is 3 step method a scam

Is 3 Step Method a Scam or a $15,000/M Money Making System?

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Hello again and welcome to another review of! Today, we’re going to make money in 3 simple steps, are we? Well, this is just the name of a new money-making system that has been launched recently in the ClickBank marketplace with the claim of generating passive income for all members. Now here is the question most people ask: is 3 Step Method a scam or a real way to earn real cash?

Before trying this 3-steps program, let’s also answer a couple of questions about this program:

  • Is it really possible to generate an automated income with 3 steps?
  • How much does 3 Step Method cost you?
  • What is the real earning potential behind it?

Joining or staying away from 3 Step Method is not the most important decision that you should make and the good news is that you’ve already made the right decision by doing your due diligence and looking for an unbiased review of this program. I make sure you that if you didn’t do this research, you were disappointed for sure soon because 3 Step Method has just a beautiful legit skin and the reality is far from its claims.

I think it’s time now to dive into 3 Step Method review and discover all the truth, facts as well as pros and cons of this program. So let’s start!


Product Name: 3 Step Method

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Money-Making Product (ClickBank)

Cost to Join: $37,00 + Many Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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Intro – What Is the 3 Step Method System All About?

It’s a product available in the Clickbank platform which claims that by purchasing it, you have access to a unique method of making money online that works based on a trademarked way and has a potential of +$8,000/month or more income. Also, it’s mentioned that this income will be generated automatically on a 3-simple-steps.

3 Step Method says that an Internet connection and a laptop or pc is all you need to start making cash online and you don’t need any special skill or specific level of knowledge to work with this system.

It’s not hard to guess that this program and all its claims are too good to be true. Actually, the truth is that we can’t (and shouldn’t) believe these eye-catching claims. If 3-Step Method was that brilliant opportunity for making big money automatically in a short amount of time then it wasn’t in your hand and there were people for sure who limit it for themselves.

By the way, you never find out that with what method and strategy 3 Step Method is going to make you money and if something important like this is not covered in the sales or landing page of a money-making platform, it should be considered as a big red flag!

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how does 3 step method work

How Does 3 Steps Method Work Exactly?

Rather than checking out the website of this program to find out what are the 3 steps that it talks about to let me explain it here:

  1. Doing your research and pick up your favorite niche based on your interests and hobbies and build an affiliate website around it.
  2. Find digital products and items that solve the problem of people in that niche and promote then on your website as an affiliate marketer.
  3. Collect commissions from different affiliate programs for related products.

Unfortunately, the program does not tell you anything about the process of making money in this method so if you’re wondering how 3 above steps are going to help you build a successful online business… you never find out it and this is the darkest side of 3 Step Method in my opinion.

Deceptive Sales Video

I confess that person or persons who are behind 3-Step Method know what they are doing very well. They’ve designed a very eye-catching sales video for the program and it went viral in social networks with some black marketing techniques.

In a legit and real sales video, the owner, founder or creator of the program or product is the person who’ll talk to you and explain about features of promoted product or method but in 3 Step Method, a Fiverr’s freelancer is talking to you!

Do a search on the spokesperson field of the Fiverr website and you can easily match the face of the person who is in the 3 Step Method sales video with one of the freelancers there.

So people ask why the creator of 3 Step Method didn’t make the sales video himself and decided to hire a freelancer to do that. It’s simple, he does not want people to know his identity and this is definitely a red flag.

Again you should know that they’ve done a really good marketing job and even experienced persons may fall into its beautiful skin and buy it so you should be very careful when you are surfing their website.

What Type of Training Materials Do You Get in 3 Step Method?

Not all products that I’m reviwing all training platform or online course but most of the times there’s a making money opportunity behind them, products like Online Verdict, TFC or MTTB had this feature.

When we don’t get the necessary information about the program on the landing page, we have to discover what kind of training is sold on this platform by ourselves.

Before telling you about the training that you get for $37, I want you to know that although 3 Step Method is going to teach you how to earn money online from affiliate marketing but the training is really worthless and it’s like they’ve got some random and very basic information about affiliate marketing, sort it in a file and sell it!

You may think that it’s a complete training and you get everything needed to build a thriving affiliate marketing business… well, I’m sorry but you’re wrong if you think like this because you won’t find any step by step guide (not in video or PDF format) in the program and unfortunately you will understand this fact only AFTER purchasing the program and paying that $37.

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Does the 3 Step Method Really Work?

Technically what 3 Step Method saying about affiliate marketing is true and this business is based on 3 main factors:

Choosing a profitable affiliate marketing niche, finding the right products and affiliate programs, start selling and earn a commission.

If you do quick research, you will find out that affiliate marketing works based on the above steps and that’s probably why “3 Step Method” has been chosen as the name of this program. In theory, A mix of well-designed website + audience (traffic) + related products is all you need to get success in affiliate marketing and almost everybody knows this.

The more important question comes up when we use the “How” question word; How to build a professional affiliate marketing website, How to get traffic for our website from SEO or Social Networks, How to choose affiliate programs, etc.

A good and reliable training platform has a deep answer for all the above questions and this is what does not exist in 3 Step Method so I’m sure that there’s not any chance to make money with provided training of 3 Step Method.

Unreal Testimonials + Unknown Creator = Crappy Program

While checking testimonials page of 3 Step Method, I’ve found out that most of testimonials have been created by hired freelancers of platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. They never mention this important fact that they are not the owner or staff of 3 Step Method in the testimonials and if you don’t pay enough attention, you may fall into it.

There are many reasons why a person(s) decides to hide his name and identity but the main reason is that he is doing something wrong or offering an unreal or scam product and does not want to share his real identity.

Not only that but there’s not any kind of support or contact info where you can get more details about the program and this is the second warning sign of this online course.

Don’t forget that none of the realiable companies and websites hide anything from you; actually they try to be very honest and give you as much information as they can about themselves, their members, their background, their result and products, etc. because they value every single customer and are looking to build a Long Relationship with them.

When nobody from the 3 Step Method platform is going to give you information BEFORE joining it, it’s not hard to guess that nobody is there to help you after joining it too!

3 step method pros and cons

3 Step Method – Likes & Dislikes


It was hard to me to find any pros in this training program, however, since it’s released in ClickBank marketplace (find more about ClickBank here), you have a 60-Day refund option. To submit a refund and cancel your membership with 3 Step Method, checkout the money-back policy of ClickBank website.

How about other positive points of 3 Step Method? To be honest, there’s nothing worth mentioning about pros of this product!


  • It’s simply not worth $37 at all. All given information and guides can be found for Free on the Internet.
  • No real training or the detailed video guide
  • Fake money-making claims
  • Unknown creator
  • Unreal testimonials
  • No support or active member area

Is $37 All You Have to Pay for 3-Step Method?

No! There’s a hidden cost of up $300 after enrolling in the course. The program pushes you to purchase more tools and additional training even if you don’t like and these upsells will be repeated constantly as long as you decide to buy one of them.

Not any of offered additional tool is necessary to get success in affiliate marketing business but the person who is behind this program wants you to believe that the only digital asset to building a profitable online business is available only in 3 Step Method. This is totally a fake claim and from my point of view, none of the steps taught in this method is worth even a dime!

is 3 step method scam

Final Word – Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

There’s something that I really don’t like about the programs and products sold in the ClickBank digital market place and it’s the refund option (60-Day money-back guarantee) provided by this website.

At first glance, this sounds strange and you may think that a refund option should be considered as a positive point but giving a money-back option prevents us to call a product, service or program a scam technically because everybody can get his money back if he/she does not like the system but this is not fair.

You can’t simply try to scam people by creating and promoting products with zero value then tell to them that get your money back from ClickBank if you don’t like the product! It’s rude and far from a real business but unfortunately, this is exactly what 3 Step Method is doing with customers and members.

So although all signs confirm that 3 Step Method IS NOT a legit training platform, that refund option alone does not let us mark it a 100% scam and stop people from fall into it.

Without a doubt, affiliate marketing can be a very profitable business with unlimited earning potential but firstly, it’s not simple and secondly, it’s not as easy as 3 Step Method shows at all. It requires a significant amount of time and effort; you also need to learn about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Building Relationship with Your Audience, etc. and none of these important factors are covered and spoke about in the training of 3 Step Method.

How do you want to build a house without building materials? All skills and factors that I’ve mentioned above are like building materials of affiliate marketing business and without them you can’t make any move! 3 Step Method just shows you the beautiful side of affiliate marketing and instead of putting you in the right direction of this business, it’ll leave you nowhere!

It’s enough to waste your time and money on programs and products that never work and it’s time to try the Top-Rated Training Platform of affiliate marketing!

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The recommended method below never gets old and it’ll work perfectly and you’ll get paid for years after the work is done so it’s not illogical if we call it a very unique business system and strategy.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of 3 Step Method. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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