How to Share Screenshots – Snaggy Does it Fast and Easy

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Copying and pasting images between folders and apps is easy on a PC; but it’s rare to find a web-based app which lets you copy images/screenshots in its server directly. In the next couple of paragraphs you will find out how to share screenshots on Snaggy website as easy as possible.

Most (but not all) image upload centers let you upload images to their servers only with an Upload box or by Dragging. In other words, there are few upload centers which let you upload your screenshots with Ctrl+V combination which all of us go used to.

Snaggy is a web clipboard that does this task on the web and desktop perfectly. This web-based app lets you copy your favorite images and paste them with shortcut key in different apps and sites easily. In addition, Snaggy has an image editor that helps you cut, edit or add comments to your images online. After that, images will be uploaded on its server and you’ll be able to share them with a direct link or social networks` buttons.

When you start to use Snaggy, you’ll find out that Ctrl+V shortcut is very useful. But Snaggy is more than that! You can move your images from your desktop or other websites into this site. After that, Snaggy requests your permission to have access your clipboard by running a Java plugin.

We all like to get in touch with new technology everyday. We’re looking for new websites, tools and etc. to make our life easier. Websites like Snaggy are always there to save our valuable time and make our tasks done faster. They act similar to Smart Home Solutions so it’s totally up to us that if we want to use and take benefits of new ways or stay on our traditional ways.

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But the strange point is that Snaggy does not support Drag&Drop ability on computers. It means, it supports shortcut keys, but you can’t Drag&Drop in Snaggy, which is supported by most of other related apps. When you upload an image in Snaggy, in addition to creating a direct link for that image, it lets you edit it online. Of course, its editor isn’t good enough. While there are only few editing options, but editing page is busy; probably it’s because of color and formatting that have been used in that page. Preview of uploaded image is also simple.

The active part of the editing page is direct link section. You have access to options such as cut, edit, adding comments in this section. And of course, it supports Ctrl+Z (Undo) and Ctrl+Y (Redo). After your editing is done, you need to click on Action key at the page center first, then save the edited image.

A new version of the image will be created and uploaded every time you edit and save it. When the image is saved, the direct link will change. It means that after editing the image, you should share it again; otherwise, the changes won`t apply. Also, if you check Delete Original Image After Saving box, the old versions of your image will be deleted from the server automatically.

When you create a free account in Snaggy, your images will be stored on its server forever if they have been viewed at least once in the last 6 months. There is no information about size and format limitation. Of course, you can delete an image from the server personally using Delete This Image option which is available at bottom of the page or from Trash section. After that, a new tab will open and you will be able to upload another image.

Snaggy is an extraordinary tool for sharing images/screenshots as fast as possible. And you even don’t need to save images on your computer first. Click Here to visit Snaggy website.

Try it now and share your experience in comments below!


  1. Great work Ali with your terrific recommendation of using Snaggy as a preferred screenshot capture especially that it gives you the ability to edit right there including the cop tool. Then copy the url and send it efficiently to anyone with no download or other prerequisites. 😉

  2. This review was so interesting! I’m always struggling with shortcut keys and capturing images from the web. Are there any video tutorials on how to use Snaggy? I seem to learn best using a video tutorial, at least for web-related skills.

    Also, what does Snaggy cost after the first 6 months?

    I’ll have to check it out…

    1. Hi Jenny, nice to see that you liked it ) Here is a video tutorial which shows how to use it step by step:

      It’s free and if you make an account, your images will be stored for 6 months if they get at least one click.


  3. Wow this is a great website, I’ve never known there is an online screenshot capture before.

    I like the fact that Snaggy allows you to upload immediately without having to download the software to your computer. I usually use another desktop software called Screenpresso, I’ve had awesome experience with it but I’ll be sure to try out Snaggy sometimes, it will be useful when using another person’s computer and not having to open pain to paste you screenshots, I imagine.

    Thanks for sharing!



  4. Hi and thanks for I hope the valuable info source.

    I have a question maybe a bit out of topic. I use Mac and copy screen by the combination of „cmd+Shift+4“ keys. Mainly it is for WP site pictures. I upload a screenshot to WP, change a title name, smush, resize an image and insert into my post.

    I’m not asking how legal or not is such trick, I just wondering is it easy traceable action or not?


  5. Hi,

    I was wondering what format Snaggy saves the pictures in? Is it easy to change the format, resolution, size, etc.? I would like to know since a lot of sites where I want to upload the pictures are very picky about sizes and formatting. Also, are you able to change the aspect ratio of the pictures? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jude, its built-in image editor lets you change the size and resolution of Image. Images can be saved in most common picture’s formats and it’s also easy to change when you’ve saved it in your desktop. I’ve didn’t try to change aspect ratio in Snaggy and don’t think it’ll be possible. I’m going to write another article which will explain several other ways for taking screenshots and give you more options too so feel free to follow updates )


  6. Hello Ali,

    I could have used this information a few days ago. I needed to capture a screen shot for a presentation I was making, and I spent a great deal of time researching, trying to learn how to take a screen shot on my laptop, which runs on Windows 10. I finally figured it out, but Snaggy would have been much quicker and much easier. While my husband was taking online courses, one of his classmates recommended a program called Snagit. Are you familiar with this one? If so, what is your opinion? Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Hi Kathy, it’s ok you can use Snaggy when you’re creating next presentation ) I personally didn’t use Snagit but it seems to be a good program for taking screenshots. I’m going to write a detailed post about taking screenshot and quality free programs that are available for this purpose so I recommend you keep in touch to get latest updates for this. But for now, if you’re looking for apps to take screenshot, I can recommend you Cropperor Lightscreen which I’ve personally used and am totally satisfied with.


  7. This sounds like a great tool Ali. I take screenshots now and again but I am properly old school with my method. I take a screen shot of whatever with the print screen command. I then have to crop it with Photoshop.

    Shaggy sounds like a better way for me to do this as I can take a screen shot and do the editing all together.

  8. I’ve never used Snaggy. It seems like a great choice for beginners to use. I think it is useful for everyone to know how to use Screenshot, it is easy and fast copy/paste images. So far I’ve used ScreenHunter 6, I’ll try Snaggy, so I can compare and see what is better for me.

    1. Thank you Deva for sharing your opinion and nice to see that you liked Snaggy. Yes I’ve head many good things about ScreenHunter too (although I’ve didn’t try it personally). Hope you’ll enjoy using both of them! 😉


  9. Hi There Ali,

    Great article.Thanks for creating and sharing it with us. I have never used Snaggy for screen shots. I tend to use Jing which slightly annoying and incredibly slow to use.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Where can I get my hands on snaggy? And is a free or premium tool?

  10. I have to confess, I’m a bit old school when it comes to using screenshots. I tend to use the Print Screen button, and copy and paste it into Paint. However, it sounds like Snaggy might eliminate a few of the intermediate steps for me. I’m all for speeding things up where I can, so I’m going to go ahead and try a free account to see if it’s easier to use. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mara, I guess you’ll replace it with your old method soon since being modern and faster are somethings that we all like to get everyday ; )


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