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Affiliate marketing has proved to be a very profitable and low-risk business. More and more online entrepreneurs switch to affiliate marketing these days because of the obvious advantages it has – you can work from anywhere, you are the boss and of course, it doesn’t need huge investments.

In short, in affiliate marketing, you partner with different companies offering products or services in your niche and promote their products. The more you can sell (it can be easily tracked with an affiliate link on your website), the higher your commission is and the happier your provider is.

However, things are not that simple with affiliate marketing. You need a pinch of luck here as well as a thorough strategy for your online business. One of the most important decisions you need to make is to choose the right niche and the right type of products you will be selling. Let me explain why.

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What’s are the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

While starting an affiliate marketing, you need to take care of many things – quality content, the right strategies for driving traffic to your website, but the most significant would be choosing the right product to sell. You wouldn’t want to promote a product that is outdated, too expensive or has a small audience.

The best product for affiliate marketing is the one that sells quickly (which means it must be affordable and popular enough) and attracts a big amount of potential customers.

Some people prefer to choose several types of products for their online business to stay on the safe side. They think that if one doesn’t sell, the other will. However, they have to create content that will attract a larger audience, which is much harder than addressing people interested in one and only product.

Also, different products may demand different marketing strategies which will pull more money from your budget.

What`s more, it`s wiser to focus on building a network of long-term customers and choosing one type of product can make it easier. To make your customers return, you need to be 100% sure in your product, you must provide quality to your customers and earn their trust. In other words, you need to engage and bond with your audience to increase your sales and achieve success in this business.

Here I’ve prepared a list of the products that can earn you a good load of money. Some of them are on the peak of their popularity in 2022, including top-notch technology and most current devices, while others are all-times winners – they have proved their pay-off ability throughout decades and sometimes centuries, trends that never die out.

So let`s get started!

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is a quite recent technology, however, it has already gained a huge interest and certain popularity among people. Huge companies, Facebook and Google, for instance, are already launching their own VR headsets, and maybe it`s time for you to start a business in this niche before everyone else does!

The variety of Virtual reality products is not outstanding yet, but they are not limited to a VR headset. There are also VR games, different controllers as well as all kinds of protection stuff. VR-related services can be a good business idea as well.

Due to the lack of competitors, starting VR-related business now can earn you a fortune.

2. Drones

Drones are becoming more and more affordable what makes them a profitable product for an online business. With the growing popularity of Instagram and the use of drones in photography, many professional photographers are looking into the opportunity to stand out with a completely new level of photography.

That is true that there is a certain limitation for the use of drones in certain countries, but it still remains on the wish-list of many photographers, both professional and amateur ones.

3. 3D Printers

The good thing about today`s world is that innovative technologies make their way to ordinary life very quickly. Just a few years ago 3D printers were available only to big companies, however, today anyone can have one at their home.

What`s more, 3D technology is now being used in many fields – starting with hobbies, manufactures and ending up with medicine and hi-tech.

For today`s affiliate marketers, it`s highly important to recognize these opportunities and start a business in these profitable niches before their competitors realize the importance of these technologies.

4. Phone Accessories

Nowadays we just can`t imagine our life without our smartphones. Many people use their smartphones for watching movies and TV-shows, reading books, listening to music as well as shopping, completing their work tasks and so many other things! And that is why people are ready to spend money on accessories for their phones to expand its functions and improve their user experience.

I say quality phone accessories are a very promising niche to work in. And I assure you that you won`t lose if you choose it for your online business.

5. Portable LED Projectors

Online video-streaming apps like Netflix are at the peak of their popularity now. And of course, it encourages many manufacturers to keep up with technology and create affordable accessories for it.
Today`s LED projectors are portable, small in size and not expensive at all.

You can easily take it with you on the road, or to your friends` house. All these features make it ideal for all kinds of audiences – from children to the elderly.

So why not use it to your advantage? And the variety of products here is not limited to projectors only – most manufacturers offer different accessories like stands and additional lenses.

6. Home Automation

Technology has entered all spheres of our lives. Moreover, it has entered our houses, too. Smart Home devices have been booming recently. In my opinion, growing interest in this niche can make it a very profitable business for affiliate marketers.

Another advantage of this niche is that the variety of Smart Home products is huge, so you can cover all of them or choose a particular type of home automation products. It`s totally up to you.

If you want to make your content stand out and attract even more traffic, you can purchase Smart Home devices at an agreed price (for that you`ll need to contact a manufacturer), install them and share your experience with your audience. Real-life experience helps sell a product much more effectively than any other strategy.

7. Security & Surveillance Systems

The times when people knew their neighbors are gone. Today, due to the high rate of migration, we don`t even know who is living next door. All of these factors make people care about their safety more. And what can help them overcome these fears? Various security systems.

Security systems for homes and surveillance systems for organizations, schools, shopping malls, you name it, are in high demand right now.

Want to start making money right now? Then go for security systems!

8. Hover-boards

Self-balancing scooters and hover-boards have become popular entertainment for kids and young people. However, if you are considering this niche for your online business, you shouldn’t think that your audience will be limited to kids.

Self-balancing vehicles are now gaining popularity among adults too. And its application is not confined to a hobby. Already now you may have seen hover-boards widely used at the airports, in huge shopping centers and big supermarkets.

I`m sure, self-balancing scooters and hover-boards have a bright future, and if you start now, you have a chance to get to the first page in Google searches very easily.

9. Wearable Devices

Wearable health devices are nowadays used not only by sportsmen or people who do sports. Fitness trackers are not used by a wide range of people – everyone wants to feel in control of their health. Nowadays health trackers are not limited to tracking the distance you jog or the number of steps you take, they also help you track and improve your sleep and keep track of your heart rate.

And fitness trackers are just a small share of the wearable devices market. The range of wearable devices is constantly extending, the devices becoming more sophisticated. Huge demand, vast audience and low competition make this niche a great money-making project.

A good strategy here would be to focus on marketing in social media or create an online store that would gather multiple brands in one place.

10. Managed Cloud Hosting

Everything is going online – personal files and corporate information are now stored on clouds. More and more people and companies are choosing online cloud storage because it`s easy, affordable and secure. You don’t need to hire a person to take care of the servers, you just pay cloud hosting companies and get everything taken care of.

The companies providing cloud storage are taking the opportunity and to increase their potential audience they offer attractive affiliate programs.

11. Gym Equipment

With busy work schedules, not everyone can find time to go to a gym, however, more people than ever feel the need to keep fit and take care of their health and body. That`s why buying personal gym equipment for home has become quite popular these days.

The abundance of online fitness courses has made it easier to learn various fitness techniques – from super popular yoga to Cross-fit. If you are into sports too, why not affiliate with gym equipment manufacturers?

12. Travel & Tourism

Travel companies offer a long list of services – from accommodation to flight tickets, from complete holiday packages to day-tour options. The variety is huge and suits everyone, no matter what budget people have in hand.

Traveling is more affordable than ever nowadays, and the number of potential customers in this section can be limitless. However, it would be a good idea to narrow down the audience to a specific type of traveler and focus on one category of travel services. It may be luxury tours, cruises or different services for independent travelers who prefer to explore the destination country by themselves.

13. Fashion

Fashion has always been in trend. That`s natural for people, and especially for women, to care about what they wear, to keep up with the latest trends and buy something new for each season.

Affiliate marketers have plenty of choices here. You can focus on casual wear or brand clothing, men`s outfits or kids` clothes. You can even open an online store of – let`s say – Indian saris or Japanese kimonos. It`s all up to your imagination and your preferences – everything related to fashion will find its audience.

14. Safety Apparel

Safety clothing is not an obvious choice for affiliate marketing. However, you shouldn’t underestimate this niche. Safety clothing and work-wear change all the time, new technologies making them more durable and safe. What you need to do is to keep up with the modern trends and technologies in safety apparel.

15. Jewelry

Jewelry will never lose in its popularity among women and girls. What`s more, the demand for jewelry is only going to rise in our consumerism society. And social media is making jewelry an even more attractive niche to use for affiliate marketing.

People want to have exactly the same thing they see on social media, so the demand for certain types of jewelry rises as soon as it appears on the photo of a popular influencer.

16. Gaming

With the spread of cloud usage, gaming has become more popular than ever. Since games can be easily installed on a cloud, the number of games people can purchase and install is almost limitless.

Moreover, the gaming niche offers a wide range of products. It`s not just games, you could easily start selling accessories for video game consoles, such as controllers, game sticks, controller case and charge stations even headsets.

Some Tips for the Future

Owning a business – whether managing a physical store or an online shop – demands always being up-to-date about what is going on in your niche and what global (or local, depending on your business) trends are.

Moreover, you need to be ahead of other people and be able to predict whether this or that trend is going to last or when is the best time to leave the niche you are working in and switch to something else.
Partially, it`s about luck and your sixth sense, but there are also plenty of online tools, SEMrush for instance, that can help you out in making this decision.


  1. I think that this is an ever green list of products which can be used not only in 2022 but for years later. I’ll bookmark this page and check it every time I want to promote an affiliate product.

    Thanks man,

  2. Thank you Ali,

    I have been stuck and needed an ideal of what to do. I really appreciate it.

    Thank You,

  3. Nice article, throws some light on the new path to choose. Thanks!! but may i request you if you can help us with the right products this is a general idea do you have a list of the particular items we can focus on to get the first dollor? Would apprecaiate if you can help us with something like that. Thanks a million.

  4. We like to thank you again for this article that reveals the 16 most trended topics that do not have that much competition.
    We are going to look into this so if we have one website and start to do one of these topics there is a bigger chance of use getting conversions?

    We must write compelling content to have them engage with us and our brand right?

    Well, we think that you have covered more than enough of one day to think about and decide if I should keep this website and do the other one, or do I sell it and make another website from scratch again?

    So many choices to decide on and we will update you’ll on how the progress is going thanks again, Ali.
    He has helped us to think more clearly, and have a focus on what matters, in our business.


    1. You’re welcome. Yes there are many questions when you’ve just started with affiliate marketing but when you dive into it, you learn more everyday and everything will be clear to you.


  5. This is an awesome view and I will take a serious look at these as my potential next niche. I really shouldn’t even say potential. It will be one of these. I am still learning the ropes so I appreciate all the great tips you are giving.

  6. Hello Ali,

    Thank you so much for one more wonderful informative post. All the points have made a reasonable way for the mind to give some good thought and getting ahead with some quality research.

    Even niche like travel and tourism is greatly affected due to the current circumstances but yes nevertheless, it is a good thought to have this niche in the list.

    Keep up the good work and I appreciate your good contributions.

    Sumit S

  7. Hi Ali,

    Another great post with a very interesting perspective on what you perceive as having the potential for trending affiliate products in the future.

    I hope you don’ mind me saying this but my only point of contention here is regarding travel and tourism. I feel that as a consequence of the global pandemic this industry will more than likely be affected for some time to come and consequently I don’t really see the affiliate opportunities existing until some sort of normality returns.

    You have certainly sparked some intrigue in a couple of these areas that I will now take some time to research further.

    All the best

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