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Black Friday 2019 – Wealthy Affiliate Deal – Extended!!!

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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Big Sale 2019

The Best Chance to Learn How to Make a Passive Income Online From Your Hobbies & Interests Just For $0.82/Day! With Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Sale 2019, you’re going to take their Yearly Premium Membership for Less Than $1/Day which is the lowest price ever offered by this Unique Training Platform!


ONLY 4 DAYS: NOV 29-Dec 2, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate 2019

It’s time to get the deal of Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday which is available only for 4 days from Nov 29 to Dec 2, 2019. The price ($299) is for Yearly Premium Membership (12 Months) and includes ALL Features of this platform.

Just imagine that you’re paying only $24.92/month instead of $49/month for the Premium Membership so why you should miss this Unique Opportunity to achieve Financial Freedom?

You’ll be amazed if you know that by getting this deal, you’re going to save $60 (compared to monthly membership) and $298 (compared to the regular price of yearly membership). Opportunity seldom knocks twice so if you’re serious about building a thriving online affiliate marketing business then Now It’s Time!

A quality training program always offers a FREE Starter membership and this is what you get in Wealthy Affiliate too but it does not increase your success rate and the benefits behind Premium Membership are not comparable with Starter Membership.

What you need to keep in mind is that nobody can succeed online without putting enough effort and investing enough time and money into the Right Place, so in order to guarantee your financial future regardless of the current economic climate, you need to get ALL training and business tools, support, guides and more importantly, community that are only available in the Yearly Premium Membership.

Now here is the question: Why getting Yearly Membership of Wealthy Affiliate is Necessary?

Here you’ll find about the main differences between Yearly Membership and Monthly Membership. Also, for more info feel free to check out Full Review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

To be honest, the Starter Membership only gives you an overview of the course and what the platform will give you after joining. On the other hand, the All-In-Done package provided by Premium Membership puts you in the right direction and gives you all the necessary tools to get success in the online business world.

Let me give you a comparison between the membership fee of Wealthy Affiliate with other similar training programs. By taking a short look at price of other similar online courses, you’ll easily find out that there’s a huge difference; you’ll be charged +$300 or even more for a single month in similar training courses, while it’s only $299 for a Year at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate features

Key Features of Yearly Premium Membership

 Free WordPress Websites

  • You’ll be given 2 completely FREE websites at WordPress to start your business with
  • You’ll access to +2500 unique website templates
  • You will get Free Web Hosting (up to 50 websites) inside the platform
  • Your website will be optimized by unique 24/7 features like SiteHealth, SiteComments, SiteProtect, SIteDomains, SiteSpeed, etc.
  • You can request real feedback to improve your website from WA community
  • Your website will be secured with the high-standard level of security technology (SSL)
  • You’ll get step by step video training to build a professional affiliate marketing website from the scratch
  • And more…


  • Your Own Authority Business Website
  • Live Video Training on a Weekly Basis
  • +65 Lessons for Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • +45 Lessons for Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • +300 Audi, Video and PDF Training (Update Regularly)
  • Chance to Make Money By Training Other New Students
  • +10 In-Deep Classrooms in Marketing Topics

Dedicated Web-Hosting Service

  • High Security to Ptorect Your Website from Virus & Malware
  • Full Support (24/7) of Your Website (Managed & Automated)
  • High Response Time (~ 5 Minutes)
  • Powerful U.S. Based Servers (99.99% Uptime)
  • Affordable Price Compared to Other Experience Hosting Plans (+$300)

One-on-One Coaching & Mentorship

  • 24/7 Live Support (Direct Message, Email, Live Chat, etc.)
  • < 5 Minutes Response Time for Technical Support
  • Communicate and Get in touch with Tons of Professional Internet Marketers
  • Ask Questions & Get Answer from a Community of Experts
  • Contact with Kyle & Carson (Founders of WA) Directly


ONLY 4 DAYS: NOV 29 – Dec 2, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate inside

Inside of the Platform 

Unique & Encouraging Community that Brings You Success!

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate for me is its unique community; I’ve tested many different affiliate marketing training platforms but I’ve not seen any program like this. Training of WA is the most fresh information on the web and they monitor, improve and update this information constantly month after month.

The amazing thing is that unlike other training programs, you won’t be overcharged for new updates/features and as a Premium Member, all these fresh training materials will be available to you for Free of extra charge.

Here are only a few features of New Updates Available in Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Making Passive Income Only from the WA Platform
  • Automated Search Engine Optimization Service for All Your Websites
  • A New, Unique and more friendly User-Interface
  • New Features for WA Research Keyword Tool, Jaaxy.
  • Free Hosting for Up to 25 websites (500k unique visitors/month)
  • Get Help of Both Founders & Experts Instantly
  • A Friendly & Nice Mobile Interface
  • Different Challenges to Improve Your Marketing, Blogging and Writing Skills
  • Chance to Become an Ambassador in the Platform
  • Access to +80,000 Valuable Affiliate Programs
  • And More…

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Your Trump Card?

Everything is ready for you in Wealthy Affiliate and if you wait too long you miss this great chance of building a Thriving Online Business for yourself. You shouldn’t look at it as a monthly extra cost instead, consider it as a long-term investment opportunity that can bring your financial freedom in the near future.

Wealthy Affiliate is as big as a real university and you can get all education that is available in a real university inside this platform with much cheaper price.

How much are you willing to pay to guarantee your financial life and build your future? You may say, as much as needed! But you don’t need to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars, and only with $299/Yearly, you’ll have access to all tools, information, guides, features, and training that you need to get success in the affiliate marketing business.

You also can get a .com domain for as low as $15 and when you sum all costs, you’ll find out that what is offered in Wealthy Affiliate is not comparable with other similar training programs in terms of price!

Building an affiliate marketing business with the help of WA Platform is the Best Choice for both beginner and experienced persons which turns your interests and hobbies into a very profitable business website.

>>>Get Your Special Deal Of Welthy Affiliate BLACK FRIDAY Here!<<<

Available for Only 4 Days: NOV 29 – Dec 2, 2019

Why Going for the Yearly Membership Is a Must-Do?

Affiliate marketing is not a business that can bring you money overnight. In this industry, result comes slowly and your patient is a key to get success; yes it takes time to make your first dollars with affiliate marketing business but when it starts coming, it never stops!

It’s a long-time process and you may get feel several frustrating several times in this way but by getting the help of the Unique community of Wealthy Affiliate, everything gets easier and this community does not let you leave this industry without getting success! This is the main difference between the Affiliate Marketing platform and other similar training programs.

To build your own online business and grow it properly, you just need to follow the training and apply what you learn in the WA Weekly Live Training step by step. Not only WA but also in any other Reliable online business you need to invest a significant amount of time to get the result.

You shouldn’t have a short-term or get-rich-quick view o this business and if you look at it logically, 12 months is the minimum amount of time required to start a successful online business and earn a passive income online.

If you think what you’ll have at the end of this long-way (Financial Freedom) then I’m sure that you’re willing to invest even more than 1 year to achieve it but don’t worry, you don’t need to wait for that much and you see result in the first year or even 6 months after joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Now imagine that you decide to go for $49/Monthly fee and after the first year, you’ll end up with $588 cost! So why you shouldn’t save +50% by getting the yearly membership for only $299?!

Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 - future

You Are Building Your Future!

If you still have doubt about getting the WA Black Friday offer, let me make you clear with two facts here:

  • Successful people don’t give up easily and they aren’t looking for a quick way to make some extra money online. They wait for days, weeks, months or even years to see the result and during all this time they don’t feel they’re wasting time, instead, they know that when the result comes, it’ll pay off all their hard work and patient very well. This is the difference between smart and successful people with ordinary people.

They don’t have any special skills or amazing tool. They just look different at the world and topics and this is their Trump Card!

  • The startup cost is like a make or break for all online businesses. The truth is that you KNOW that 1 year is the minimum amount of time is required to get the result and again you KNOW that you can save +$280 by choosing the yearly plan so everything is showing you the Right Path which will start by taking advantage of Yearly Membership.

If you choose the yearly membership you’re going to pay $299 every year but it’s nothing compared to your unlimited earning potential that you can earn every month from this platform.

Just look at yourself when you’re sitting in front of your computer at your comfortable room next year and are making passive income online from your own website by doing What You Love!

>>> The WA Black Friday Deal Is Right Here! <<<

But I’m not done yet! There are more features inside Wealthy Affiliate…


+50% discount is not the only benefit of taking advantage of WA Black Friday offer. Here are additional bonuses you’ll receive if you join WA in black Friday dates, Nov 29th to 2nd Dec.

#1 – As a premium member of Black Friday offer, you’re on of the first persons who see all new uniques features of new version of Wealthy Affiliate platform. Others can only read about it but you can go through each new tool and feature, use and test them.

#2 – The White Paper – This is a special training released as a PDF guide by owners of WA Kyle and Carson. As a black Friday member, you’ll learn what is the right way of building a thriving business in the online world.

#3 – The Secret Sauce – You know well that most of the new websites never get success and only a few of them become successful and profitable websites. What makes these websites profitable are explained in the Secret Sauce live class organized by Kyle (owner of Wealthy Affiliate) and only Black Friday members have access to that.

#4 – Jay, as a WA live training provider will walk you through 5 live training sessions and teach you how to build amaing lacurative niche websites in 2020 and beyond.

Jay is one of the most honest and experienced affiliate marketing coaches in the Internet and in addition to weekly training, he provided 5 special training only and only members who join WA during the Black Friday can take advantage of it.

In this training, Jay teaches you the most important factors of creating an outstanding and successful business website and shows you some secret ways that can save you significant amount of time and money during establishing your business website.

Jay’s training will improve your Internet marketing skills very well and it works like a secret weapon in your online marketing journey. By taking Jay’s training, your success in creating a good performance, entertaining and very profitable website is guaranteed!

wealthy affiliate 2019 review - my experience

My Own Experience at Wealthy Affiliate Platform

It’s now +2 years that I’ve been a premium member of wealthy affiliate and I really enjoyed every moment of my time in this unique training community.

It was important to me to take the Black Friday deal because I always had a long-term view of this business and I knew that it takes time to get success in affiliate marketing. Fortunately, I was not wrong and Wealthy Affiliate marketing didn’t disappointed me at all.

WA was (and still is) the most honest learning platform for me. In addition to fresh and updated training materials, what encouraged me to stay on this website as a premium member for more than 2 years is its trustable and very helpful community.

You can’t imagine that how it would be beneficial when you have 24/7 access to an active and like-minded community how it’s enjoyable to see that all your questions will be answered by internet marketing experts who joined WA earlier and progressed step by step.

All people in the WA community are very supportive. There’s also an unspoken rule of paying it forward and everybody tries to help you build your favorite successful online business; new members get more support and help from the community.

Before giving Wealthy Affiliate University a shot, I never knew that contacting the owner or founder of a well-known and reliable training platform is even possible. In WA, you can contact Kyle and Carson (founders of WA) every time you like and ask any questions you have through private messages. I personally don’t know any other platform that lets you contact the owner(s) of the system that easy!

In similar programs, you generally have to pay hundreds of dollars monthly or even weekly to only access the platform while WA lets you contact directly with founders and experts in Internet marketing.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that as soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate, you start to make money online. What I’m telling you is that WA protects you from getting scammed by thousands of online scam websites and put you in a direct and honest path of making a passive income online.

The truth is that nothing comes to life easily but I guarantee that if you be patient and work hard behind your website, the result comes faster than what you’ve expected.

I’ve built my favorite online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate; I also left my boring 9-5 job because the money that I make from my websites is more than a full-time income so I don’t need to work somewhere else and fortunately I don’t need to have a boss!

We all spend a lot of money on entertainment, activities and other things that we’re interested in so investing $299 in a training platform that can guarantee your future can be a very logical and probably the Best Decision that you’ve even made in your life. So get it Right Now from the link below because this chance may never repeat again in the future.

You can also read my honest Complete Review of Wealthy Affiliate Here.

>>> Your Premium WA Membership Is Here! <<<

Available for Only 4 Days: NOV 29 – Dec 2, 2019

Don’t forget to give me a shot when you joined WA community and I would be more than happy to talk to you there. Also, test the community by typing “hello” or a question in the chat room and you’ll be amazed to see how many people will reply to you!

Thank you for reading this review of Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer and feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions you have in the comments below. Looking forward to reading your success story in WA and I’m pretty sure that you’ll start to make as much money as you want from your hobbies and interests pretty soon.

Believe me, this is the most honest online making-money way on the Internet!

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

If you’re serious about making money online and are willing to put time and effort behind a Legit & Reliable program to make a living from the internet, Wealthy Affiliate is My #1 Recommendation!

It’s my Top-Rated program with a trusted community of +1 Million Members and here is why I highly recommend it:

  • It’s totally FREE to join. No Hidden Cost at all!
  • You’ll have Best Personal Coaches in ALL steps of your training.
  • You’ll learn how to Build a Thriving Online Business step by step.
  • It’s a legit and honest way to make a Full-Time Income on the internet.

This Program Helped Me to Make a Living Online & Quit My 9–5 Job and If I Did it, You Can Too. So Do Not Waste Your Time Anymore & Join Me Now!

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