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Stayfocused Lets You Know How to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

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If you’re one of those people who waste so much time on the Internet and social networks, this post will help you stop it and lets you know how to stop wasting time on the Internet easily.

Using the Internet for general purposes or getting information on different topics is very useful. But sometimes when you’re surfing the web or doing your everyday tasks, you may receive a Facebook notification or a fun email and spend a couple of hours of your valuable time to do something else rather than your main task.

Unfortunately, this happens for many users and they may spend all day in social networks after getting a simple notification (update, news, etc.) from that network.

There are many ways to avoid this problem, but as we’ve mentioned before, in many cases, users spend 50 minutes or even 5 hours instead of 5 minutes in social networks without even realizing it. Adding StayFocused Chrome extension is the best way that we can recommend you in this situation. This extension helps not to waste your precious time on social networks by limiting the time that you’re spending on this type of websites.

Stay Focused Extension

In addition to managing your time, StayFocused also limits the time that your children spend in social networks and other websites.

Some users can’t find out which websites take so much of their time. In this case, TimeStats extension will help. It`s a complementary extension for StayFocused which provides a complete report of your visited websites as well as the time that you’ve spent on each of them. These reports are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and let you know which websites take the most of your time, then you can limit the time you spend on them with StayFocused.

Hope you will be able to manage your precious time from now better. If you have any questions about time management or want to sure your opinion feel free to write it in comments below.

Get StayFocused extension here.
Get timeStats extension here.


  1. This is amazing advice for myself. I am one of those people who probably spend too much time on FB. I love my friends and I love to be social as best I can. However, being a mother of 3 children, my time is limited. I am definitely going to take this article into consideration. Hopefully I can try to balance my social life and “mommy” life. It’s a tough juggle! Thanks so much for sharing this information.

    1. You’re welcome and thank you too for your comment Nicole. There’s no any problem with being a social person, we just need to know how much time we want to be that from 24 hours. a logical time or 23.55 hourse! : )


  2. An awesome idea for a post – suggesting a digital solution to a wasting time problem. It pains me personally how much time I often waste on the web…great suggestion.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. Due to all the technology that has evolved these days, we spend more time using technology instead of going out to have a breath of fresh air.

    I agree, so much time is wasted online especially on social media. I uninstalled my facebook account for that reason. Too much gossip that I really shouldn’t read about.

    What I find works is turning on some calming music on pandora and I can work for hours. I should turn off my phone but the other half would get mad if I don’t reply to him, but I do it anyway. LOL

    Thanks again,


    1. Dear Sofia, thanks for your comment )

      Yes we spend too much time over Internet; however I think tech became an inseparable part of our life during the recent years so maybe it’s better to balance our online activity with our real world instead of removing it )


  4. Great suggestion to a big problem, especially with online entrepreneurs that use Social Media to promote. The distractions that are flowing in can derail your plans before you realize it’s happened.

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