee your future fortune.

Continue reading to find out why it’s My Best Recommendation.

Thanks for reading my Affiliate Cash Club review and feel free to leave your opinions in comments below.

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