is 4 corners alliance group scam

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group Scam or It’s a Legit Group?!

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Is 4 corners alliance group scam or it’s a new wave for making money through online companies?

A known subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC, the Four Corners Alliance Group was established to give customers, who are usually the typical everyday person from different works of life a platform to be able to create wealth in both an ethical and legal manner irrespective of their location.

We live in a rapidly involving society, changes are happening at the speed of light and new trends are springing up every day. This evolution can be felt in all spheres of life and it is more apparent in our financial and economical lives. For us to be able to keep up, we need to show that we can keep our heads above water and stay afloat.

The mission behind establishing the Four Corners Alliance Group us to be able to provide a secure and safe place where one can source and generate another income stream as fast as possible.


Product Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group

Official Website:

Owner: Alliance Group

Type: Matrix System

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is 4 corners alliance group

Intro – What is 4 Corners Alliance Group All About?

If you belong to the category of people who are fed up with the inconsistencies of making money online and are in search of practical ways by which you can diversify your income stream without having to go out of your comfort zone. You are just the person we are looking for at four corners alliance group.

The main goal of 4 corner alliance group is to generate cash flow that might help your financial goals. The first thing we do is to device a steady income stream large enough to ease the burden of daily expenses and cost of living.

The four corners alliance group helps to achieve this by delivering top notch financial products, user-friendly platforms, and solid know how from experienced users in the business. Four corners alliance group have members from all over the place that are working to ensure you get the best experience in whatever decision you decide to go with.

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how 4 corners alliance group works

How 4 Corners Alliance Group works?

The four corners alliance group has two magnificent products (according to the way they put it) that can be downloaded instantly and is also available from your back office.

With these product you should be able to build your business and grow it at scale. There are 3 different ways by which you can grow your business. These are;

  1. A magnificent financial education product
  2. Weekly invite to a very strong online marketing
  3. An Entrepreneur educative newsletter.

The educational products mainly comprised of books on different topics from mind set and motivation to business building (both offline and online). The group claims to have placed enough emphasis on helping businesses attain their maximum potentials and triple their income such that it can take you places.

There is no disputing the fact that you stand to gain a lot of insight and information from making use of these materials, however in most cases, these information might be an overkill. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people do not make use of the information provided in these books, what they are mainly after is to recruit others to join the company so they can make a commission from it. Due to this kind of lottery mentality attached to the product, the company tends to attract the wrong set of people into its fold.

If for any reason you decide to join the company as a distributor, you have six different entry points, to get your hands on the education series.

As an added incentive for the weekly program, they also offer the following products;

  • Capture Page Hosting has agreed to give our subscribers a steal of a deal to their website marketing subscriber services. Stand out from the crowd by building your 4Corners business and your brand.
  • Deeply Discounted Access to Capture Page Hosting
  • Pre-made 4Corners Marketing Templates – Let your sales pages at Capture Page Hosting do the telling and selling for you.
  • Discover your own niche with customization
  • Enjoy unprecedented support from the CPH team via their live chat
  • Premier Weekly Program – Take advantage of a vibrant, information packed, weekly Entrepreneur lifestyle newsletter.

4 Corners’ exclusive newsletter provides you with cutting edge, topical information to help you implement that knowledge to your greatest advantage so that you may have a strong, balanced approach to accelerated, generational wealth creation.

Produced on a weekly basis, these powerful newsletters keep you in the loop with timely information about Start-up’s, market movers, foreign markets, Market Niches, and lifestyle opportunities, AND can generate an incredible weekly income for you as more and more people make the intelligent choice to secure their independent incomes FAST.

Can You Really Make Cash with 4 Corners Alliance Group?

Most definitely, yes. It is possible for one to make money by involving yourself in the Four Corner Alliance Group. There are several compensation packages available and for you to be eligible for one of these packages you are required to own the product you intend to sell. What this simple means is that you have to buy any of the product you intend to sell.

Financial Literacy Products

  • Level 1 costs $10
  • Level 2 costs $10
  • Level 3 costs $25
  • Level 4 costs $60
  • Level 5 costs $150
  • Level 6 costs $300
  1. Monthly Newsletter cost $29.95 a month
  2. Starter Marketing Academy costs $47 a month

This brings the total cost to $555 for all the financial literacy products combined + $76.95 monthly. This bring your initial investment to about $631.95 with an additional monthly investment of $76.95. it is also important to know that if you are not an owner of any of the product you sell to your down line the commission for that product will be transferred upwards to a an up-line or sponsor that owns the product.

Making money from Four Corners Alliance Group is quite different from investing in precious metal, Gold, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Exchange Traded Fund to mention a few. However if you intend to make money from the Four Corners Alliance group you will be naturally required to recruit people.

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4 corners alliance group pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Four Corners Alliance Group

Like every other business, there are advantages and disadvantages. In this section we will be taking a look at the Pros and Cons of four corners alliance group.

The first advantage of the Four Corners Alliance group is that it makes use the “forced matrix” system, which implies that everyone is working hand in hand to fill a matrix. Meaning if you get four people, those four people are also looking for four more people to make sixteen people.

A major red flag to the Four Corners Alliance group is that the money is earn is mainly based on the number of people your recruit and also the money the new recruits pay to be a member of the company.

Another red flag to the four corners alliance group is that you are required to purchase a large amount of product inventory if you want to have any chance of getting returns on your investments.

The Good,

The first positive point of FCAG (Four Corners Alliance Group) is there is a good potential of income behind it and unlike other similar companies, it does not limit your earning.

One of the things you should know is that registration’s time plays an important role in this business, it means if you sign-up with FCAG today, you have more chance to make more money through it rather than tomorrow.

Their comparison plan provides better opportunity for early birds but the point is that you should stick on it hard to make it happens. You need to build your own network and keep I active to earn significant amount of money.

So you had much more chance if you could join FCAG one year ago for example. Although there’s still chance to make money from it if you sign-up with them today but you can’t expect to make the amount of money you could make last year.

Great marketing skills is necessary to get success with FCAG and everything from sales man to marketer should be putted on the right place to bring you result. Also because of some specific reasons I’ll mention later, it’s not easy at all to promote books and training guide of FCAG successfully.

The Bad,

Did you know that only 70% of Americans who are between 18 to 29 years old read only one book during a year? This is official stats which published by Los Angeles Times and uncovers some hidden facts about culture of study among American people.

Now with keeping that fact is mind, do you think is it easy to sell a PDF training book to this type of people? I don’t think so. Even if some people become interested in what you’re promoting, they are not willing to buy the book because it’s hard for them to read it!

Another fact is that there is not only one book inside training; there are more than twenty-five pdf books which should be read completely during all phases of training. I personally prefer to try online courses rather than reading PDF books to get necessary information and I think Americans won’t read more than the first or second book of all 25 books.

Another negative point of this program is that almost all books of FCAG can be found in other online book stores for cheaper prices. You even have chance to find them for free if you search title of books properly. So why I should pay that much of money for a training course that can be find for free somewhere else? It’s a big cons for a training platform to not be able keep its training unique and original and that’s why many people prefer to try tons of free related courses that are available on YouTube and other social networks.

is 4 corners alliance group a scam

Final Word – Is 4 Corners Alliance Group Scam?

A quick internet search reveals that this question is the most frequently asked about the four corners alliance group.

To be quite frank and sincere the four corner alliance group is not a scam, and if you were lucky enough to be one of the early people to join in quite early you probably will be making loads of cash from it at this point. Invariably, if you are very good at convincing people to join a product or being their sponsor then there is every chance that you will excel and make loads of cash.

But if you belong to the category that does not know how to influence or get people to do the things you want then this isn’t for you. Do not buy into the hype as you might just find yourself getting stuck.

A quick glance as the ‘Four Corner Alliance Group review’ shows that people making a killing from the program are those giving great reviews and encouraging you to get fully involved in it. You may come across a lot of catchy phrases like “COME ON IN AND I GUARANTEE YOU MY SPILL OVERS. THIS MEANS YOU CAN JOIN MY MATRIX AND MAKE MONEY NOT DOING A THING”

Please if you are reading this right now, do not fall victim to that. If your main motivation for joining the company is due to your love for the product and you totally believe it is going to change the lives of people around you, then go for it.

But if you are getting in this just to get spill overs and recruit and recruit… That’s not the way and you will fail. I mark 4 corners alliance group as a legit company which sell training materials to people legally and you can even get result with what you learn over there.

But the point is that why you should try FCAG while there are training communities which are more reliable in a better price? This training platform could not provide any unique opportunity and it definitely lose the game to other similar online courses.


Like I have mentioned initially, it is possible for one to make money by being a part of the Four Corners Alliance Group, but the main one has to ask is; how long can I keep making money? I reckon that in no time authorities will get up to speed with what is going on in the company and force a shutdown of its business operations.

There is a possibility that this might not be the case eventually. But you need to air on the side of caution and be sure that all the hard work and effort put into growing your income does not go down the drain just like that. I doubt if you want to go down that lane.

I know a lot of people have fallen victim to scammers and pyramid schemes that offer a lot in terms of incentives and financial gains. The truth here is that there are a whole bunch of people you have interest in four corner alliance group and the way the business is set up, it might not be able to sustain such growth over a long period of time.

So it is really up to you if you feel you will like to dip your legs into the deep end of the water. I will maintain my stand and urge you not to go ahead with this as it shows all sign of it being a scam.

I honestly believe that anyone can generate a substantial income online, you just need the right and legitimate opportunity, and lots of hand-holding and guidance.

Finally thanks for reading my review of Four Corners Alliance Group and if you want to get familiar with one of the best leaders in providing a quality training for making money online, feel free to continue reading my best recommendation section.

Also if you have any questions about FCAG (4 corners alliance group) or just want to share your opinion with others, feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. Well done for this thorough and well constructed review Ali.
    It answers many questions I had regarding 4 Corners Alliance Group (how legit it is, whay are the pros and cons, financial investment to follow thus scheme, etc.)
    I truly believe that a 3 out of 10 ranking for this scheme seems to be fair enough.
    This way you definitely help and people like me, who want to invest their time and effort in starting making a business online.
    Your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate is really helpful as it is the best place to learn how to learn in the right way how to build your business online.
    Keep up the good work as this way you offer great support to other people!

  2. Ali,

    Thanks for this review of 4Corners! It definitely sounds like a pyramid scheme to me and not a business with longevity. Your review was very thorough and I got a real feel for what the company was offering and its structure for producing revenue, which sounds like an old-school business model (encyclopedia sales) offered on a new school platform (online). Any online business where the sales people have to purchase their own product is high risk and seldom profitable, except maybe for the upper tier managers. And your point about the amount of reading material being offered to potential customers is ridiculous because they will never read it. No Thanks!! I think the alternative offer you have links to in this post is the best way go, Hands down!!

    Thanks again!


  3. Ok, so first of all, having read about Four Corners in your post I have to agree that they definitely do ‘seem’ like a scam. I’d rather not find out through experience though, and I’m happy to take your recommendation.
    You also point your post to Wealthy Affiliate. I was intrigued and I liked this from the moment I landed on their homepage. I did sign up – as you say, I could sign up for free at first and see how I liked it. Well, I’ve been going through some of the free training and what’s not to like? I’ve learned so much this far and for free. So yes, I’ve signed up, and I’m so excited to see where Wealthy Affiliate will take me with my ideas – because I have a few 🙂 Thanks for this post.

  4. I live in the UK and have never heard of ‘4 Corners Alliance Group’.
    Your blog was very detailed and informative and honest. It provided all the costs and indeed the Pros and Cons for the scheme. I actually learnt a lot from reading it so thank you for sharing it.

    Your reference to Wealthy Affiliate is something I do know about and personally, I think it is a very good platform with bags of opportunity.


  5. I’ve never been a fan of such companies where commissions are made by recruiting others, explaining the levels of purchase, I presume. It’s another example where if one joins in early, they’ll make some money, but in these kinds of businesses, leads eventually dry up.

    I’ve been approached to join such companies and purchase products while recruiting others to believe in and sell the product, but never looked past an initial product purchase just to try it out. To me, it resembles MLM and for those who join down the line, leads will be fewer and fewer.

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