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It’s a well-known fact that content marketing is crucial for promoting a brand’s products and services. But a successful content marketing strategy needs the right technology and tools to back it up.

In fact, 28% of B2C marketers say that content marketing technology and tools increased their content marketing success.

And 67% of the most successful B2B content marketers say their organizations are either advanced or expert in their use of content marketing technologies. 75% say that content marketing technologies give them better insights into how their content is performing. 56% say that it helps them better understand audience preferences and behavior.

Equipped with the right tools for content marketing, you should be able to see immense success in the execution of your strategies. Let’s take a look at the top content marketing tools that can help you develop and promote your content more effectively.

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If you’re a content strategist, content manager, or content creator, you need to get comfortable with keyword research tools. And one of my absolute “never leave home without it” keyword research tools is SEMrush.

I use the Keyword Magic Tool to do broad keyword research into content topic opportunities. It not only gets me critical volume and competition data for the target keyword I’m looking for, it also gives me tons of ideas for other keyword opportunities, that are easily sorted or reviewed by a number of factors.

I also use the Keyword Difficulty Tool to determine how hard it is to rank for every keyword opportunity I want to go after. (The higher the percentage, the tougher it can be to rank, or the longer it will take to have my content climb.)


Feedly serves as a RSS reader, primarily used for managing the RSS feed of different blogs and news portals, which makes it a valuable source for content ideas. Feedly gives you the option to design a personalized news desk; one that will then provide interesting and relevant content heavily based around the main topic of your content marketing strategy.


HubSpot has several tools for monitoring your blogs, creating blog posts that leave an impact on people, landing pages, etc. This platform has social media analytics. You can also schedule your messages with HubSpot.

HubSpot attracts your visitors and converts them to closing customers. Hence, providing more control with less hassle and an inbound marketing strategy that is functional. This includes blogging, SEO, social media sites, website, lead management, landing pages, call-to-action, marketing automation, emails, analytics, and salesforce synchronization. It gives you the confidence to entrust the platform.

Having an all-in-one marketing platform makes your marketing less time-consuming and easy. This platform gives you more power as everything is integrated. You get an opportunity to close more deals. In fact, all your work is more systemized and organized. And you adapt to it more quickly.


BuzzSumo was formed in 2012 before being acquired by Brandwatch five years later. The platform has three strands to its offering – content research, influencer discovery and monitoring. We’re focusing on the powerful content research tool here, which in a nutshell enables you to discover popular online content.

Search for your topic of interest and BuzzSumo will present you with the most popular content by total engagements – which are aggregated from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and also the number of domains linking to that content. You can also view trending content, backlinks for any domain or page, compare engagement between domains and a whole host of other stuff.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Your headline is the first thing that people will notice about your content. This holds true for both your text-based and visual content. Most people will read the title first and decide whether or not to engage with the content. That’s why it’s crucial to write compelling headlines that will intrigue that audience at first glance.

You can use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to test the potential of your content titles before you decide to publish them. This tool analyses your prospective titles and grades them based on the structure, grammar, and readability. It also gives you suggestions on how to make them more powerful and entice your audience to engage.

If you’re a marketer who needs inspiration (and analytics), you are the customer avatar of the weekly newsletter. Every week Mike sends out “swipes” from top marketers, copywriters, and businesses. For example, “Ads using the ‘disruption’ hook” or “Ad message testing from Shopify.” is for content marketers who want to:

  • Improve their copy
  • Find the copy working best right now
  • Get copy inspiration

Simply Measured

Simply Measured offers enterprise-level analytics and management for big brands and their social efforts. It has a wide array of free tools for the rest of us, too.

Among Simply Measured’s reports are these:

  • Twitter Follower Report
  • Twitter Customer Service Analysis
  • Facebook Fan Page Report
  • Facebook Content Analysis
  • Facebook Competitive Analysis
  • Facebook Insights Report
  • Instagram User Report
  • Social Traffic Report
  • Traffic Source Report
  • Google+ Page Report
  • Vine Analysis

Phew! That’s a lot of reports!

How to use Simply Measured: Each of these reports costs no money, although Simply Measured will ask for a Twitter follow or a Facebook mention in exchange for the free report. You can save loads of time in pulling reports from this one location as you seek to gain insight on where your social media efforts have been going lately.

They’ve got all six major social networks covered: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Users can discover relevant content on the publisher’s page via CodeFuel. This platform also helps in engagement and monetization of their online content space.

CodeFuel is a tool that helps you engage the users and monetize your content. By this tool, you engage your visitors by the targeted content in multiple formats and earn through it. The solutions provided by this tool allows the users to stay on-site for longer time period and explore more pages which results in an increase in revenue.

Your online content could be worked on to provide more engaging and powerful revenue opportunities through texts, images, videos, tags, ad layouts by CodeFuel’s intelligent advertising platform.

It is available on desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. This also offers real-time analytics, custom reports, and advanced optimization tools to propel your traffic for the best revenue.


AnswerThePublic turns keywords into questions you can answer in your content. For example, if you search “content marketing,” AnswerThePublic will show you all of the questions that have been searched for related to content marketing, starting with who, what, where, when, why, and how.

The content marketing tool also shows you prepositions (ex. content marketing is, can, with, to, for, near) and comparisons (ex. content marketing versus social media). Using these search questions, you can create content that answers your avatar’s questions.

Use AnswerThePublic to come up with content ideas based on search queries of keywords.


Most affiliate marketers are using content marketing within their marketing strategy.

You probably are, too.

If you aren’t, chances are you probably plan to start soon. These content marketing tools are the easiest ways to get the most engagement out of your content without spending a ton of time and energy.

Just pick the ones you want to try and see which of them brings in the best results. Each of these tools relates back to content marketing in one way or another.

Whether you’re just starting out in the content marketing world, or you’re a pro, these resources are essential for taking your content-engagement rates to the next level.

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  1. As I am working to build on my own website, I am trying to improve my traffic. I have begun to realize that I need to work on some areas like the headline or use some tools to help me with that.
    I have often struggled trying to come up with a title that is both search engine friendly, informative, and also grabs attention and draws visitors in to read more. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a great tool you have explained to me and I have just tried it and plan to continue using it.
    Thank you for your work put into this great article and showing me a tool to help my website!

    1. Yes Headline Analyzer is one of my favorite tools too. Nice to see that you liked it too. ) And you’re welcome!
      I try to continue produce more useful blogs like this in the future. And thank you for your comment.


  2. I must admit I am extremely impressed with the statistics and the content marketing tools you shared in this article, and being in this business for many years I can vouch for you these tools are well worth using to increase your productivity with your content marketing strategy.

    I have used the majority of these tools over the years with positive results, I must admit there are a few you shared I am going to check out. I have never used or even heard of or Simply Measured, but they sound like awesome tools to add to my content business strategy tool kit

    Amazing article I really love all you shared,

  3. Hi, thanks for a highly informative and concise article. Considering some people are just starting out their websites, me included; getting set up in the right direction is important and knowing what resources to use goes a long way in online business. You’ve provided a lot of very useful information that I can definitely see myself benefiting from, I’ll certainly check these tools out. I think your article may just help my website reach the next level. Thank you 🙂

  4. Wow, this article has revolutionized my whole way of thinking about affiliate marketing. I knew what content marketing strategies were, but I’ve never used any of them. I’m still relatively new to affiliate marketing and am in the beginning stages of building my website. After reading this exceptionally well written thorough article, I will surely start to use these content marketing tools. One of the tools that really stood out to me was AnswerThePublic. It’s brilliant how it turns your keywords into questions so that you can answer them within your content. You have an amazing, clean, organized, and informational website and wish nothing but success for it!

  5. Hi Ali,

    This is a great roundup of content marketing tools! It’s not enough to just produce great content, you also need people to find it. And these types of tools can really help with that.

    Although I have heard about some of these tools before, I have not tried any of them yet. I have used ahrefs, which I think is quite similar to SEMrush. Have tried it, and if yes, what is your opinion? I have found ahrefs very useful especially in keyword research.

    I have another question. If I am just going to try one of these tools first to market my blog, what would you recommend? Of course, I could then try more of them later, but I think that it’s better to start with just one and learn how to use it properly.


    1. Hi Joonas, well I try almost all SEO tools in the world! )) In my opinion SEMrush is the best but it’s also the most expensive one. Ahref is good too to start with. When I started my affiliate marketing business, I used Google Keyword Planer which is free and I continued using it until I make my first dollars so don’t think that without a SEO tool, you can’t get success.
      If I were you, I would prefer to invest my money to get quality content for my website. In my opinion, your content is the real game changer in your business so focus on that first and last.


  6. Hi there,

    Yes, semrush I have used in the past and will be using it again. I could not agree more that it is extremely needed. The price for me though is a little expensive but it is worth it. Now answer the public I have never actually heard before, so I will be giving that a try for sure. Sounds very helpful. Which one is your personal favorite on here that you like?

    1. About SEO tools, I’ve started with Google analytics and Google keyword planner and I decided to don’t go for paid tool until I reach a specific level. I think SEMrush is a great tool but it’s expensive, especially for beginners and I personally prefer to invest my money on creating quality content rather than spending money on something that I’m not sure about. Because at the end of the day it’s quality of your content that brings your result and rank your site.


  7. I’m a content marketer and I have to be honest, I haven’t used a single tool from this list. But I’m inclined to test a few out them out.

    For example, you pointed out at HubSpot for which I have heard of and was actually thinking about using. However, I did not for the reason I can’t remember. In any case, I want to say thanks for reminding me of this platform. I will definitely check them out once again.

    I think you’re right, most affiliate marketer (including myself) use content marketing. It’s a great way to generate more leads, connect with your audience, and help them in a way or two. Thanks for helping me out. Keep up the good work!

    1. You’re welcome Ivan. I wish you best success in your content marketing business and I hope that introduced marketing tools in this post will be useful for your business in the future. )


  8. Hello and thank you about this article about content marketing tools. As someone who have a website on a niche that I am very passionate about, these content marketing tools that you brilliantly outlined are certainly an appealing option to try and be a master with.

    As I don’t have all day to market my content in my social medias, I am really glad there are tools like this to make my life easier.

    I am particularly interested in the Simply Measured tools that you describe and will certainly try it out and some others.

    1. Hi Lemuel, yes I’ve used Simply Measured too and it’s really a great tool. Thank you for your comment and glad to see that my post was useful for you.


  9. Thank you so much for this post. I completely agree with you! I have been involved in both traditional and online businesses and over the years I have built up a portfolio of tools that help me monitor, manage and build my business.

    People get so caught up in producing their content and boosting sales that they forget that there are free and reasonably priced products out there that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for them.

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