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What is the Best Free Audio File Converter for Android…?

MP3 converter app

MP3 Converter is a very useful application for Android smartphones. It lets you convert MP3 files to other audio formats and even extract audio from a video file.

MP3 format is definitely the best free audio file converter as well as the most used one among audio formats. In recent years, all music files has been published in MP3 format with the quality of 128kbps or 320kbps. Undisputed leadership of MP3 in audio files market has led to a situation when many ordinary users have not even heard about other popular audio formats such as WAV or FLAC.

For various reasons, such as lack of support of MP3 files on some specific applications, smaller size of files in other formats, there is need to convert MP3 files to other formats. This free MP3 converter software is an application for converting MP3 files to other common audio formats. Using this app, you will be able to convert formats right on your Android smartphone and you do not need to access your computer to finish this conversion.

MP3 Converter android app

MP3 Converter supports such formats as WAV, AC3, WMA, ACC and FLAC. There is another useful feature that allows you to cut out the desired part of music or video files.

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This tool lets you specify the desired part of a music file, cut and extract it as a separate file and use it as your mobile and SMS ringtone or anywhere else. You can cut a part of a video file that you like and share it in social and messenger networks.

The third feature of MP3 Converter is extracting audio from a video file. It’s probably happened to you when you keep a video file on your mobile phone only because of its beautiful music. You can extract audio from videos using MP3 converter and then remove the video from your mobile memory to have more free space on your phone. You can use the following link to download this application for free.


Convert MP3 to other audio formats

Extract audio from video files

Extract desired parts of audio or video files


Get MP3 Converter here:

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12 Comments on "What is the Best Free Audio File Converter for Android…?"

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Jim Cochrane
Jim Cochrane

Hey Ali,

I have been looking for a decent MP3 converter for my Android. I have found others, but they always seem to fall short of what I want to accomplish.

I like the fact that it can extract audio from videos. I cannot always easily watch videos but it would be nice to have the audios to listen to while exercising or stuck shopping with my wife 🙂

Best Regards,



Hello Ali, thank you for your review about the audio converter for android. Does the amp apply on an iPhone?

People who want to move their audios from videos will be helped by this post. I use online services to do the job for me now reading your post maybe I will give the amp a try next time.


Looks nice.I can think of a few times when I needed a mp3 converter before. I usually used some online converters, never a dedicated app.

This app looks pretty nice. Editing my music is certainly a plus. Video to audio conversion is a really useful tool. What feature do you use the most?

Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen

Hey there,

This seems like a great MP3 editor and I like it that. You can use it from your phone, which is much more efficient than having to use your laptop every time.

I wonder how we can export and import these files from your phone to your computer and vice versa though?

Thanks for sharing!




Nice post. I myself have just bought the new OnePlus 3T a few months ago, so I am currently looking for a method to download some music. This looks like an excellent solution. Features like cutting out some parts of a song will come in useful when converting songs. How much do you use this tool yourself? I will try it out soon.

joshua collins
joshua collins

Hi Ali-m, thanks for writing this tutorial on how to successfully convert and edit sound files with a mp3 converting software. Before reading your post I had no idea how to convert and edit sound files so i just stayed away from all that and stuck with services such as Spotify and YouTube for my mp3s.

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