what is quad hd display

What is Quad HD Display?

with some really popular smartphones such as a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 and the newer Samsung, Galaxy S6 being released in Quad HD resolutions, more and more people are wondering just what does Quad HD stand for exactly? Now obviously it isn’t that hard to figure out what Quad HD is, but people […]

Meizu MX6 Review

Meizu MX6 Review – A Quality Budget Phone

When you’re looking for a budget phone, more research is necessary compared to high-end and flagship smartphones because nowadays, there’s a great variety of budget smartphones in the market. In this post, I wrote Meizu MX6 review which is considered as a budget phone with its $265 price. Stay with me. Meizu phones aren’t as […]

what is the best recovery app for android

What is the Best Recovery app for Android?

Are you looking for an answer to the question “what is the best recovery app for Android”? You’re lucky because I’ve done a research and found 4 best recovery Android apps which will exceed all your expectations. Continue reading to find out what these quality apps are. All of us have accidentally removed some data […]

review of HTC 10

Review of HTC 10 – Taiwanese Authority Power!

This is review of HTC 10 and like two years ago, when HTC got attention with M8, now, HTC has returned to the market to show its power and abilities with a new smartphone. But how is HTC 10? It’s quite hard for HTC 10 to attract buyers because the expectation of HTC fans is […]

What is Snapdragon 808

What is Snapdragon 808? Fireworks of American Dragon!

What is Snapdragon 808? A while ago Qualcomm officially released its first series of 64-bit chips (Snapdragon 808 and 810) which benefits of new big.LITTLE architecture designed by ARM company and promised that new flagship smartphones would be equipped to these processors. Continue reading to get familiar with two fiery dragons of Qualcomm, Snapdragon 808 […]

how to clear cache on an android phone

How to Clear Cache on an Android Phone with 1Tap Cleaner

One of the main reasons why the phone’s memory becomes full and your Android operating system starts working slowly is cache and junk files. 1Tap Cleaner is a practical application that shows you how to clear cache as well as history of your browser on an Android phone. There’re a lot of different Android apps and […]

how is nexus 5x

How is Nexus 5X? LG & Google’s Hat-Tricks!

How is Nexus 5X? This is the most important question for Google Nexus fans or people who want to choose this smartphone as their new phone. Nexus smartphones came to the market to provide the newest features of Android platform with the lowest cost. However, Google preferred to use a larger display to be able […]

What is Gorilla Glass Screen Protector and Why Is It Used?

What is Gorilla Glass Screen Protector? This question comes to mind when we want to buy a new device and see it as a pros for that device. We spend a lot of our time using electronic devices and they cover many of our needs. These devices are always at risk and can be easily […]

How is Huawei Honor 8

How is Huawei Honor 8? Mermaid!

How is Huawei Honor 8? You want to buy Honor 8 and want to if it pays to pay $399 for this smartphone. Well my answer is Yes & No. I’m going to review the newest model of Huawei Honor series, Honor 8 – a phone with beautiful design, powerful hardware and of course, appropriate price. […]

what is malwarebytes app

What is Malwarebytes app? Keep Your Smartphone Healthy!

What is Malwarebytes app? It’s simply an app which helps you find and clear malware from your smartphone. Although mobile platforms aren’t as vulnerable to viruses as computer operating systems, there’re many kinds of malware that can make your device slow or cause other problems. For example, some protection apps that are automatically installed on […]