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If you are interested in following news on portable gadgets and choosing your favorite news from what is being published every day on news websites, it’s better to use News Republic Android app, because this app learns your interests over time!

News Republic is a free app that collects and sorts all types of news from various news sources and provides it to the user in a simple and, of course, user-friendly interface. News Republic app provides news in such categories as Sport, Politics, Economy, Technology and many more. News Republic`s developers check the information in the news using TagNav technology and improve its database by applying various tags. We also need to mention that there is a feature which recognizes user interests with regard to the read and selected headlines. With this feature application, in addition to its filters, displays headlines according to the user`s choices after a while.

News Republic Application

This free app is available for Android and iOS and is also available on Microsoft Windows 8. Although there is no sign of releasing this application for Windows Phone, but there is an app with the same name in Windows Phone Store.

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  1. I was looking for a good app to get the latest news and this looks like just what the doctor ordered. Just wondering if it contains lots of ads or is there a premium version ad free? I used to have an excellent news app on my phone but that was long ago forgot the name. If you know of any others that compare to this one I always prefer testing out a few because every person has his own preferences when it comes to user friendliness.

    1. Hi ) I would recommend you go ahead and Install News Republic. It’s free and it does not include ads (the last time that I’ve checked). That’s why it’s been downloaded more than 10.000.000! You can also set filters and make your own preferences on it easily. Hope you’ll enjoy )


  2. Thanks Ali for this review.

    I was really looking for an app with this feature of news selection according to my interests, and this app looks that it does it in a smart way, unlike other news app. I downloaded it now and I will give it a try.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. I’ve been using News Republic for over a year now. It’s one of my main tools for sorting though and finding the news I’m really interested in. The filtering options really help to focus my news feed on the things I need. I’ve also installed Appy Geek, also by News Republic, with the same interface, but focused on tech news. BTW, I like your detailed laptop reviews. Any plans to review USB mics (or mic camera combos)? I need one for my Mac Mini.

    1. Hi Joe and thank you for your comment ) I follow news too and app like News Republic keeps me up to date with the latest news. Happy to heard that you like review section; well, since I need to test devices which I write reviews for, my current focus is on smartphone, tablet and laptop but let’s see what happen in the future. )


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