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How Many Balloons Do You Need to Lift Your House?!

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Lift is an interesting online tool that helps to calculate how many balloons you need to lift your home! ) Have you seen Up movie? (Pixar’s 2009 animation masterpiece). In that animation movie an old man`s house flies with balloons. Would you like to know how many balloons can lift your house? If yes, continue reading!

Onlie Tool Lift has been created by Movoto real estate agency. It can tell how many helium balloons you will need to lift your house above the ground and let it fly. The only thing you`ll need to find it out is the size of your house in square feet or square meters. For example, you need 18,108,432 balloons to lift a 65-sqm house!

This tool can also show how many balloons can fly some of the most famous buildings in the world such as the White House through the combo box on the right side. For example, Pentagon needs 260,000,000,000 balloons!

Try it now! Enter the size of your house and guess how many balloons you’ll need : )
When you’ve tested it don`t hesitate to share how many balloons you need to lift your house in comments below!

Lift Your House with Balloons By Movoto Real Estate

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