GrindaBuck Review (Ultimate Noob Guide)

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Most people who stumbled upon this site have no idea what GrindaBuck is.

And rightfully so, it was a very little known way to make money online.

We are all interested in ways to earn an extra buck, so if you’re anything like me you are always on the lookout for a way to make money that does not require a ton of work.

And this GrindaBuck review, we will examine exactly what GrindaBuck is, if it is a true way to make money online, if it is worth your time and effort, and most importantly if it is a scam.

I promise that if you read through this entire article you will be able to have a full understanding of what GrindaBuck is trying to do, how you fit and their process, and most importantly if it is something that you can legitimately do to try to replace some income in your household.

Name: GrindaBucks
Price: $0
Overall Rank:  Revealed at the end!

Spoiler Alert: not a scam, but definitely is a ‘Grind’.. see what I did there?

GrindaBucks Review: Quick Overview

In a nutshell, GrindaBuck it’s a multiple income type website.

There are literally about six or seven ways in which you can make money using the GrindaBuck website.

These ways included surveys, offers, paid-to-click, videos, tasks, and the referral program.

Upon initial early inspection, one thing that I find to be consistent with GrindaBuck is the fact that it is really a ‘grind’ to make money with it.

The main reason for this is because everything pays very little. And when I say very little I mean some instances will pay you up to one penny.

Yes, $0.01.

Now did not get me wrong, some new pay as much as $10+.

But they seem to be few and far between.

With that said, it actually is a legitimate program.You do the work and you get paid.

Thank you much simpler than that, right?

It is your typical reward science such as Lucktastic or Baymack.

They pay you in different options including Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards, and even Walmart gift cards.

This definitely leads to the legitimacy of GrindaBuck.

What I have found with most sites similar to grindr book is that they provide you points and then encourage you to spend them on other things that do not require you to actually receive money.

That is where I find a big problem with a lot of these reward sites.

But from what I can tell GrindaBuck is not like that.

You can do other things with the points in which you were crew, however you are really encouraged to use your accrued points to get cash ( in the form of a gift card).

And if you’re anything like me, and use amazon for absolutely everything, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to get an amazon gift card.’

Thanks a lot GrindaBuck for sustaining my habit.

But I digress…

So what is it like before you go in?

The Pros:

  • Excellent Training
  • Possible to make money with it
  • Payouts in forms that we can actually use

The Cons:

  • Payouts are a bit low.
  • Costs more money for Paypal due to fees
  • Wicked Time Consuming

Is GrindaBucks A Legit? What to Expect Before Joining!

Upon landing on’s webpage, you are met with a pretty beautiful screen of information telling you succinctly what GrindaBuck is all about.

The page does have one of those scrolling picture marquees, which is kind of annoying..

The reason I say it’s annoying, is because there is also a youtube video on the screen. It is a simple youtube video that is really just giving you a quick synopsis of what GrindaBuck is all about.

It is about a minute long, and when you start to play it, the scrolling feature marquee change it to a different page, however the video keeps playing.

I don’t know, maybe it was just me. but I found that to be extremely annoying that I could not watch a 1-minute video.

That is really just a design flaw, they’re not going to jump on them too bad for, but it is something that could be fixed.

Login Problems

And then prompts you for a desired username, password, password confirmation, and your email address.

Once you give this information, a confirmation code is sent to your email.

If you’re anything like me, you normally check your email on your phone rather than logging on to your email on a computer’s web browser.

So when I got the confirmation email and I checked it on my phone, it was a plain text 20 or so digit code including letters and numbers.

So I could then either copy the code from my phone to the web browser (and get extremely annoyed while doing it). Or pulling up my email in the browser and doing a copy-paste.

That is what I did.

That, no doubt, what’s the fastest way to get logged in.

The Members Area

So, from a strictly new user standpoint, my initial reaction when I saw the members area was “ what am I supposed to do with all of this ?”

I literally have no idea where to even begin.

Now this is a design flaw.

It’s quite a bit of information to take as soon as you jump in , but to their credit there is a chat section of which I took advantage.

That’s a simple question as to “how do you use this site?”

I rather quickly I was able to get a couple answers from people who were joking around in the chat room.

They asked if I had ever use a system like this before, I told him that I had a little experience but not much.

And then directing me to a help page that literally broke down every single thing that I could do in order to use the side effect of lie and make money with it.

To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming.

There was a ton of information.

But it was useful information, which I believe is most important.

After reading that I finally got a few bits of insight on how the website works, I went back to my homepage and started completing some of the surveys and tasks.

How Much Did I make?

Upon the rolling, you are spotted 100 points.

This world, 100 points equals about $1.

Some of the tasks that I saw paid anywhere from 75 points to five points to 500 points.

Very similar to FamilyBTC, GrindaBuck has a wall of advertisements that you can take advantage of to try to get points.

There are literally hundreds of them.

As I mentioned before, making money with this truly is a grind. So GrindaBuck really lives up to its name.

grindabuck review


One of the coolest things about GrindaBuck is the rewards store. After you have done all the work, you can now go to the rewards store and trade in your points for the different types of products that they have available.

This includes Amazon, Paypal, Walmart, and some company called Rixty.

Anyways, the same principle applies where $1 equals 100 points. In some instances it was more, for example, when you try to redeem via paypal there was an extra 25 points tacked on to your points redemption.

I assume this is to pay for the transfer fees that paypal usually charges to send and receive money.

GrindaBucks Complaints?

Your first payout can only be $10.

Since you are in at level 1 this is the lowest redemption amount that you can take advantage of.

Because of this, you have to do more work in order to raise your level.

The higher your level the less time it takes for your points to be held.

For example, any offer that pays over 250 points ($2.50), is held for 2 weeks.

Also, in order to give lower payouts a $5 or even $1 you again have to level up what you can only do learning points through the service.

I don’t care what it is, if I have to wait 2 weeks in order to get $2.50 you can keep it.

GrindaBucks Referral Program

One thing that I think GrindaBucks has going for it is its referral program.

You get 10% on all earnings of anyone that you refer to using GrindaBucks.

That does make it slightly enticing to at least attempt to promote the program, but with such low payouts I am 100% sure that is not worth your time.

Is GrindaBucks A Scam?: My Final Opinion

The amount of time that I put into it was worth the $6 that I made.

I literally got sick of doing stuff right after I made it to $6, which means I didn’t even make it to $10 to do a payout.

Trying to find offers to do is very annoying and unnerving. You need an extreme amount of patients to find something and do it.

Even in their instructions on how to use a service effectively, they tell you that it is wise to have multiple email addresses and multiple usernames in order to not cross the promotions of the different offer walls.

They even suggest that you constantly need to clear your cache and use CCleaner to not cross up these promotions.

So to me, this is a lot more work that I need to do on top of the work that GrindaBuck is already requiring me to do for $0.75 on average.

Grindabucks is not a scam.

They pay you what they say they’re going to pay you. But it is up to you to know whether your time is worth the effort.

They do try to sell you on the fact that you will be completing tasks and surveys in your spare time anyway. So why not get paid for doing it.

Legitimate case, but a lot of the requirements and higher paying gigs are not things that I will be normally doing on the internet.

So this does require me to take time out of my schedule to try to make a little money. Which I guess is legitimate when it comes to making money, but your time is much more than GrindaBucks will pay you.

So What Should You Do Now?

If you have had any experience with GrindaBuck please leave a comment below.

Most people who have done reviews on GrindaBuck include a link so they can take advantage of the 10% referral in case you decide to sign up.

I do not believe in the service, so I cannot in good faith provide a link for you to do such.

What I can do is suggest to you something that is similar to GrindaBuck. It does require time and effort , however the payout is much, much more.

I mean much, much more.

To put it into perspective you may do a ton of work for $0.75 at GrindaBuck, what that same hard-working spirit can get you $7500 using with my method.


  1. What method? Seriously, I have been a On and Off Affiliate Marketer for like 4 years learning any way to make money online. I xndu paid out plenty over $1,000s of dollars in learning N pay $100 a month to Wealthy Affiliate. An guess what??? I have made nothing but $25 bucks online. So if you have a tip, suggestion, anything bud!! Please let me know, struggling 😔 I just wanted to help my wife support our daughters since I am home on disability from a car accident that almost killed me in 2015. I just want others online to be real not go hey let me help you twice then sell you something… Ali you have been the only one that has help and not sold me crap so thank you! Just needing some advice.

    1. Hi Justin, sorry to hear about it. Well, the truth is that affiliate marketing or any other online business can’t make you rich overnight. It’s difficult to get into the game. The time and money needed to be invested behind this business and you should also stick to it. To be honest, it’s not the best choice for everyone, especially if you are in a limited budget.


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