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Is 500 Cash Club Scam? – A New Way of Stealing Money!

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When it comes to making money online, it’s difficult to make a list of legit companies in this field. 500 Cash Club is the newest type of MMO business which claims that you can earn $500 during the next five minutes! But is 500 Cash Club Scam? Let’s find out!

The controversial 500 cash club has you wondering if it really is what it says it is online, you have come to the right page, there are a lot of red flags surrounding this “get rich quick” platform and this page would give an honest overview of what this club really is.


Product Name: 500 Cash Club

Official Website:

Owner: Richard Paul

Type: Earning Online Through MOBE Method

Cost to Join: $125 + Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is 500 cash club

What Is 500 Cash Club All About?

500 cash club is owned by someone called Richard Paul whose real identity is highly doubted, it is a club that claims to be to be lucrative and has the possibility of making tons of money for you without any efforts or real work.

Just by watching a 500-second video, it supposedly guarantees you a sum of $500, viewing the sales video from the homepage makes you $1 per second. Signing onto the website costs $97 plus a lot of upsells. After watching the video and are about the quit the sales page, the creator, alerts you of the risk, stating that you’re going to lose all the money you’ve gotten.

This video is full of hype and false promises. In reality, this platform is one that acts as a funnel for another business website called My Online Business Empire (MOBE), owned by Matt Lloyd. MOBE, on the other hand, is a real business venture that requires you to buy a variety of it’s ridiculously expensive products and get other people to sell these same products so as to earn commissions.

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how 500 cash club works

How Does 500 Cash Club Work?

Maybe 500 Cash Club looks like Vindale Research (the paid survey site that I’ve reviewed before) at first glance but when you take a closer look, it has many differences.

Basically, 500 cash club is a website without any value of any sort. They promote an automated system that they claim would make you $125 per month and display supposed evidence to make their system seem legit. They even make promises to pay you $500 if you don’t make any money in the first 30 days after sign up.

They show a series of sales video and conjure so many lies and hype that makes you inclined to want to join MOBE. As mentioned earlier, MOBE is a venture that makes you buy products and resell them to recruits so as to earn 50% commissions on your products, they also teach digital marketing. Depending on how much you can make off of your products, that’s how much money you can make.

Affiliates who have benefitted a lot from MOBE end up being promoters of the venture. 500 cash club is an affiliate of MOBE, but it doesn’t make it genuine, they rip people off in the process of introducing them to a real business opportunity, which if you don’t have the correct orientation about it you could still be defrauded by MOBE.

There are people who have earned a lot from MOBE, so the problem is actually those deceitful affiliates such as 500 cash club who, through getting networks to MOBE cheat people of their money and tell a lot of lies, waste people’s time, raise hopes and end up breaking all of their promises.

Can You Make Money With This Website?

There is no way you can make money off of this scam of a website. The only people who earn anything are the creators of this website. They sell dreams and collect what your money but they do not pay you for anything.

Sure, they have videos telling trying to convince you that there are people who are making thousands of dollars but that is untrue, no one actually makes any money from a system that sells nothing and requires you to do anything, plus no real affiliate would require an amount of money from you to join their platform.

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500 cash club pros and cons

500 Cash Club – The Good, The Bad,

The Good,

  • There’s no real advantage attached to being on a system that lies and makes false promises. Some may consider knowledge about the MOBE but if you lack experience in the field of online marketing, your money, so it is strongly advised to stay out of the 500 cash club completely.

The Bad,

  • 500 cash club takes your money and doesn’t return your investments like it promises.
  • 500 cash club, through it’s deceitful ways takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge.
  • The upsells are usually too expensive.
  • At the end of the day, victims become unwelcome to the idea of genuine online business opportunity and deny themselves of the chance to make money because of scam platforms like 500 cash club.

All You Need to Know About MOBE

It looks that you won’t have a hard time if you are looking to make some cash through MOBE method because you just need to promote and sell High Ticket Products which are more profitable compared to products at normal price. The main difference between MOBE and other business opportunities is that generally, companies with a MOBE business model provide training materials as well as support which is very helpful for those who are new to this industry.

MOBE is one of those topics which there is a mix of positive and negative reviews about it. Some online marketers and Internet affiliates are pretty successful in MOBE business and continuously make a big profit from it but on the other hand, there’re people who believe that it’s not a legit business and should not be recommended by experts to others.

But the fact that everybody agrees with is that MOBE is not a beginner-friendly business. If you don’t have any previous experience in online business, you have many other options for making money online from freelancing to affiliate marketing which are suitable for newbies but MOBE is not definitely in this list.

Another issue about 500 Cash Club is that if you want to make money, you should spend money. Purchasing high ticket packages which will cost you something between $10,000 to $20,000 is one of the necessary things you need to do in this program to make a significant amount of commission.

This means you won’t be able to sell any product if you don’t already buy it and this increases your startup cost from a couple of bucks in a month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

The Hidden Fact Nobody Tells You About 500 Cash Club

The aim of the person who created and run the 500 Cash Club program is not something he says in the sales-pages. The truth is that Richard Paul (owner of the program) is trying to sell another product behind 500 cash club and he uses this platform as a sales channel.

The $97 you pay to join this low-quality club is only a small part of the real cost involved in this program and you’ll be put in a circle of endless costs that will never end! The only way of making money in this program is spending money and of course, there’s not any guarantee for earning a profit through it.

It’s sad to say but hundreds of people who loved to have an online income have been scammed by 500 Cash Club and lose a lot of money. They’ve never tried any other way because they didn’t do any research before trying this program and they’ve spent all their hard earned money in a system that didn’t work.

500 Cahs Club encourages members to spend more and more money and it says you need to pass all lessons if you want to make serious money. You’ll start at $97 but you won’t get any result so you think that the first amount of money ($97) you have invested was not enough to bring result (This is what 500 Cash Club wants you to believe) then you think that you are just one step far from the success and the key is in the next level so you purchase the next training level and spend more time but you won’t make money again and this feeling (everything is hidden in the next level) continues as long as you don’t have more money to spend in the program.

I’m sure you can guess who is the loser in this dirty game!

is 500 cash club a scam

Final Word – Is 500 Cash Club Scam?

Without an iota of doubt, 500 cash club is a scam and should be steered off of. There are a lot of reasons why this platform is a scam and I’m going to list some of them:

– If you can recall, at the beginning of this review, I mentioned the owner of this scam of a website to have a skeptical identity. Well, this is true because he goes by different names and has been seen on different sales videos on other fraudulent websites.

– They fool people into believing that people actually enjoy their websites by fabricating facebook comments. You can know this by clicking on the comments, you would see you are asked to watch a video. This is a method employed by other fraudulent websites.

– They also claim that they are recognized by top brands which is a big lie, you can crosscheck this by going on google to confirm this claims and I can give you every assurance that you would come up with absolutely nothing.


500 cash club is not a website anyone should sign up for! Sure, there are ways to make money online but no one would make you money as quickly as these fraudulent websites claim. They come up with misguiding methods to make you spend without any hopes of a return.

Some might make the argument that they introduce you to a legitimate business venture, MOBE, while this is not entirely false, as an amateur, it is advised you stay away from it entirely as you might not be very experienced in online marketing and at the end of the day, have nothing to show for all the efforts you make. Only those whose area of expertise is online marketing could make real money off of it. So, in essence, you should stay away altogether from 500 cash club and MOBE.

Making money online is real and lucrative but only if you go through the right means. You should also prepare yourself to work hard and have enough patience so as to make your well-deserved money.

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  1. Hello, Ali! Thank you very much for writing this article! I always thought 500 Cash Club seemed fishy, so thanks for confirming my suspicions! The article was very interesting and well-written, very nice! I’ts really sickening how many people are doing scams like this, and even more how most of them are actually getting away with it and making lots of money…

  2. indeed there are many scams out there whether it be from online internet world or it be from any point of view . internet scams are so common and how people get sucked into by is just mind blowing. have sites like yours which helps people out there who worked hard all their lives is a gem. having sites like these does restore my faith in humanity. there are leechers out there who just are intrested in stealing ur money and then there are guysout there “likes of you”who give geniun advices on how to really earn money the right way online.

    I just hope we have more and more authors like you Ali who show us how to make money online the right way.

  3. Hi, Ali thank you for this post it’s so sad how many companies offer a get rich quick scheme. And what’s even sadder is how people are actually buying into it. My curiosity led me to check out the 500 cash club site and they have like a 1 review :(. I love the fact that you were very detailed in explaining their process and why it was not beneficial for bloggers. I have been in the blogging industry for about two years and luckily I was extremely fortunate to come across a great platform like Wealthy Affiliate to start off with. However, to be successful in any business it comes with time. Since then I have extended my freelancing career with my online presence from the teachings at Wealthy Affiliate. So this is not just an affiliate program its a way to properly market yourself, a bonus is I also get some income in between my websites. I definitely want to scale it to where I am making more any recommendations to take my blogging to the next level?

  4. Thank you for such an insightful post! I’ve never heard of 500 cash club, but having read your review I’d definitely steer well clear. I’ve come across similar scams online claiming to make you rich overnight with little or no work. Unfortunately, there are some very vulnerable people who being easy prey fall for them. It’s awful to think they take your money then expect you to buy high ticket products . There’s no way a newbie would be able to make easy sales with them. I sincerely hope those who read this post take your advice . The program you do recommend is definitely legit and on I can vouch for as I’m also a member 🙂

  5. Hi Ali,
    happy you reviewed this article. To many scam sites out there. And this one I was not notice.
    Thanks for that keep coming with the scam sites review. So people are aware.
    Your nr1 programme is great I guess. I hear about it and is indeed Legit. I checked it out.

  6. Hi Ali,
    Thank you for the direct calling out the scams and also giving recommendation. This is helpful when so many people are giving up because of such schemes like you have pointed above with the 500 club and missing out on such a vast industry.
    I just joined wealthy affiliates and I already have learnt so much. The training is amazing. no hidden costs. One thing that people dont realize is that this industry is also hard work. Just joining and taking the training is not enough. There is still alot to do. Thank you for a great post!

  7. This is a very informative topic. I have personally tried MOBE and found them to be, unhelpful. They dropped me because I had to take a few days off to take care of my sick child.
    Personally, I would not recommend them to anyone. The coaching that they promised was not given. In the end, I feel like I wasted my time and money.
    This is the first that I have heard of the 500 cash club. So the information that you have on them is fascinating.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your future posts!

  8. This is a great post my man! I’ve heard of 500 cash club very recently and just wanted to check out what they were about. I’m glad I’ve gotten the oppotunity to read your post before diving in further with them! I mean really, this is a great article that could save alot of people from the heartache of being scammed by this guy who may or may not be named Richard Paul.
    He doesn’t seem trustworthy at all. Theirs no way I could pay up so much money on the word of such a sketchy guy!

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