How to Install Antivirus on Windows 7

How to Install Antivirus on Windows 7 – Step by Step Guide

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Hello everyone! In this post, I want to show you how to install antivirus on Windows 7 fast and simply. I chose ESET NOD 32 Antivirus for this tutorial, but the installing process is almost the same for other common Antivirus programs. So if you want to learn how this installing process can be done easily, stay with me!

Install NOD32

NOD 32 is one of the best and the world’s lightest antiviruses; you’ll learn how to install this antivirus on your computer in this step by step guide. NOD32 is made in Czech Republic and is one of the most powerful antiviruses in the world. I personally hadn’t liked it until 2 years ago when I saw that ESET made some great improvements on NOD32 database on its version 7; I’ve decided to give it a chance and I was totally satisfied with it.

ESET NOD32 is available for different platforms such as mobile and desktop. Also Click Here if you’re interested to know one of the safest smartphones in the market. I’ve tested different antiviruses with different tools and I don’t rely only on company tests. Also, I don’t recommend you to install different antiviruses on your system at the same time.

How to Install Antivirus on Windows 7

Ok, let’s start! There’re two available versions of NOD32: ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security. You can install each one you prefer on your system (but not at the same time). Since this is a tutorial post, I’m not going to explain pros and cons of Nod 32; I`ll just mention that ESET Smart Security includes firewall which can be a more suitable choice for users who connect to the Internet a lot. So my recommendation is Smart Security version.

You need to know your version of Windows (32 or 64 bit) to be able to get the most compatible version of this antivirus.

1. After getting Smart Security and double-clicking on Installation file, a new window will show up as in the image below. Click “Next” to go to the next step.


2. At the next step check “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” box and click “Next

How to install NOD32

3.Now, checking “I want to be a part of ESET Live Grid (recommended)” box and clicking “Next”, you’ll go to the next step.

How to Install ESET NOD32-3

4.At this step you have two options. I recommend you to choose “Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications”; this option removes advertising tools such as toolbars, etc. which will increase speed and power of Nod32. It must be said that it’s not 100% accurate and has low error percentage, but it’s better to enable it. By clicking on “Install”, the installation process will begin and you need to wait for a couple of minutes.

How to Install ESET NOD32-4

5.On the next Window, you need to enter your license key, otherwise, choose “Free trial license” which gives you 30 trial days for free.

ESET NOD32 Installation

6.if you choose “Free Trial License”, you should enter your email address at the next step and choose your country. Then click on “Active” button. Please, note that you can’t use an email address which you’ve used before to activate ESET products. (Creating a temporary email can be a good way to pass this step.)

How Install NOD32

8. Congratulations! Your antivirus has been installed and activated on your system successfully as you can see in the image below.

How Install ESET-5

How to Activate Nod32 with an official License key

As you might know, after version 9 of Nod32, it won’t be activated with username and password anymore and you’ll need a valid license key. After 30 days of free trial are over, you can follow the steps below to activate it with a license key.

NOD32 Activation Process

Open Nod32 and click on “Help and Support” and then click on “Change License”. Now you’re able to enter and active Nod32 with your license key. Also, if you have username and password of Nod32 version 8, you can convert it into a license key through here.

Simply enter your username and password and then click on “Convert”.

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My Suggestion!

If you use 30-day free trial, your antivirus will be deactivated after 30 days and your system will be at risk. I would recommend you to get official Nod32 license key in order to use this powerful antivirus on your system forever without any problems. (Any other illegal way for activating this or any other software isn’t recommended at all). Also keep in mind that during your 30 days free trial time, the antivirus acts like the original version and you’ll have access to its full version.

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Any question, problem or opinion? Feel free to ask or share it in comments below! I would always be more than happy to help you!

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  1. Great job with this guide! Some people assume that installing software is second nature for most people and they just say go and install this or that. Step by step instructions are always essential to have and really helpful for many. I like that you added images and highlighted what we are supposed to click and do. Installer’s options and program’s settings are not always evident nor easy to spot.

    1. Hi Daniel, glad to see that it was useful for you.) Yes it may not be very easy for all people even if it seems to be simple and that’s why I’ve decided to make this guide for them.


  2. Thank you for that article. I usually do not use anti virus programs but it might come in handy sometimes. I see that you have used in your case Eset Nod32 antivirus. Do you recommend it and do you think it is one of the best available out there? Can you suggest others or is it just about what everyone likes himself?

    1. Hi Sam, Yes I’ve used NOD 32. I can put it on top 10 list but not in top 5. Bitdefender is the Antivirus that I can totally recommend you. Everybody can pick up his Antivirus but it’s good to make sure that it’ll secure your online and offline activities )

  3. The antivirus installation is pretty easy and intuitive. I think it’s extremely important to have all the antivirus software away up to date to avoid all these new viruses, Trojans and Fishing attempts away from our laptop.

    It’s also important to trust your antivirus, as there are many viruses desguised as antivirus software out there.

    1. Hi Andre, yes installing an Antivirus seems to be very easy if you KNOW how to do it but there’re always users who need a step by step guide and this can be helpful for them. Yes I agree with you about antiviruses should be keep up to date always to guarantee your safety.


  4. I really appreciate the detailed photos you have provided for those of us who can’t find where to click or what to do. I was mostly immersed in the explanation itself. There was no tone of “Ugh, these stupid noobs” in any of your guide. You explained it like you were talking to actual adults and not complete morons. I like that a lot. I even liked your page on Facebook. Well done.

    1. You’re welcome ) I’m glad to see that it was useful for you. I believe a good guide article is something that is useful for both newbie and professionals and that’s why I try to write like that )


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