is the digit app a scam

In-Deep Review: Is the Digit app a Scam?

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Digit is an application for iOS devices that strives to make money as passive as possible but is the Digit app a scam? Let’s see!

In today`s world consumerism dictates what to do, how to spend their time and encourages us to buy things all the time without giving us an opportunity to think if we actually need this or not. In these conditions it is becoming harder and harder for people to save money, and the younger generation and children are not even taught to save money.

Even if someone goes all the way and starts saving money, they soon spend them on entertainment, vacation or something they can live without pretty easily.

On the other hand, things we have to save for haven`t disappeared and most people can afford them only if they start saving. These things include buying an apartment, paying college or university tuition fees and many other things.

The basic rule for achieving success in saving money is consistency. You need to be consistent and put aside a little something every month, for example. Another thing that keeps your savings safe is discipline. And here is probably the hardest part. It is extremely difficult to stay away from all these temptations that surround us in our everyday life – you just can`t escape from all these ads we see in the streets, on the subway, on TV and all around the Internet.

And it`s part of being human to occasionally afford yourself something extra – an ice cream, a night out or an unplanned vacation. It`s really hard to stay disciplined and focused on you goal you are saving for. Most people are looking for someone who would manage their finances for them or put money aside for them to keep them away from their savings.

Nowadays many programs and apps are being introduced to the market that help people start saving money to fulfill their big dreams. However, not all of them are legitimate businesses. Even though some of them really help, they don’t forget about their own profit either. That`s why you need to be really careful while choosing the right app to help you maintain your money.

I always review programs and products that provide a making-money opportunity like Weekly Money Call, Commission Hero or Planpromatrix but not all of them are legit and can bring you extra money.

Today I am going to tell you about one of those apps that automatically put money aside and even offer an opportunity to earn something extra. And I hope it will guide you in choosing a proper app for that purpose and show what you need to pay attention to.


Product Name: Digit app

Official Website:

Owner: Wilson & Bloch

Type: Money saving app

Cost to Join: $2.99

Summary: What the Digit app does is that it calculates how much you earn and spend and how much money you can actually afford to put aside. That`s perfect for those who have trouble with managing their own finances or don`t have time for it.

Recommended? Yes but only in terms of legitimacy

Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 10

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what is digit app

Intro – What Is Digit app?

As I have already said, being unable to save money is a huge problem for people nowadays. And the problem is not that people don`t earn enough money or can`t afford to put part of their earnings aside. A big percentage of the US population earns much more than they actually need. Where the rest of the money flow? Well, sales, unplanned purchases, entertainment, unplanned vacations and so on and so forth.

And if you are reading this review now, then probably you are experiencing the same problem and looking for a solution.

Is Digit app For You?

You shouldn`t think that saving money is only for the poor or those who have financial problems. Even millionaires save money, but just in a different way and for different purposes. Actually, I believe that everyone should start saving money because it makes you disciplined and helps you bring awareness in spending money and spend them on more useful things that will help you make your life better.

That`s why I think this app can be suitable for literally everyone, regardless people`s social status, salary rate or age.

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how does digit app work

How Does Digit app Work?

Well, the good news is that the Digit App offers a solution to this problem. As soon as you install the app and connect it to your bank accounts, it starts calculating how much money you make and what part of it you can save. Then it automatically moves small amounts of money to your savings account every now and then.

This app makes our life so much easier, we don`t need to count how much we spend and always keep in mind the big goal we are saving for, but just live our lives like it was before and that one day we realize that we managed to save enough money to make our dreams come true. But is it really so perfect? Or maybe there are some pitfalls we can`t see?

Moreover, the Digit app offers a way to earn money using this app. But is it efficient enough? Read more about it as well as if this app is appropriate for you right below.

How to Make Money at Digit app?

Besides managing your savings account, Digit app also gives an opportunity to make money online. You can do it through their affiliate program. It means that it you are already using the app, you can get a referral link which you can share on social platforms, your website or send to someone via email.

When the person signs up using your link, you get paid $5. That`s not much, but if you have a lot of friends of a website with stable traffic, it won`t be a problem for you to get this referral payments regularly.

The advantage referral program has is that it provides a passive income which means that you don`t have to actually do anything. You just share your referral link where possible and forget about it while still getting money for every sign-up.

If you learn how to do affiliate marketing professionally, it can certainly replace an ordinary office job for you and provide you with even a higher income. If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and where to learn it, check out the link below and I`m sure you won`t be disappointed.

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digit app pros and cons

Digit App – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good,

The Digit app definitely has several positive points. I`ve tried to gather them all up in this section.

  1. The whole process of saving money in the Digit app is totally automatized. You only need to install the app, give it access to your bank accounts – and leave all the rest to the Digit app. The app will automatically analyze how much you earn and spend and at the right moment will transfer a small amount of money to your savings account. So no need to calculate anything yourself.
  2. Being consistent can earn you money. If you use the Digit app consistently saving money for a year, you will be granted a 1%-bonus on the sum of money you`ve managed to save. Moreover, there is also a referral program available which allows you to earn $5 for every person who signed up to Digit via your referral link.

The Bad,

Unfortunately, not everything is so perfect with the Digit app. You can learn about all its disadvantages right below.

  1. The biggest issue with the Digit app is certainly its monthly fee. Unlike many other similar apps which help manage savings, the Digit app demands a $2.99 monthly fee. Although you can make some money with it as well (like get a referral commission or a 1% annual bonus), it will hardly cover the expenses, especially if you are not putting aside much money or don`t have that many friends.
  2. Another important drawback which I found out about reading users` reviews it that you may suffer overdraft fees from your bank. The thing is that the app sometimes transfers more money than is available in your bank account. And most bank charge for overdraft. This technical issue can cost the Digit app a lot, because no one likes paying unwanted fees.
  3. Finally, the support system is not very convenient at the Digit app. Unfortunately, you can contact the support only through email. And all of us know that when you send an email to the support, it will take at least a couple of days to get an answer. What`s more, most of the times the problem is not solved with just one email. I`m sure it would be a great help to users if the app provided at least an online chat with support team.

Hidden Cost…

Now, always remember to do research about all possible fees and payments you may need to do before signing up for a program or an app. I`ve tried my best to gather all potential payments you may have to pay with the Digit app right here.

When you just start using the Digit app, you are offered to use it for free for one month. If you liked the app, then you can continue using it and after the first month ends, you will be charged a monthly fee for the next month.

However, if you didn`t like the app and don`t want to use it anymore, you will be charged for the next month, unless you change the settings and let the app know that you are not going to use it anymore. Due to its automatized system, it`s easy to forget about it and then you`ll have to pay unwanted fees.

The monthly fee for the Digit app is $2.99, and it`s automatically charged from your bank account.

But the fees stop here. All other transfers and services are provided totally out of charge. Moreover, all payments proceeded in just one day which is very convenient.

Although the app`s team says there are no additional fees in the app, the experience shows that there may be some. As I`ve mentioned before, many people say that they were charged for overdraft by their bank, because the app overdrew the money from their bank account. It may not happen to you, but it`s better to be prepared for everything.

is the digit app scam

Final Word – Is the Digit app a Scam

I am 100% sure that the Digit app is not a scam. It does its job pretty well – it helps you save money, and that`s what they get the monthly fee for. So it`s totally legit.

On the other hand, I`m not sure at all if this app is worth using. I mean, saving money doesn`t need that much calculation. Just take a look at how much money is normally left from your salary and put aside a decided amount of money right after you received it. Do it every month, make it a habit.

There is absolutely no need to pay $35 every year to have these calculations and transfers done for you. Of course, it`s much easier to have the app do everything for you, but the app is not perfect, and some people have mentioned it has a bug and can overdraw money from your bank account. So add up possible overdraft fee. Is it the price you are ready to pay for this kind of service?

In terms of making money, this app is nearly helpless too. Even if you have a large network of friends and acquaintances, the money you have to pay will still outweigh your earnings in the Digit app – because 5 bucks for each person you invite to sign up is not that much at all.

Wrap it up

My final advice here is that if you have tried many ways to save money, and if there is really a need for you to save money ASAP (like your salary is not enough or you spend too much money on things you don`t actually need). It makes saving money very easy and quite efficient as well. The only thing you need to do is just open the app once in a while to see how much money the app has transferred to your savings account.

But if you want to try it more for fun, or you are in no hurry, then I would recommend you to try other ways and apps first. Unfortunately, the Digit app is not perfect and it costs money, not much, but I`m sure even this amount of money will be of help to you if you are saving for something specific.

If there are still things I haven`t covered in this review, or if you have any questions or comments about the Digit app, I`d love to hear them out. So don`t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments below!

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Digit app. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )


  1. Love the honesty of this page. The layout looks great and it is well written. Informative with pro’s and con’s is not something you see often. The product could be useful for some but I too would not want a app to have that kind of control over my bank account. Nice review, look forward to seeing the next one.

  2. Congratulations on a well thought out review of this app product.
    App products seem to be in the vogue these days and many of them offer very valuable services to their users and this may well be the case for this Digit app to assist users in managing their finances.
    However I personally would feel uneasy with an app product that has unrestricted access to one’s bank account to making transactions on it and I assume there are security measures built into this app to prevent fraudulent activity.
    Another worrying aspect, based on some users experience, is having one’s bank account getting overdrawn as a result of the app’s transfers and the user incurring bank fees as a result.
    I totally agree with the low rating given for the product.

  3. I looked into Digit app in the past, and am very grateful to look into it again via this review! They dropped the interest to just 1% ANNUALLY!? (It used to be QUARTERLY!!) I have an account with this online bank called Empower, that right now is doing 1.4% annual interest, NO FEES, expense tracking, and automated saving! Basically everything Digit aims to do but…more. When I first signed up for it, it offered 2.15% APY, 1% cash back on card purchases, and an affiliate program that would double benefits for both the affiliate and the recruited for 30 days, but I digress. I don’t use the Empower account as my primary account, don’t use its auto-save feature, and use it, right now, for just my apartment rent and my emergency fund. Based on what I’m reading here, I would **totally** recommend anyone considering Digit to checkout Empower instead, if they haven’t already.

    That being said, regarding the saving, I recommend EVERYONE check out this guy called Dave Ramsey. His advice has gotten thousands of people out of debt and with great savings. In fact, he’s famous for being anti-debt, and for his “Baby Steps”. Check them out when you get the chance!

    By the way, great article. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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