How to download APK files on a PC

How to Download APK Files on a PC – Fast, Easy & Without Headache!

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If you’re looking for how to download APK files on a PC, Apkpure is a practical website which lets you download APK files from Play Store. It provides new attractive features which have turned it into a professional convertor for different applications. Stay with me!

In this post, I’m going to introduce a useful and functional website to you which will become your right hand at downloading APK files. Play Store is a great source for Android apps. It contains millions of free and paid applications and provides the most complete source for Android devices.
But how did Play Store link convertor websites become famous so fast? The reason is that users prefer to download apps and games on their computer first and then move them into their phones; therefore, online tools for converting and downloading apps became one of the most important Android users` needs, and even you may have used a similar website at least once. And now I recommend you to give Apkpure a try as it remains one of the best sites in this field.

How to Download APK Files on a PC

Main Page

Unlike other similar sites, Apkpure isn’t only for downloading. When you enter the name, ID or link of an app, this website starts to download application’s profile, and in addition to download link, it transfers screenshots, description and all other information from Play Store what transforms it into a database of Android apps. Apkpure database is so complete that by clicking on the app/game developer’s name, you’ll have access to other apps from that specific developer and you’re able to download them on your PC easily.

It doesn’t matter you’re visiting Apkpure website through your PC or one of those flagship smartphones. It works well on any platforms and you won’t need to limit yourself to just getting Play Store download links from websites like “EvoziApkDownloader” anymore. With the help of Apkpure, you have access to screenshots and file descriptions, which lets you choose and download your apps with more confidence.

There’s no time limitation for converted links on this website, so the apps converted by you or other users will be saved on the website’s server forever, and you can find your app by searching only a part of its name. Converting paid apps` profiles is another advantage of Apkpure compared to other sites. Although you can`t get a download link for them, you`ll be able to see all the information and screenshots what can useful for some users.

APK Website

Because of high number of users, every time you visit the website, a new version of apps (especially popular ones) is always available and unlike other similar websites, it lets you download the latest version of the app as soon as it comes up.

At the bottom of the app’s page you can also find its previous versions, so if you want to come back to the previous version for any reason, there’re easily accessible. With Apkpure you won`t need to go to Play Store anymore as you can find the same options as in Play Store such as different categories like most popular apps/games (among international users), related or similar apps and games and you’ll be able to see the latest update date, too.

Availability of XAPK

XAPK files

As I`ve mentioned in the beginning of this post, Apkpure website includes some interesting features; providing XAPK file which is a new format of APK files and is very practical is one of them. We’re going to explain what actually XAPK format is.

As you probably know, some Android apps and games have extra files in Obb format that are necessary for installing and running the main file. They are downloaded online by the game itself or can be found as a RAR file on download websites and should be moved to data folder after installing APK file.

Apkpure website merged installation file with data file into a single file in XAPK format, which lets you download only one file instead of two separated files (installation file and data file) and transfer it easily into your smartphone.

Of course, Android doesn’t support this type of format by default, therefore Apkpure website released a specific app to open and install XAPK files. By installing this app and choosing XAPK files, you’ll be able to install and move data files to desired location just by one tap. To download and use this helpful app and other guides, click here.

Local Apps Download

APKpure Region Download

The last feature of the website we want to introduce is local apps download. There’re many apps that are available only for a specific country such as apps for voting on US TV programs; they’re available in Play Store only if you have US IP address.

In Region Free section at Apkpure website, you can set a country of your choice and enter the app link from Play Store, after that you’ll be able to download it directly from Apkpure. Of course, we can’t guarantee that the chosen app will run on your device if you use IP of another country as it depends on the app itself. Anyway, most apps that are available only for some specific countries do not require IP from that specific country while using them.

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.Well, I’m done! Hope you enjoyed! From now on, every time you want to download an APK file on your PC, just remember that Apkpure is right up there to help you easily download any APK files. As always I would like to know your opinion and if you know any other interesting and helpful websites, feel free to share them in comments below!

To access apkpure website, click following link; also below video takes a closer look at apkpure website as well as teaches you how to use it.


  1. An Awesome App market place to download , update and upgrade Mobile Applications, and PC Applications and to know recent app launches and trending information about apps

  2. I am not very technical. I am a little lost on what Apkpure does. Does it take a file form a website and convert it to your computer?

    Could you give me an example? I need a product that will help me convert youtube videos to my computer. Will this do that?

    1. Hi Vertical, APK stands for Android application package. Sometimes people like to download and test an app while surfing the web and sit behind of their computer or don’t have access to their smartphones. apkpure website makes you able to do it fast and easily. It provides a wide range of apps with different download options.


  3. You say that people often would prefer to download apps and games on their computer first and then move them into their phones.

    I don’t agree with this. Usually in my experience most people are concerned with convenience and will do the easiest and quickest thing, which in this case is downloading the APK directly to the phone.

    My question is under what circumstances is do people need to download APK to their computers?

    1. Actually I’ve mentioned that it’s easier to get it on your desktop first then move it into your phone and for people who do this, one of the easiest way is above site )
      When you just searching for different apps while you site behind of your PC or Laptop, normally it’s easier to do it through your computer.

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