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Voice changer with effects is a free voice changer app that lets you change your voice in a funny way. Changing voice is one of the most interesting tools in gadgets and now there are several different applications to change the voice on Android or other platforms.

Voice changer with effects is one of the best apps in this field. If you haven’t tried it before, we need to mention that not only this app, but none of the apps can change your voice, but still make it sound natural. It must be said that all these apps can change voice just for fun and they’re not professional voice changers.

With this app you can make your voice sound like a robot or a child, bass or thin and enjoy listening to your voice and voices of your friends with different effects.

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If you’re using an android smartphone like Motorola Moto G4 or any other android phones, this app can install on your phone and change your voice easily and fast.

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This voice changer also has attractive effects which instead of changing your voice, turn your real voice into interesting modes. For example, with echo effect, you can hear your voice creating funny echo.

The positive point of Voice changer with effects is that it lets you save edited files since many other similar apps only let you listen to your voice in different modes. Voice changer with effects also lets you save and share your voice in social networks. You can download this funny application from the following link.

Hope you’ll enjoy using Voice changer app and feel free to share your opinion about voice changing apps and other interesting apps in comments below.


  • Change your voice in a funny way and with high quality
  • Different effects for changing voice

Get Voice changer with effects from here:

Download from Google play



  1. It definitely will be interesting to change certain audio files and share it with your family and friends through social media. Another usage I can think of is to change voices of artiste you dislike just for the fun of it. lol

    Is it possible to use the app to alter your voice over phone calls? Would be useful to prank a friend. But then again, there might be danger of people using this kind of function to do wrong doings.

    1. Hi Leo, as far as I know there’s no option with altering your voice with this app; it may be possible with other apps or may be added to this app in the future. Yes people can use all new apps and technologies both in negative and positive way )

  2. This is such a great and fun app. I used it to leave a prank voice message for my friend once. It was hilarious. The voice change really does sound very natural. I can personally vouch for this. Not to pry, but whats the most hilarious way you’ve used this app :D?

    1. Hi Kerron, my short answer is making funny moment! For example I remember when I used it to call my mom as her friend once! You can imagine what happened after that, yes… I’ve didn’t have dinner! ; )
      But I’ve seen some others use it for different purposes too.


  3. What a funny app it is! Maybe you could add some examples of the way the voice can be changed using this app. One good thing about Voice Changer is the way one can share the audio files on social media. Good laughs in perspective! I’ve got one question though: is the app available for iPhones or does it work only on Android smartphones?

  4. This seems like so much fun. I’m definitely getting the app. I haven’t used a voice changer app for more than a while, I remember having lots of fun and laugh with my little sister changing our voices haha. Now I can share my funny voice recordings with everyone, that’s just great.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. On my way to try this now. Thanks for sharing this awesome find. I’ve been looking for a voice changer for a while now but could not find a quality one for free. Now with this voice changer app we can play pranks on our friends and family. Also the fact that I can store voice recordings and share them on my favorite social networks is a plus.

    1. You’re welcome Jonathan and glad to see that you liked it ) Hope you’ll enjoy using it with your friends and family.

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