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This Method Shows How Much is a Website Worth

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It’s a good question; how much is a website worth really? Website value issue can be as strange as when Cristiano Ronaldo shoots a ball towards fans and they never give it back. Although everything is clear – the ball price, Ronaldo`s income for a season and even the ticket price.

A while ago I’ve visited an interesting website, It calculates the value of websites automatically. When I entered one of my friend’s website, it showed $38,000. I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad, if anybody buys his site for this price or if someone wants to pay even more, how I should hide from his eyes!
In my opinion, the given website value estimated by is acceptable for media websites which revenue base is from traffic and advertisement, but even just for fun, I advise you to test some websites value with their service. The most interesting part of worthofweb is its price for popular websites. For example, the value of Google is $103b and the value of Amazon is $8b! (That’s $3b in another value calculator website!!)

There are other ways to calculate the value of websites and applications. For example, you can multiply the average revenue of a website by 8 or 10. In this method – which inventor, I guess like Bitcoin, will be discovered in the future – if your website revenue is something around $4000-$5000 per month, your website value is about $50,000! Of course, this calculation method is against all branding, content, UI & UX and MBA topics.

When I did more research, I found another website called that honestly has a beautiful name. Webvaluecheck is also a website value calculator which gave $40,000 as estimated worth of my friend`s website. So I’ve decided to introduce worthofweb to my friend if someday he decides to sell his site. Anyway, there is a price difference of $2000 which isn’t small amount of money.

Both worthofweb and webvaluecheck, extract common statistics such as Alexa data, and as the calculation process is performed by a machine, the main factor is extracted data.

I remember several years ago, I told about my idea of making a website for calculating websites value in a sharing idea website. Of course, I meant a professional service, which could estimate websites value not only based on extracted data, but on business index formula. I guess lack of a logical formula which can give objective value is the reason why there is still no website like this in this field.

Having introduced different pricing methods, we did not mean to confirm or reject them. It seems that it’s impossible and actually illogical to find a perfect formula which calculates website value with high accuracy.

What do you think about website pricing? If you want to sell your website or if you want to invest in a business according to its value, what method you prefer to use?


  1. I really enjoyed reading about how much a website is worth, I never gave it a thought websites could be such a high price unless you own a website like Amazon or Google.

    I wonder how you can improve your website to be worth even more, does anything else up its worth other than how much money you are earning from your website?

    What about the value of your content to your readers, isn’t a website’s content up its value at all?

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. I knew that there was domain selling but I didn’t know that you can check the value of a website. That’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t purchase someones website because I don’t have the funds for it but if I did of course I would. If anything, I would sell a website until I have funds to buy a website.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thank you too for your comment Sofia and hope this article will be helpful for you in the future too )


  3. Very interesting article, Ali. I did not know that this type of site existed. I am curious yet afraid to find our the worth of my ‘baby’ site…lol. Very nice website layout and I wish you all the best. Love the graphics as well and the layout.
    Good luck.

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