is 4Life a scam

Is 4Life a Scam or a Good & Legitimate MLM Business?

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4Life is probably new to a lot of persons, but this company is responsible for the creation of wellness and health products that are useful for both adults and children. Here is the important question: Is 4Life a scam business or it really can make you serious money?

This company not online promotes health, but it also gives you an opportunity to earn money by making you a distributor. They have been able to manufacture over one hundred different high-quality health supplements.


Product Name: 4Life

Official Website:

Owner: David Lisonbee, Bianca Lisonbee

Type: A Health MLM Company

Cost to Join: $29.95

Recommended? Yes but not for everyone (keep reading to find out why)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is 4Life

What Is 4Life All About?

When it comes to being at the forefront of the protein science and immune system field, 4Life is the leading company. They are pioneers in researches and studies in both regards. Many of the immune system supplements produced by 4Life are available in the market for purchase.

4Life doesn’t just assure you a sustainable source of income; it gives you the opportunity to access working freedom and financial security. 4Life is currently operating in over 50 countries around the world and also has an estimated turnover of about 500 million dollars per year.

The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating. That shows the public that the company and its business is not only legal but legitimate. Their products are marketed via clients who apply to become distributors.

About The Founder

4Life was birthed in 1998. David and Bianca Lisonbee founded the company. The first product developed by the company was the transfer factor. The transfer factor is a very important element that the immune system must not lack.

The molecule present in the Transfer Factor contributes to the sending of immune information from the parents to offspring.

Transfer factor plus is the second product the company came up with. Although there is a similarity between the Transfer Factor and the Transfer Factor Plus, the addition of Cordyvant to Transfer Factor Plus to blend to it, differentiates both products.

They began releasing more wellness and health products into the market by the start of the year 2000. To guarantee efficiency and potency, the company has done a lot of studies and researches on its products. The products which provide general multivitamin, as well as protein for workouts, were then released.

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How Does It Work?

GoodLife USA, Fast Fortune Club and Gains Systems are some programs similar to 4Life but there are some big differences about the 4Life that you should better to know.

People who decide to be 4Life distributors will earn a portion when they facilitate the sale of the product. This method is known as direct selling. When the distributors recruit new persons to distribute the product, they build a downline. The distributor who recruited new distributors will earn a small percentage from the sale made by those distributors.

To become a distributor, however, you will be required to purchase a 4Life kit, which is sold at $29.95. This is regarded as the initial investment. As soon as you become a distributor, you will have access to buy the company’s products at wholesale price. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is what you will earn as your commission as soon as you sell these 4Life products.

For instance, if you purchase a quantity of the company’s product for $70, and you eventually sell it for $90, the difference of $10 is the profit you’ll get. For you to sell the products, you will need to purchase them. The cost of the products is dependent on the kind of product you’re seeking to buy and also the quantity you want to buy.

Who Can Benefit From It?

4Life company has its rules when it comes to maintaining distributors, and one of them is that you’re required to purchase a minimum number of their commodities every month. If this requirement is not met, your position as a distributor will be reviewed.

Another thing that will make 4Life work for you is to develop your personal content. This can be achieved by creating a blog and developing an online presence. This is a critical step to take if you’re desirous of growing and expanding your team.

Learning a new digital skill like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be beneficial to you if you want internet users to see you and the products you distribute. Google gives a lot of business publicity these days. When you are recruiting sub-distributors, you should show interest in their aspirations as well as their expectations.

Listen to what they’ve got to say, the questions they’ve got to ask, and this will make them more receptive to you. Since it is not all about you, make sure you try to understand their perspective.

How Can You Make Money From It?

Just as it has been earlier stated, to make more out of 4Life, you will have to buy and sell their products. The more quantity you purchase, the higher the profit you make. As it is a rule in practically all forms of business, you use the money to make money.

The second thing you’ve got to do is to recruit new distributors. You can recruit as many as you can as this will give you the opportunity to reach a lot more people. The more money that these sub-distributors make, the higher the percentage you will get from their sale.

There are a series of other benefits that 4Life affords you. These benefits are detailed below:

  • High Power Pool

What this benefit means is that as a distributor, you are expected to recruit three new distributors. These new distributors will then be mandated to provide 100 LP. You will then get two percent of the company’s total earnings as soon as this condition is met.

  • Rewards Are Not Delayed

As a distributor, when your purchase exceeds 100 LP per month, you’re automatically entitled to a 25 percent rebate. This incentive is gotten instantaneously as soon as the condition is met. There is no delay in this claim at all.

  • A Good Loyalty Program

If you decide to use the auto-shipment program, you will get a loyalty program from the 4Life company. This loyalty program is accessible to both the distributors and their downline (that means the people that they recruit to become sub-distributors).

There are seven different ranks that exist on 4Life before you can get the maximum benefits. These ranks are attained by hitting certain sales and recruitment targets.

  • Detailing The Ranks In 4Life

The first rank is called Associate. This is attained when you hit the 100 personal volume (PV) per month mark, and you also recruit a customer or another associate with 100 personal volume per month.

The next level is the builder. To reach the level of a builder, you will have to maintain the same number of personal volumes per month, but you’ve got to recruit three associates that maintain 100 PV per month.

This continues to increase until you get to the Platinum International Diamond stage. This stage is the 7th final stage. For you to attain this position, you will have to maintain 100 PV per month, and recruit nine associates that maintains 100 PV per month.

You will also need to have uni-level legs alongside one Gold International Diamond or higher. You have to also maintain about 20,000 Group Volume (GV) per month across your first three uni-level team volume.

Other bonuses that you stand to benefit from include infinity payout, Builder bonus, Pool Bonus, and many more other bonuses.

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4Life pros and cons

4 Life – Likes & Dislikes

Pros of 4Life

The number of distributors, as well as sub-distributors, are increasing on a daily basis. The benefits of associating with this company are enormous. Imagine a company that is not only concerned about your health but concerned about your financial security.

Associating and doing business with 4Life means that you gain health and wholeness while you smile to the bank. Detailed below are other advantages and edges that 4Life affords you:

  • The enrollment fee for a basic membership is $30 and below. What this means is that it poses a little or no financial risk and will be helpful when you are about to assemble your network of distributors.
  • Since the company’s inception in 1998, it has built a solid reputation of trust and reliability. The viability of this business has given distributors and potential investors the necessary confidence in the company.
  • No incidence has been recorded of 4Life products being rejected. Checking Facebook, Better Business Bureau, etc., you will notice that the products are receiving great reviews. What better way to convince you than the testimonies of those who have constantly use the products and are still using the products.
  • Qualified scientists and researchers have been employed to guarantee that the standard best practices and procedures are followed when researching to make their products in order to improve on their effectiveness. The products are subjected to analysis from time to time and are improved based on complaints sent in via the product reviews.
  • The company is reputed to be a legal money-making venture. This has proven to be the case for those with the right mindset and work ethics.
  • Distributors are offered free online training to help them become better in the business of distributing as well as help them when they want to retrain their downline.

Cons Of 4Life

Every business has its good sides as well as bad. That is how you know a legitimate business. With this company, however, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Below are some of the cons of the business:

  • There is no shortcut to this business whatsoever. What this means is that you will have to buy and sell these products, buy in the required amount per month, and recruit other distributors to also do the same. Fulfilling these criteria will make you qualified to make money from this venture.
  • If you’re incapable of recruiting members for your team, you are likely to fail in this business. This is because the more you recruit, the more you’re likely to make.
  • Many distributors make the grave mistake of putting friends before business and this has contributed to people failing at this. Friends and family are likely to collect products from you and not pay. So separate them from your business.

is 4Life scam

Final Word – Is 4Life a Scam

There are several testimonies and reviews on YouTube, Facebook,, Better Business Bureau, etc. that clearly demonstrates the legitimacy and legality of this money-making venture. To get to that stage where success is guaranteed, there are several stages you’ll need to get to.

Although there are some traces of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), it is not fully a Multi-Level Marketing. The few features of MLM present make it honest as well as transparent.

On Facebook alone, for instance, 4Life had had about 3,600 reviews and these reviews aren’t from either distributors or sub-distributors. They are from people who have used these products. From the reviews, you will notice that they are pleased with these products and are looking to get more products that work better.

Many of those that use 4Life say that they will gladly recommend its products to those around them. Several of the company’s employees have great things to say about the company.

To Wrap It Up

For you to enjoy the great things life has got to offer, you have to stay healthy and fit. That is what 4Life promises with its products. Produced alongside the Transfer Factor and the Transfer Factor Plus is the RioVida.

The RioVida differs from the formers as it exists as a liquid supplement. They are also concerned about your financial condition so they have provided that platform through which you can join the team.

The products rolled out by 4Life is targeted at improving your immune system. We are all aware of how much of importance the immune system is to the fighting of diseases as well as protecting the body from harmful microbes.

Becoming a distributor avails you many benefits, especially financially. There are perks for you when you meet certain requirements as well as recruit new distributors. The more money these distributors make via the sale of 4Life products, the higher the percentage you’ll get.

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