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How to Clear Cache on an Android Phone with 1Tap Cleaner

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One of the main reasons why the phone’s memory becomes full and your Android operating system starts working slowly is cache and junk files. 1Tap Cleaner is a practical application that shows you how to clear cache as well as history of your browser on an Android phone.

There’re a lot of different Android apps and most of them are available for free. That`s why we regularly install and remove many applications. Using a wide range of apps on our phone may slow down Android OS, but the good news is that there’s a solution to this issue and you don’t need to avoid installing and using interesting apps to keep your phone from slowing down. There’re specific apps which have been created to remove cache files; they can easily and perfectly clean your phone from cache, junk and unnecessary files.

1Tap Cleaner is one of the best and most famous apps intended to do this job. In addition, to remove cache files, this application is able to clean other types of unnecessary files like Call Logs or browser`s history.

1Tap Cleaner isn’t only a simple cleaner – it comes with a number of interesting features. For example, you can set an automatic scheduling, then you won’t need to run it manually and it will automatically clean cache files from your phone on a regular basis. For instance, it can run only on weekends and this regular cleaning will protect your phone from slowing down by cache files and your memory will never be full of junk files.

As I’ve mentioned above, in addition to cleaning cache and junk files, 1Tap Cleaner is able to remove call logs and browser’s history what might be very useful for almost everyone.

Another practical feature of this app is management of installed apps on your phone. This section provides a list of the apps installed on your phone as well as cache amount for each application. So you can see which apps have the most amount of cache files and easily clean its cache with only one tap. You can even set an alarm to inform you when it finds an app with more than 500kb cache every time you turn on the phone.

Also, you don’t need to root your Android phone to install and use 1Tap Cleaner. You can download this useful app from the link provided below.


  • Ability to clean unnecessary files
  • Ability to manage cache amount of apps
  • Ability to remove call logs and browser’s history

It’s always recommended to upgrade your phone and use the latest updates of security apps if you want to keep your phone safe. High-end smartphones like Nexus 5X, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G4 and Lenovo A850 are equipped to the newest security apps as well as the latest version of Android operating system which significantly increases your safety.

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Download 1Tap Cleaner from Play Store

Mobi Cleaner: Optimize Battery Consumption and RAM on Android Phones

Mobi Cleaner is an application for Android phones that helps you optimize and speed up the battery performance, memory and CPU of your phone and enjoy using a faster smartphone. Continue reading!

Although recently produced smartphones are equipped to a good amount of RAM and a powerful processor, they still can smoothly run modified versions of Android operating system. Maybe, if the pure version of Android OS was released to the market, we wouldn’t experience any lag while run different apps and games on current smartphones equipped to powerful hardware. But even today, we still see that manufacturers insist on modifying the pure Android what causes lag in some cases. That’s why optimizing apps have become Android users` and developers` concern during the recent years.

Mobi Cleaner is one of the newest apps that professionally optimize the battery performance, RAM and processor of your phone. To be honest, it will certainly satisfy you and exceed your expectations with its performance. You`ll feel its effect better if your phone is not new and doesn’t have powerful hardware. To run this application you`ll need Android 4.0 or higher. I’m going to explain each part of Mobi Cleaner in the next couple of paragraphs. Stay with me.

The first and most important feature of Mobi Cleaner is ability to clean background’s activities from the phone’s memory. When you run the app for the first time (and actually every time), it displays how full the device memory and processor is, then it lets you optimize it with just one tap and clean unnecessary apps from the processor memory. This action results in better speed for the operating system and your tasks will be done faster.

If you’re a curious Android user, you’ve probably seen Running Service on your smartphone which shows which apps are running on the background. Sometimes, you see apps over there that started running several days ago, for instance, QuickPic is one of those apps which if run, it will stay running on the background forever. The space occupied by these applications isn’t much, however, if they all stay running on the background, they will occupy a significant part of the phone’s RAM. It’s time for Mobi Cleaner roll up the sleeves. With the help of this feature, you can close all those apps open on the background and clean RAM from junk files just with one tap. Not only will it boost your phone’s speed, but it will also help your battery keep its charge for a longer time because each app consumes specific amount of battery power.

The next important thing that slows down your device is cache and junk files. There’re sometimes thousands of this type of unnecessary files that occupy the phone’s CPU.

You can search and detect internal and external memory of your phone in Trash Search, then Mobi Cleaner will do a complete scan of the device and display a list of cache and junk files. After that, the result will be shown as categorized and then you can remove those files from your device by selecting all and tapping on Clear.

This may not look very important at the beginning, but after a while, when the number of these unnecessary files increases, it will definitely affect running speed and your tasks will take more time to be done. But using Mobi Cleaner can help you clean out more storage space. The good thing is that you’ll see how much space is occupied by each app in final report what lets you choose the app that has the most amount of unnecessary files. I highly recommend you to take advantage of this feature because sometimes cache files take up to 1GB of your storage space and you’ll probably become glad if you can use that 1GB space for your own files!

The last section called App Manager manages the applications installed on your phone. You’ll see a complete list of installed apps in this section as well as space occupied by each one. You’ll have several other options here like sending the app to other phones, creating a backup file and installing APK files which is a practical feature – using it, you won’t need to install apps from AppManager anymore. You can download this application from the link below.


  • Ability to manage apps
  • Ability to clear cache and show apps that contain junk files
  • Different themes for user interface


  • Lack of auto-optimization for the battery

Although new quality smartphones like Nexus 5X have great performance and their powerful hardware doesn’t have lag after using it for a long time, you should optimize your phone’s OS on a regular basis if you want to enjoy a fresh and fast smartphone.

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Download Mobi Cleaner from Play Store

Hope you`ve installed and enjoyed the apps I`ve introduced. If you know other similar useful apps, feel free to share them in comments below.

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