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Animal Sounds Website – Discover a Collection of 150,000 Animal Sounds!

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If you’re interested in animal sounds, you’ll be surprised if you visit Macaulay Library. It’s an animal sounds website with a huge database of animals which in addition to basic information about animals also has collected sounds and videos of them.

In this collection you’ll have access to about 150,000 sounds of 9000 different animals which is 7500 hours of sounds in total. Most of the sounds are for birds and it is a real pleasure to listen to them.

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But that’s not all you can find on this website. There is also 50,000 videos of animals. You can even embed your favorite animal’s sound on your web page and share it with your friends.

To use this website, visit Macaulay Library and share your experience with us. Also, if you know any similar websites about animals, feel free to leave it in comments and share it with others.


  1. Hi Ali,it is really interesting to know that there is a website that keep all the animal sound which is available to download. I wonder what trigger the website owner to initiate this effort. Is it he/she is a enthusiastic of the animal sound? Listen to animal sound is kinda relaxing and I can feel the nature energy echo around the sound. I like the duck’s sound most.

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