How to Buy from Amazon Online

How to Buy from Amazon Online – Enter to the World of Products

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Hello everyone! 99% of you probably know Amazon website, but if you haven’t bought anything from Amazon yet or if you want to make your first purchase at Amazon, this post will explain you how to buy from Amazon online. Stay with me!

Let’s take a brief look at Amazon Company first and then follow me to find out the step by step process of buying products at Amazon. Amazon is an American electronic commerce company which was founded by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington in 1994. Amazon started its work in 1995 selling books, but now you can find almost everything over there! Amazon started to manufacture and release ebook readers and now its e-readers are extremely famous all around the world. Amazon is the biggest online store in the Internet and that’s because of its Affiliate Marketing system which resulted in many direct and indirect jobs.

Jeff Bezos studied Physics at university, but after a while changed it to Computer Science. After graduation, he worked in several companies, SHAW being the last one where he worked. These jobs were too far from his childhood dreams and that was the time when the idea of creating his own online store came to his mind. Fortunately, it coincided with unparalleled growth of the Internet. Jeff himself was surprised when he found out that the Internet growth increased 23 times from 1993 to 1994!

Jeff started research about his idea of creating an online store and searched for companies that can send their products via post. Jeff saved a list of 20 top companies in this field and almost all types of items that he was looking for were available for sale and shipping via post, but he found out that none of those companies sells books. There was a reason for that: there were no complete catalogs for all book titles because there were a great variety of books and creating a complete and perfect catalog cost too much as it would have taken thousands of pages.

At that time Jeff thought that he could take advantage of the Internet, create and put books titles over there. This website was very beneficial because:

  • There was no need for a physical product
  • Cost reduced a lot
  • Buying process could be done faster
  • Catalog of book titles could be changed every day without any additional costs

And that’s how was born!

How to Buy from Amazon Online

Now that you know the history behind Amazon, here is a step by step guide with pictures which will teach you how to easily buy products from Amazon. Amazon accepts variety of payment options. Amazon accepts credit and debit cards which includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. Personally, I use Visa card and have never had any issues with that.

OK, let’s start. Go to Amazon website and you’ll see the image below.


You need to register at Amazon to be able to purchase items, so the first step is to go to

Amazon Register

Now click on Sign in as shown in the image above.

Then click on Start Here which is written in front of New Customer?

Sign in Amazon

A window with a form will open. Fill out the form and click on Create Account.

Amazon Sign in form

Well done! Your Amazon account has been successfully created and now you can make your first purchase. Click on the product you want to buy and then on Buy button as shown in the image below.

Buy in amazon


Amazon Products

If you want to buy a physical product, you need to enter your post address correctly. In case of a digital product, it will be sent to your e-mailbox.

Digital Product

To confirm your order, click on Place your order and go to the next step.

Submit Amazon order

Finally, you will be requested to enter your credit/debit card details and billing information.

You’re done! Your order will be placed and you’ll receive your product via post or email (if it’s a digital product). If you’re interested to know what products you can sell online, I recommend you read this article.

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Hope you enjoy your first purchase at Amazon! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments below.


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