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How to Change My Ringtone on iPhone in the Blink of an Eye!

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Changing iPhone’s ringtone and setting a new ringtone is one of the main problems that users have been facing during the past years. If you ask yourself ‘How to change my ringtone on iPhone?’ too, continue reading this tutorial where I’m going to show you how to change your ringtone in a few simple steps.

It doesn’t matter if you have new quality iPhone like iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone SE or you use one of the older models. I’ve seen many people who use default ringtones even after a couple of years of purchasing their iPhone! Maybe the main reason is that changing the ringtone on iPhone is different and a little more difficult than on Android phones.

With methods that I’m going to introduce here, you’ll be able to change the ringtone on iPhone and choose from a wide range of songs for your ringtone and enjoy it more than before. OK, let’s start! Actually, there’re different ways to change your ringtone, but I’m going to show you two easiest ones. For both of them you`ll need a computer to do the conversion and then move the converted file to your iPhone.

Method 1

Firstly, I need to say that ringtones extension on Apple products is .m4r which is different from all other devices. So before doing anything, you should change the extension of your  audio file to M4R format. One of the best ways to do it is install Ringtone Maker.

After downloading and installing Ringtone Maker on your computer, follow these steps:

click on below icon to add an audio file which you want to set as a ringtone.


Here are the options you`ll have in Ringtone Maker which I marked with numbers in the picture.

  1. You can listen to a selected part of the song you’ve chosen.
  2. You can automatically add the final ringtone to iTunes after finishing conversion.
  3. You can save a copy of your ringtone to your computer.
  4. After finishing conversion, you can access the ringtone through this path.
  5. When you’ve selected the part of the song you want to cut and convert into a ringtone, click here.

Ringtone maker app

When conversion is done, you need to move the created ringtone to your iPhone. You can use iTunes or iTools for that.


Open iTunes and drag and drop your converted file into it, then go to Music and click on the device name. Now, choose your new ringtone by ticking its name in Tunes and finally, click on Sync.


iTools works faster and will save you time, so if it’s available, I`d recommend to go with it first. You just need to connect your device and run iTools. Then click on Music and go to Ringtones. Now click Import to add your ringtone to your device. On the new models of iPhone like iPhone 7 or iPhone SE, you may not have the best quality sound after converting and using a new ringtone. So pay attention to the quality of your audio file when choosing it as your ringtone.

itunes make ringtone

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Method 2

This method may be even easier for you. The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of iTunes on your computer. You can get it from here. After downloading and installing iTunes, run it on your computer. Now add your favorite music you want to use for your iPhone’s ringtone to iTunes. The simplest way to do it, is drag and drop the audio file to iTunes.

Then, right click on your file and choose Get Info.

Chnage iphone ringtone

In the newly opened window, go to Options tab and choose the part of the song you want to set as your ringtone in Start and Stop sections. Please note that the time period of your ringtone is limited to 40 seconds. So the period between Start and Stop points shouldn’t exceed 40 seconds.

iTunes change ringtone

Close the current window and right-click on your music file again and choose Create AAC Version.

Change iPhone ringtone

Now you can see that a new shortened version in Apple format has been added to the list. Right-click on the added file and click on Show in Windows Explorer (if you’re using Windows OS) or “Show in Finder” (if you’re using Mac).

iPhone ringtone

A new window will open on your computer and show the file path. Right-click on it and choose Properties (Windows) or Get Info (Mac). Finally, change its extension to .m4r.

Note: You can move your ringtone to any other place on your computer, but keep in mind that after moving it, you shouldn’t change its location again. Now add it to iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to the computer and go to iPhone. Then choose Tones tab from the left bar. Tick Sync Tones on top of the page and click on Apply on the down left side of the page.

iphone iTools

To set your music file as a ringtone, go to Settings of your iPhone.

iphone settings

Open Sounds.

Now go to Ringtones and choose the ringtone you’ve created.

iPhone Setting

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Well done! You have successfully set your favorite music as your iPhone’s ringtone. Hope you`ve found this tutorial useful and feel free to share your opinion in comments below.

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