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If you want to know how to convert a PDF file online, this post is for you! pdfconverter is name of a free online conversion tool which is up right there to help you convert your PDF files as easy as possible. Continue reading to find out how this powerful tool will solve all your PDF conversion issues!

What is and what you can do with this online PDF conversion tool?

Even though it was intercepted and released at the beginning of the last decade of the previous millennia by the Adobe Corporation, because of the rapid and constant expansion of technology in every aspect of human conduct, the use of PDF format has never been greater. This file format is definitely a fascinating one, and we’ll cover some of its main attributes, characteristics and flaws in the continuation of the text. So, let’s get to it!

PDF is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format, and the name itself reveals a lot, that it’s specifically designed to mitigate the sharing of digital documents among dissimilar computers and devices. It is used to convert other file formats to PDF, this way ensuring their view ability on all devices. and it’s practically the only format that can be seen perfectly on every OS and device, because it functions completely independently both from the system it was created on, and on the systems it’s later going to be viewed on.

Heavily used in both business (accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, banking, analysts, etc), and education (research papers, reports, presentations of any kind), recent studies reveal that the majority of files converted to PDF include those from the Microsoft Office suite, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and after them come JPEG files, Publisher, Auto-cad, HTML etc.

To conclude, we’ve established that the PDFs are amazingly convenient for sharing files, because they can be viewed everywhere with absolute perfection, but editing them on the other hand, is a completely different story. All PDF files are by default read-only files, which cannot be changed or corrected in a regular fashion. So what should be done in order to make them editable?

This format requires software that can separate all the data that the PDF connected into one whole, and re-arrange all this “liberated” data back to the previous state of the original file, before it was created into a PDF in the first place. Considering there are numerous paid programs and online tools available on the market that can perform this type of operation, we wanted to familiarize you with an online tool that offers really great results, and it comes entirely free, so you don’t have to scour the web in order software that you can rely on.

Using PDF Converter’s Free Online PDF Conversion tool you can easily transform your PDF files back to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and also create a PDF file from more than 300 formats.

There are just a few simple steps to follow, and the entire conversion lasts a couple of minutes at the most, without any limit to the size of the file. So let’s show you how to use it!

The first thing needed to be done is to choose the desired type of conversion, after which you need to enter your valid email address, where you will find the link to the download page, once the conversion process is finished.

The first thing needed to be done is to choose the desired type of conversion, after which you need to enter your valid email address, where you will find the link to the download page, once the conversion process is finished.

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Your personal information will never be used for any kind of unlawful purposes, as completely guaranteed by the company. As we previously mentioned, the overall process is extremely short-lasting, and for the files that are normal in time, it’s rarely over one minute, but it also depends on the number of people using the tool at that given time.

Once you’ve entered your mail, just click on the Start button to begin everything, and expect the link in the next few minutes, and that’s pretty much it!

The exact same steps apply when you’re creating a PDF file, and we sincerely hope that this somewhat tricky but overall interesting subject was clarified a bit by this article.

Hope you’ll use and enjoy this powerful free PDF converter and when you used it, feel free to share your opinion in comments below!


  1. Thanks for this … I like the .pdf format but one of the biggest bug bears I have with them is in terms of editing.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have got documents from companies and so on and they ask me to just fill in the form (.pdf) and return by email. Of course, you can’t edit the document as a .pdf. Even if you have Acrobat pro, the editing tends to look funny. So invariably I end up printing the .pdf out and handwriting in spider scrawl, my handwriting style these days, onto a hard copy. OK, whining over 🙂 My question … Is it feasible to take a .pdf file, say a form, convert it using this tool to word, edit it to populate the form, and then convert it back to .pdf format? Would that work OK without formatting issues?

    1. Hi Colm and thanks for your comment. This tool does what you want exactly. Yes you can take a pdf, convert it to word with this tools, edit it and convert it again to pdf format without any formatting issues easily. Hope it helps and you’ll enjoy using it )


  2. Hey, Ali, thanks for your article, this was very helpful. I often had the problem that I had to edit a PDF. It took me always a lot of time. So thanks for your review of PDF converter, that sounds really easy and time-saving. It’s free, right? Or are there some hidden costs?

    1. Hi, you’re welcome ) I’m happy to see that it was useful for you. Yes, it’s free without any hidden costs.


  3. This is very convenient! I work as a student-homeopath and I use PDF files with clients to fill out paperwork before they see me for consultations. Sometimes, attaching the PDF on file is hard and clients have trouble filling out the paperwork online. This seems like it would make things much easier for everyone. Thanks!

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