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Become a Professional Photographer with Footej Camera app

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Footej Camera is an Android app that can replace your default camera app perfectly. Continue reading…

It won`t be an exaggeration if we say that the camera is the most used feature in smartphones. Just take a look at the virtual world to see millions of pictures being published on the web daily. A huge share of these pictures has been taken by mobile camera which shows that having appropriate and professional photography apps is necessary for smartphones.

Footej Camera is one of the best apps to manage phone camera. It can give you appropriate and professional features according to your camera hardware. For example, if your phone camera is good enough, Footej Camera will let you save pictures in RAW format or even make changes in shutter speed.

Footej Camera app android

Footej Camera has very good UI and you won`t have any problems while working with it; you’ll access to all its features in an easy and simple interface. Creating GIF files is another interesting feature of this app. You can save your short-time videos in GIF format and share them in Telegram or other social networks.

Also, with Footej Camera you will be able to record videos in Slow motion mode which lets you make stunning videos if you have appropriate hardware. If you’re interested in taking photos in Burst mode, we need to mention that Footej Camera supports it too, so users can take several photos in a hundredth of second and pick up the best one. You can download Footej Camera from the link below.

Hope you’ll enjoy photography with Footej Camera app. We always would be happy to hear your thoughts so feel free to share it with us in comments below )


  • Appropriate design of user interface
  • Ability to save images in RAW format
  • Ability to change speed of camera shutter
  • Ability to save images/videos in GIF format


Get Footej Camera here:

Download from Google play


  1. Hi there, thanks for the interesting article. I love photography, me and my partner often travel to abandoned places to take photos. With this app it would be great, to increase the quality of my photos to make them crisper as you mentioned. However I am on IOS, is it available to my software?

    Thanks, Dan.

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