1. There’s no option to “Create New Apple ID” on my iphone6 plus when I get to step 3, only “sign in” or “Forgot Apple ID or Password?”. I don’t believe I was ever prompted to create an apple ID when I got my phone in the first place. So what now?

  2. Very good information, and easy to understand. I know, those who are creating an Apple ID is going to benefit from it greatly. I like the way you explained this process, many people tend to find it to be confusing. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to reading more


  3. Nice post. It seems as though everyone has an iPhone now, so learning to create an Apple ID is very important. Your detailed steps outline the process in a very easy manner. Creating apple IDs is something my kids have had to do and each time they’ve come to me only for me to go online to learn how to create it. If anyone asks about an Apple ID I will point them towards your post.

  4. This was a really interesting post, Ali. I was looking for some detailed instructions on creating an id and this post has helped me to get through the entire process.

    You have even explained its uses and a few of them I was unaware of. Overall this was a really informative post.

  5. Great Read, very helpful for anyone looking to create an Apple ID . Glad it was mentioned that a credit card is not required to make an Apple ID, because this is something many people tend to get confused about.

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