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How Vertu Phones Became Symbol of Rich People

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How Vertu Phones Became Symbol of Rich People

Vertu Phones

You can’t forget Vertu brand when you’re talking about the world of luxury. Expensive Vertu phones became famous among reach people during the last few years, but how these stylish phones turned into a luxury symbol? Continue reading…

Actually, Vertu is a British company that designs handmade luxury phones. In fact, Vertu Company was founded by Nokia in 1998, but was then sold to a private Swedish company called EQT VI. There was no information about amount of the deal; however, there were some rumors that mentioned a price of $200 million. Nokia still has 10%-share of Vertu Company of its selling price. It was a smart decision, because now Vertu brand has showed its high value.

Sales statistics of these phones are higher than what we’re expecting from a phone at this high level. There were about 350,000 customers for Vertu phones in 2013. EQT private company has sold its share of Vertu to a Hong Kong-based investment company called Godin Holdings in 2015. The number of Vertu’s employees has reached 900 at the moment.

Vertu Phone Company started its work based on an idea of being rich. If you’re willing to pay $20,000 for a stylish watch, why don’t you pay $20,000 for a stylish phone?

Vertu phone designers focused on build quality, beautiful appearance and luxury instead of exotic features like what are included Galaxy Note 7. In fact, the difference between Vertu phone and other phones is its being handmade. According to Vertu report, at all stages of construction Vertu phones are made by hand and without involvement of any machine. Also, it’s good to know that components of these phones are classy and even precious metals have been used in some models.

Headquarters of Vertu is in England now, but they have branches in New York, Dubai, Moscow, Frankfort, Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore. There are Vertu shops in different cities, but most of them look like jewelry stores. Vertu phone’s appearance is similar to old Nokia phones, however, if you take one of them in your hand, you’ll realize that they worth $15,000 to $160,000.

Vertu Phones

Different Types of Vertu Phones

Vertu Signature phones are divided into two groups:

Normal Signature and Vertu Signature Touch (with Android OS)

Vertu Signature phone are released in different models; for example, S model, Diamond model, Cobra model etc. But their nature is the same. For example, the Diamond model is inlaid with diamonds and gems, the Cobra model is inlaid with gems in the form of a cobra.

Vertu Phones Features

The OS used in Vertu phones is far from what you`ve seen before. Vertu phones have 4GB Internal Memory, Vertu Signature 2-inch Display (QVGA). Its replaceable lithium-ion battery lasts conversation 5.30 hours in conversation mode and about 300 hours in standby mode.

Vertu Signature Touch specifications include Android 5.1, Octa-Core Qualcomm 810 Processor, 5.2-inch Full-HD display with PPI of 428 and Sapphire Screen Protector, 21 Megapixel rear camera and Dual LED Flash technology, 64GB Internal Memory, Memory Card (up to 64GB) and 4GB of RAM, 3160 lithium-ion battery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0.

Vertu Phones Price

Price of Vertu phones starts from $15,000 and goes up to $160,000. Vertu Signature Cobra is the most expensive Vertu phone model that was designed with a cobra all around the phone. If you’re looking for a reason for these very high prices, it must be said that in addition to its brand, there’re jewels on some models. Of course, appearance and shape of the phone are more important than performance in Vertu phones which is important for its buyers.


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