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What is Snapdragon 808? Fireworks of American Dragon!

What is Snapdragon 808

What is Snapdragon 808? A while ago Qualcomm officially released its first series of 64-bit chips (Snapdragon 808 and 810) which benefits of new big.LITTLE architecture designed by ARM company and promised that new flagship smartphones would be equipped to these processors. Continue reading to get familiar with two fiery

How to Buy Smartwatch? 7 Questions You Need to Answer

how to buy smartwatch

A smartwatch can help you stay close to your digital life. How to Buy Smartwatch? is the first question which comes to our mind when we're looking for a quality smartwatch. In the next couple of paragraphs in addition to answering above question in details, you'll find what factors are determinative

What to Sell in Online Store? Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

What to Sell in Online Store

Do you know what the first question is when you just want to start an online business? It’s easy - what to sell in online store? Well, if you have an online store and don’t know what products you can sell over there or if you have budget and want

Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016 – Guarantee Your Safety!

Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016

Visual world is dangerous IF you do not take care of your online and offline activities! Here, we are going to introduce Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016 which will secure your system. The list is completely up-to-date and is provided by different sources at the beginning of every year.

What Are New Features of Windows 10 – The Best Ever Microsoft’s OS

What Are New Features of Windows 10

Microsoft finally released the latest version of its new operating system with a wide range of features and improvements which got a lot of attention in computer world. But what are new features of Windows 10 and does it pay to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8? This thorough review

Microsoft Employee List – Memorable Photo of Microsoft Employees

Microsoft Employee List

People are always interested to know more about employees of big companies and Microsoft employee list isn't an exception. The iconic photo of Microsoft employees taken in 1978 is unforgettable, but the important question is what happened to them and what they’re doing now? You probably know Bill Gates and Paul

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