Ghost Phone: A New Technology Invention of 2016

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There are many new technology inventions every day. A UK-based Turkish inventor has recently invented a smartphone which display is visible only to its owner, and others cannot see what’s on the screen. Keep reading to find out more about ghost phone as a new technology invention of 2016.

This smartphone is known as “Ghost Phone” and its screen is completely white in normal mode, and there is nothing except of white light visible on it, and only with the help of special glasses one can see what`s actually going on on the screen.

Ghost Phone Zoom

The inventor of this smartphone Celal Göger has used capability of a chip which stays on glasses’ screen and is able to convert optical wavelength of screen into color. Göger says, “Still there is no investor found to help Ghost Phone`s mass production”. He also adds that if he had funds to do more research, he would be able to add the option of enabling and disabling of this technology on the smartphones.


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