1. Great info as usual Ali. Food for thought and an idea for another domain name! (badass ‘my niche’ .com). Not sure it’s a good idea as it contains the word ‘ass’ and might affect Google ranking – memorable though!

  2. I could create a great logo with this guide. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this detailed information with others. I’m going to share this post with some of my friends to let them take advantage of creating a great logo too.

  3. Hello Ali,
    This is another valuable lesson I am learning from you. Thank you for your generosity in imparting your knowledge and experiences.
    God bless you more,

  4. Hi Ali! Great blog post! Your writing is getting better and better. This blog post is very thought provoking. I have been thinking about my logo for a while now and haven’t thought about designing it myself. What a great idea! I now have some inspiration to go on. I’m going to go now brainstorm some ideas. Also, I didn’t even think about color and how that may be perceived by others; oh yeah and the font! Yes, great tips. 💡😁💖

  5. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for this interesting article on creating a logo for a website.
    It was very informative and broken down so it was simple, and easy to understand the process of making one.
    Your posts are great help, especially for someone like myself who is new to the business.
    I will be keeping an eye for more informative posts like this in the future, to help me with my business going forward.
    All the best,

  6. A very informative article, thanks for providing these insights into making a digital logo for a website. This is one area where I have struggled with , always trying to make the perfect design from to get-go. Need to let go a bit and take it as a step-by-step process, and realise that it can change over time.

    I have just started to think about the colour implications when utilised on my websites. In the past I have tended to use colours that I personal like when creating things. I am now thinking more about what would be good for the customer’s experience. Like you have noted, the style each colour gives representation to. How will it be viewed?

    1. Hi Johan, my experience says that customers and readers prefer to see dark colors for text and light colors for images, banners, etc. So it depends on your niche and audience but always try to pick a color that is most suite for your visitors.

  7. Thank you for this wonderfully comprehensive post on creating killer logos!

    The importance of one’s logo design cannot be overstated. You are right on point with keeping it simple with straightforward shapes and clean design. For now I am using a very simple logo that I designed myself on Canva, keeping in mind that an upgrade will be necessary as I build.

    I found the color key very useful and am happy to know that my use of green is right in line with my intentions, according to your key. By providing us with technical (color, typography, simplicity), emotional (don’t expect overnight success), and creativity reminders, you give a well-rounded initial blueprint for someone who needs seriously to consider a logo for their business. Or, in my case, an upgraded version of what they have now . So I have bookmarked this page and will be returning to review your points when I am ready to tackle the my logo project. Thank you!

  8. Hey great work again. I have been thinking about creating logo for my website last few days, so this article is a bingo for me. Creating logo for your business is very important I agree. All well-known brands and websites today have a logo that stays into peoples mind. You mentioned just few of the popular brands and their logos knows everybody. People are aware that their products and managment are great and they trust them. You cannot really say anything bad for you know Sony, Yamaha, Audi, Mercedes and so on. Great corporations with great hi-tech products even better logos. “COLOR IS THE KEY” part of article re-opened my mind, I forget how colors are important in attracting people and how every color sends different message. Keep up great articles and thank you for sharing with us.

  9. thanks Ali

    I love the colour psychology, thanks for the reminder.
    Logos are indeed a powerful way to build identity and a following and the great thing is that if you get stuck, there are so many talented designers on freelance sites who can create awesome designs for not that much money

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