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Is 30 Day Success Formula a scam? – Read Here First!

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This 30 Day Success Formula review is designed to help you figure out if this program is worth your time or not. Is 30 Day Success Formula a scam or it’ll give you the best Game-Changing financial freedom tips?

The main challenge when it comes to exploring money-making methods is that some of them sound too good to be true. And in some cases they really are. So what you want to do is to find a good, reliable and creative way to figure out whether it’s possible to earn money very fast in just 30 days.

At its core, the idea sounds amazing, but you have to realize that most of the time it’s very hard to know how much you can earn and where do that money comes from. In the case of this 30 Day Success Formula program, the method is rather easy to understand. Whether that’s a legit money-making method or not, we will find that out right away.


Product Name: 30 Day Success Formula

Official Website:

Founder: Simon Petrowski

Type: MLM Opportunity

Cost to Join: $89 starter membership + $12,500 Upsells!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is 30 Day Success Formula

What is the 30 Day Success Formula?

This is not the first product I’m reviewing and previously making money platforms like Vasayo, Profit Shortcut or My Optimized Success Plan were some other online products I’ve reviewed.

During our 30 Day Success Formula review process we noted that this is an affiliate marketing program. You will join this in order to make more money thanks to its unique opportunity. Some would consider this an MLM company and a pyramid scheme. But at its core the program is an affiliate program model. However, it only has 2 levels of commissions, which is why some people found it to be quite similar to a pyramid scheme.

If we would define the 30 Day Success Formula, this would be a direct mail biz opp niche product. What you want to do is to promote the program via direct mail marketing. The sales letter will instruct people to call a number and that sales person will help close sales for you. If the person wants to join this opportunity, they are required to mail 3 separate letters that will include an amount of money to their 2 uplines and 1 letter with money will go to the company.

The program will see the new member gain access to the company products and then the affiliate system comes into play. The problem we found during the 30 Day Success Formula review is that you are forced to buy your way in.

That’s the issue for a lot of people that find this a pyramid scheme. You shouldn’t have to pay up forward just to make sure that you get the opportunity to earn money. That alone makes this feel like a scam. But apparently a lot of people did this and they got to earn money. While it’s still quite possible to win, it’s safe to say that this approach is not exactly a stellar one and it might bring in some issues.

Who Created 30 Day Success Formula?

Based on our experience studying the website, we noticed that the 30 Day Success Formula website is created by Simon Petrowski. He is the co-owner and director of the 30 Day Success Formula. He is not someone you will know because he doesn’t come with any business background, special skills or education.

He worked various types of jobs during his life and 20 years ago he decided to go with direct mail. It was a very lucrative thing for him but recently online marketing turned offline direct mail to dust. So he found a creative system that still keeps direct mail alive via online methods while still offering consistency and value to customers. It’s a very creative and distinctive system designed by him.

The issue is that the 30 Day Success Formula creator isn’t exactly easy to find online. When you buy a program designed to make you money, you want to make sure that it’s created by someone who knows what they are doing. In the case of Simon, you won’t find a way to back up the statement that he worked in direct mail for 20 years.

Not having any backup is problematic because you still need some sort of method that will enhance your ideas and take things to the next level. There will be obvious challenges to arise, but with the right approach, the payoff can be second to none.

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how 30 Day Success Formula works

What Are You Getting for the Membership?

Included with the 30 Day Success Formula program you will notice that they do have quite a bit of stuff to add in this entire package. They have a Courseware System designed to guide you and help you better understand how you can make money very fast without having to invest a whole lot.

First, you have the digital marketing courses that consist of 8 modules and these give you education regarding online marketing. You get to learn what this is, how you can adapt it to your own business and use it in the long run. You will also receive discounts on travel and hotel, a secured credit card designed to improve your credit, an e-commerce website, a booking manager for hotel stays and so on.

The digital course is on sale for $697. This might seem like a great price at first, but the problem with it is that you still have to pay extra for stuff like the site or the secured credit card. That’s a problem, and one of the things that you really need to think about in a situation like this. Adaptability is key when it comes to the 30 Day Success Formula review, we noticed that early on.

Since the course is their primary focus, you will notice that they do try to sell a pretty good and informative course with 8 modules. This could definitely help you get into digital marketing, better understand what you need to do to make it work and adapt it to your own requirements.

That alone makes it incredibly interesting and exciting, all while still letting you know about the challenges that appear in front of you and the demanding situations that arise here and there.

There are no retail products, since this is an affiliate program basically. However, there are services and products that you can use and not promote the program. That’s a very distinctive approach and one that you definitely need to take into consideration as much as you can.

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30 Day Success Formula review

30 Day Success Formula – Pros & Cons

  • Membership Levels

We mentioned earlier during the 30 Day Success Formula review that this program has upgrades. It actually has some, and they work pretty well if you already are a member. That’s because there are 6 levels in total and each one comes with its pros and cons.

The primary level is $89, here you get 1 module of the course. For the level 2 you pay $250, you receive the first 2 modules and the digital product course. At level 3 you pay $1000, you receive 5 modules of the course. Level 4 is $2500 and it gives you 1-4 modules and the digital version of modules 1-8 as well. For level 5 you pay $5000 and you receive all of the above for 500 letters. And in the case of the level 6 at $12500 you get that and 1500 letters.

This type of system might seem ok at first, but just about everyone will agree that they are quite expensive. In order to access the digital course alone you need to be a level 4, so you have to pay $2500. Even if the course might be able to make you a ton of money, you will have to shell out quite a bit yourself.

So this is definitely not the type of business that a lot of people will want to focus on. Most of us want to earn money online without a lot of investment. And as you can see this type of approach and program are not exactly delivering what you expect.

You are encouraged to pay a lot of money for a digital course and you will get commissions. In the end it all comes down to you to create a viable way to get paid, but you will have the course to teach you. Even then, you can sell the course but that doesn’t guarantee you will ever get all your money back. Let alone actually acquire some sort of profit from all this stuff. It’s never easy to try and handle all these things accordingly, and the 30 Day Success Formula definitely feels like a gamble more than anything.

  • Exclusive Products

Their exclusive products differ in quality and value. But what we found is that you can earn around 20% in commissions if you sell these. The company still gets most of the money, then again they are the ones that created these products in the first place. The commission is actually quite good if you think about it, and the best part is that you have a way to adapt and adjust everything in a way that totally works every time.

They do have products that are quite expensive, so the 20% can actually translate into a ton of money. Which is great, because you get to sell all kinds of great stuff without having to worry about being overcharged or anything like that. It’s extremely important to consider as you go along, since this kind of stuff is very important.

Making Money with 30 Day Success Formula

The way they are focused on helping you make money is that you are sending the letter to hundreds of different mailboxes. When they want to join you they will have to pay you, the company and the upline an enrollment fee. You can also promote the program online, not only offline. If the prospect in question pays the fees, then he will have access to numerous products. Plus, he can send letters to others and continue the system above.

During the 30 Day Success Formula review we found that there are 6 total ways to make money with this program. First, you have the enrollments which are obviously a huge part of this entire business venture. It’s a very consistent and creative system that will bring you some money if you send lots of letters and try to connect with a lot of people. Then you can sell upgrades which will make the process more convenient and consistent.

You can also share pass-up sales and overrides, they are two great ways to make money here and you will actually enjoy these quite a lot if you do it adequately. Then there are the exclusive product sales and the courseware sales.

It’s a good idea to try and diversify with this kind of stuff. You never really know what system might bring in the better approach for you. So it does make sense to try and diversify the best way that you can and adapt to the process if possible.

The problem is that it will take a little bit of time to implement some of the sales ideas. It will definitely be worth it for the most part, but if you pay the right amount of attention and you have extra care the payoff alone can be second to none and that really helps quite a bit if you do it adequately and without any major worries.

is 30 Day Success Formula scam

Final Word – Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam?

When it comes to a program like this you always want to make sure that you receive the right amount of guidance and support. And with the 30 Day Success Formula review experience, we found that they don’t really have a lot of guidance and documentation.

The presentation is great, but the fact that you need to put money in front just to get a membership is not that friendly. And you will end up with problems if you can’t even sell enough to recoup the money.

The fact that a lot of people see this as a pyramid scheme isn’t really working that well. It’s one of those things that really push the boundaries and make things a lot more interesting. There are some challenges with this program, paying upfront being the main one.

But if you get past it, you will notice that the program can work for some people. Be aware of the initial investment, as that can be very expensive depending on what level you want to meet!

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  1. I always enjoy reviews that spell out the details and pitfalls. Ali, in his 30 Day Success Program post spells out the details and gives us, a ton of value.

    What is it, who’s behind it, what are you getting is spelled out in detail with no hype — just facts.

    I especially liked the pros and cons section. What can someone REALLY earn with this and how does the money flow is provided in detail. Plus spelling out upfront that a buyer may never get their money back is a service to the marketing training industry, thank you for that, Ali.

    Thank you for doing a great service to marketers and would-be marketers coming up the ranks.

  2. I actually received an email last week about the 30 Day success formula and my first thoughts were it’s a scam, to me, it really does seem like a pyramid scheme. The price is very high and what puts me off is that you need to post and send money, I am in South Africa and our postal service is awful it’s a miracle if you get your mail. So the downside to that would be, would I actually receive the cash in the mail? I like how you have broken down all the information. It may be a good deal for those having that kind of money laying around but to me, this is just far too expensive for the high risks involved.

  3. Thanks, Ali
    Very nicely done and informative. You did not call it a scam but I feel it might be. Their upsells turned me off. A real affiliate marketing program would not be trying to upsell you at every turn. I checked out your #1 Recommendation after I read your article. It definitely seems real, honest, and who could go wrong with a free trial to check it out. Truly free, they did not even ask for a credit card to check it out. I am now a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I will see you at the webinars and seek your help if in need,
    Thanks again,

  4. Afternoon Ali,

    I’ve come across many websites like these and as you’ve mentioned the first thing I’m thinking about is, “is it a scam?” I’ve found this article of interest reading it through and what I like best and appreciate is that you’ve done all the leg work, investigated and researched the scheme thoroughly, its pros and cons and given an honest, informative review and like a map have guided your audience through it. Even getting your hands on a Founder’s credentials and past couldn’t have been easy.

    The article is wrote in a way for informative purposes only and in no way shoves this down the throat of a reader and only paints a picture to what it’s about, what you get, its costs and as an opinion, if it’s good or not. It’s websites like yours Ali, that are a great resource of information and a hub for this and other schemes out there. Reading this I think even I would have been put off by the huge upfront costs and unlike ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ which I can also recommend this one doesn’t sound like one I can get creative with.

    This article is colourful, well presented, not cluttered and an easy read. Many thanks for the information on this scheme, but I for one won’t be buying into it – LOL!


  5. Very nice article, we need more like this . The internet is saturated with over zealous salesmen playing, in my opinion, with good hard working peoples emotions. The lure folks in by associating the legitimate dreams that people have and making is sound far too easy.

    I appreciate the fact that you not only did your research but broke everything down based on facts and not just opinion. Its hard to argue with facts. I found you were quite respectful even though sometimes these get rich quick programs really take advantage and while it may not be illegal, its immoral to lead people on to fatten their wallets.

    Personally, I think you have hit a real need that you are good at providing the response to. I would have loved to be able to have a review of many sites that I waisted time and money on prior to coming to the place you have so rightly recommended.

    I look forward to reading more of your articles, if for nothing else to have the knowledge to let others know if its legit or not. Thanks for helping people see past the emotion and look at the facts.

    God bless,

  6. Wow Ali,
    I didn’t realize that the 30 day success formula was so expensive. It’s funny because I was referred to their site to try and earn some extra cash. I actually did try to find more information about the system and there are many reviews on the web. Most have not put in the effort that you have to actually give a sound review.
    It appears that it will take months to recoup the investment in the program.
    This is good information for anyone that is thinking about the program and if you have $2,500 dollars laying around it may not be a bad system. I personally do not.
    There are many programs out there to suit anyone’s needs if you have the time and money to invest. By far Wealthy Affiliate has the lowest cost and best training and support that I have found so far.

    Thanks for this review.

  7. Hi Ali, fortunately for me, I found Wealthy Affiliate before I started looking into programs like 30 Day Success Formula. Since I have never heard of this program your information was spot on.
    I like the fact that you laid out all of the details and possibilities, including pricing and how the system works.
    I’ve noticed a common theme in a lot of reviews I read, and that is, these MLM, pyramid schemes, etc., systems always require money up front to get you started. Then, when you get started they upsell, upsell, upsell. And, that seems to be the case with 30 Day Success Formula.
    There is no doubt in my mind that this is something I would not hesitate to avoid, thanks to your post. It is just too expensive.
    Finally, you did a nice job tying your review of Wealthy Affiliate into this review post.
    Thanks for the information!

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