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This “How Old Do I Look” Website Guesses Your Age!

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Microsoft has introduced its new service called last year, but it’s still interesting if you don’t know about it and it pays to visit and share it with your friends. Actually it’s an “How Old Do I Look” website which recognizes user’s age, and its API is available for everyone.

To see how old you look on this website, you only need to upload a clear picture of yourself. If you take this photo by front-camera of your smartphone, disable beauty mode – it will let How-Old recognize your age with higher accuracy. In our experience, recognized age is almost correct with a very low error percentage.

That’s interesting that API of this service is available for all developers and can be used in different applications, websites or any other services. With this service, websites will be able to recognize their users’ age only from their avatars. How-Old lets you upload your photo directly from your device; but if you want, you can also find out other people`s age from their photos using Bing search engine.

To use this service, visit

If you know any other interesting websites, feel free to share them in comments, they may be featured on soon! Also, remember that I always love to hear your opinion! )


  1. How interesting! I tried the website, and I uploaded two separate pictures of myself, taken days apart. One result said that I was 43, the other 46. The system apologized if it didn’t guess right… I’m 34 lol.

    Now get this, when I go in any store to buy wine, I’m always asked for my ID. Surely I don’t look younger than 21 in my opinion. But it happens every time.

    I’d like to see this system improve and see where it goes from here!

  2. I had never heard of this but I thought it would be fun to try how old from Microsoft. I used a photo that was one year old and it had it perfectly. Very interesting, especially since most people miss my age by a great deal. Thanks for sharing. I will need to try it with other pictures of friends as well.


  3. I have been so scared of using a website like this because I was terrified it would tell me that I look younger than I am. However, I am happy to say that tells me that I look younger than I am! It also tells me that I look younger as a brunette (my new hair colour.) So I am happy that I made a choice to no longer be blonde.

    But, if it is making a mistake with my age the question is how many other people is it inaccurately estimating? And it leaves me with the question of whether it is an accurate source for a website to use to find out the age of its users?

    1. Dear Amberlee, thanks for your comment ) It’s made by Microsoft and since it’s open source it can be beneficial for web masters who want to determine their users age for example. And of course its accuracy isn’t 100% but I guess Microsoft is going to improve it every now and then.


  4. Lol, I just saw the website. It’s both funny & interesting. Since you asked to suggest an interesting website. Here’s one suggestion: akinator

    It works on an Algorithm (of course) and all you have to do is to think of some character. Then it will ask you some questions and based on the answer of your questions, it will guess the character you thought of. I never saw Akinator being wrong, unless & until you forcefully make it lol 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment and suggested website)

      Nice to see that it was interesting for your. I’ll definitely check your suggested website and will introduce it on a separate post if it’s interesting for readers )


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