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Is 20 cogs a Scam? – Earn More Than £100 Daily?!

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Is 20 Cogs a scam or it’s something new and different opportunity for making money online? 20 Cogs is not the first and also won’t be the last website which claims that you can make unlimited amount of money through Internet.

Well it’s not new for me to see a website which wants to make you rich overnight so the same as always, I ask several important questions like does it really work? Or even if it works, does it really worth to spend your valuable time on it or you should not even give it a try?

In my review of 20 Cogs, I’m going to answer all above questions to help you find all you need to know about this new making money opportunity. We’ll discover how is process of sign-up, how you will start making money, what’s the potential income you can have behind it, what other people say about it, etc.

Hopefully explaining all these facts will help you find the truth about 20 Cogs and give you a clear overview of program.


Product Name: 20 Cogs

Official Website:

Cost: Free of Cost but you need to deposit money to get offers!

Type: Completing Different Types of Offers

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is 20 cogs

The first thing gets your attention is their claiming of making good amount of money in a short time. Probably this is not the first time you see an opportunity like this on the web and according to my past experience, telling such that claims to get attention of visitors can be a red flag for a website. Let’s find out.

Is It Really Possible to Make Money Through 20 Cogs?

The first thing you should know is that you won’t get paid directly by 20 Cogs. In simple words, the work’s process is like this: you will register on the website and it does not cost you anything because it’s free then 20 Cogs receives money for your registration and give a part of this money to you.

This is the exact way they use to make money and it continues like a cycle. 20 Cogs is not the only website that uses this method and I’ve seen several other websites that walk on the same way.

how 20 cogs works

How Does 20 Cogs Exactly Work?

As I’ve mentioned before, 20 Cogs works based on offer and that’s why you receive an offer immediately when you sign up. It’s free to sign up with 20 Cogs and you’ll have access to many offers right after signing up.

You’ll get cog for completing offers which can be turn into cash at the end. Each offer has a clear instruction and most of them are easy to do tasks so you won’t get confuse when you want to complete them. As I’ve told you, most offers are something like sign up into a new service. For example, offer will be completed when you sign up to a website like Netflix or sometimes you need to do something more like complete an online survey.

I’ve also seen some offers which you have to deposit some amount of money like $10 after signing up to complete offer then 20 Cogs will get it back more like $20 as cogs. In my experience, I’ve noticed that there are many offers from gambling websites which require you to deposit something; so make sure that you’re ready for that kind of offer.

What is Potential Income Behind 20 Cogs?

I’ve noticed that gambling websites which require you to sign up and deposit money are the ones which you can expect to earn more. It’s not hard to make $10 fast with one of these offers in 20 Cogs but do not get me wrong! This website and those easy to do offers is not something that is going to make you rich. Although you’ll be able to make some easy money with a couple of those offers but you never make more than specific amount of money which is not high at all.

Hopefully 20 Cogs believes on this too and they never want to get your attention by lying and giving misleading information about potential income. Being honest is one of the important positive points that I give to 20 Cogs where they clearly mention to this fact that you can’t rely on their site as a full time job and it’s only good for the times when you want to make some extra money and not more.

pros and cons of 20 cogs

Negative Side

Fortunately most of reviews that I’ve read from people who worked on 20 Cogs before are positive. It’s a good point and shows that most people were happy with their experience in 20 Cogs but it does not mean that everything is ok with this website. There are some complaints as well which I’m going to tell you about. Before that, to read reviews of 20 Cogs, you can go to TrustPilot and search for 20 Cogs then you can see many reviews from different people about it.

Now let’s take a look at some complaints about 20 Cogs:

  • You Won’t Get Credit Always

It’s sad but it happens; the fact is that there are some tasks that your credit does not count when you complete them. People who had this issue mentioned that they done tasks completely then they received cog for that task first but the problem comes out when it did not approved so they could not get money for those tasks.

  • Lack of Support

This is the second most common issue people mentioned to as a negative point in their reviews. It especially happened for members who wanted to contact support and ask them about not getting credit.  On the other hand, I’ve read reviews from people who were totally satisfied with support so depends on the issue you will face with, the quality of support changes!

is 20 cogs scam

Important Question! Finally Is 20 Cogs a Scam or Not?

According to my research and personal experience with 20 Cogs as well as all positive and negative reviews that I’ve read about this program, I totally confirm that it’s a legit website. Of course there are some complaints about it (which I mentioned to two of them above) but it does not mean than it’s a low quality product or scam. We can see complaints even for Apple so that’s not strange and does not confirm that a website is scam.

Finally it’s totally a legit program in my opinion which pay members on-time always. There’s also nothing wrong with their work’s process, they simply share commissions they made from other companies which comes from your sign ups.

My Final Conclusion – Should You Join 20 Cogs?

Well there is not a yes or no answer for this question because it all depends on your situation and your expectations. Although 20 Cogs is totally a legit company but joining it with the aim of turning it into your full time job and making a full time income from it is a wrong decision because there are not always available offers and only a couple of dollars you can have in your pocket at the end of the day.

Anyway if you are happy to make some extra cash, 20 Cogs is one of the best places I can recommend you, a website which is honest with you and pay always. It’s a long time know that I’m reviewing online services and with all pros and cons that I’ve seen in 20 Cogs, I mark it as a legit making money opportunity and recommend you it rather than paid survey sites like Swagbucks.

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my recommendation

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