is 7 figure franchise a scam

Is 7 Figure Franchise a Scam? – One Million Dollars in 12 Months?!

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Is 7 Figure Franchise a Scam?

Hey everyone! What’s up!?) I’m here again to review another product for you and today I’m going to review another new product called 7 Figure Franchise.

SFF (Seven Figure Franchise) has been created by Michael Chaney and if I want to be honest with you, I should say that he’s pretty successful guy in internet marketing. He has got many success in online marketing and released many different products in this field in the past and 7 Figure Franchise is just another product of him.

But if you think, I’m going to recommend 7 Figure Franchise to you because of the name (Michael Chaney) that is behind it, I’m sorry but you are wrong. I want to say straight away that I do not recommend this program and that’s not because I do not want you to make 7 figure online business, it’s because I do not want you to lose any money.

Actually I do not recommend you to buy any other products made by Michael Chaney and I know your first question is: why?! Well, I’m going to answer it in my review as well as share my deep review of 7 Figure Franchise with you which will help you to find all truth about this program as well as Michael Chaney. At the end and after reading my opinion about this program, you’ll be able to make your own decision and see if it’s something valuable for investment or not.

So stay with me and continue reading to find out why I do not recommend 7 Figure Franchise…


Product Name: 7 Figure Franchise

Official Website:

Owner: Michael Cheney

Product Type: Training for traffic generation

Cost: $1,100 monthly or $1,997 one-time payment

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is 7 figure franchise

What is 7 Figure Franchise?

As I’ve mentioned above, Michael Cheney is a successful guy in internet marketing. Did you notice that in which field he’s successful? Yea… Internet Marketing! It means he can create and promote products very well so if he’s able to do this well, it does not mean that he also make quality products as well.

But let’s talk about his latest product, 7 Figure Franchise. The first thing that I do not like in this program is that it’s too expensive which costs you $1997 to join! I’m reviewing online products for a long time now and I can say that this one is one of the most expensive ones especially for people who just started to learn about making money online.

There are many services which claim they’ll tech you how to make money online and they cost between $37, $47 or $57. Yes of course not all of them are quality systems and there are many scams among them which you also may lose those $37, $47, etc. too but the difference is between the amount of money you’ll lose. In the above case, you lose $57 in maximum if it’s a scam product but how much do you lose if you do not get success with 7 Figure Franchise? $1997…!

Well, it’s totally illogical from my point of view to invest a lot of money on something that may not work for you. I mean, you even cannot be sure about those $57 making money systems so how do you want to invest $1997 on a system with unclear background?

Let me ask you another question… if you want to spend that much money to earn online, why you want to invest it on someone else’s system and not your own? You can simply invest it on a reliable training to make your own website and your own online business.

Actually I do not see any point to purchasing a program and spending about $2000 on a system that is belongs to another person who you do not even know him well.

how 7 figure franchise works

How Does Elite Marketing Pro Work?

Have you ever thing that what he can do with that much of money? Yes, he could do anything! He could simply shuts down everything right away and you may not see him and his products tomorrow morning… He could just disappear into the air and if it happens, who is the loser? Yes, without doubt, it’s you! So why you should risk $2000 on a system that may not even exists tomorrow? I mean there’s not ANY guarantee for your money or success guys and again I do not see any point in that.

Now let’s take a look at what he claims. If you visit his website a big red sentence in the middle of the home page will get your attention first which he says: “I’m going to force you to make money whether you like it or not! Even if you’re totally a newbie with no experience, no website, no list and nothing at all!”. What a nice eye catching sentence! Did you remember I called him a successful guy in what? Yes, promoting products! And I think with above sentence, you’ve got what I mean.

He has got your attention with a couple of words and he’s what he knows how to do very well. Just, I guess he has forgotten to add “No Money” in above sentence; of course it’s not possible because he’ll request you pay a lot of money ($2000) to give you training.

In the below of the home page, you’ll see what’s the process. He claims that you’ll get success easily in 3 simple steps:

  1. You buy the training for $2000
  2. You go through training and will learn how to get traffic for your website
  3. You’ll get paid and start making money online!

Ok, we see 3 simple steps here which looks can be done very easily but it’s not. Yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds and what Michael Cheney claims at all.

Since he’s expert in marketing, he has used different sales tactics in the sales page. The above sentence which force you to make money is the first one and if you scroll down the page, you’ll see, he’s claiming that he has made more than $1,000,000 in the past 12 months! This is the second tactic he has used here to get your attention.

Do not get me wrong. I’m not telling you that it’s not possible to make that much money online, of course it’s possible and I personally know many persons who has made that much are online millionaires now. But both those persons and claims of Michael Cheney DOES NOT MEAN that you will be at the same level as theirs and are going to make that occasion as well.

The fact is that he’s trying to make a sound better than what the training really is. Then Michael answers this question: “why I’m giving you the key to my $1 million business?”

Then he answers the question: “I’m doing this because I’ve made a lot of money with this system in the past and I want you to make the same amount of money too!”

That’s it?! I expected to see a more believable answer. Where is logic for this answer? You’re helping me to make 1 million dollars because you have made it before?! Well, thank you but Bill Gates could help me better if it worked like that.

If you spend a lot of time and money to find this “Golden Key” to make money online… if you tried hard and put a lot of effort and energy behind this… if you stayed awake nights to find thus success path… why you should sell it to others? Just for helping people or making more money? Even if you want to make some more money, you would probably be able to do that by using your own system and make millions every year and you do not need to sell it to everyone. Sorry but it’s completely ridiculous!

Then we see a couple of screenshots from his earnings (which are probably fake) that shows how he has made huge amount of dollars before; like $1200 in one day alone or $300, $3000, $400 etc. Ok good for you but how did you make that and how we can make too? To be honest, I do not see any positive point in the training. Actually the training itself is pretty simple and it’s not worth even $200. You pay $2000 to get a little bit of information about internet marketing which can be found for FREE and more importantly you’ll learn how to promote HIS products.

So as you see, again he’s benefiting from this. You’ll buy the training and start promoting his products! Of course you’ll make commissions if you make any sales but what’s the point of promoting products for another person? Why do not make your own product/website and start promoting it for yourself?

Pros & Cons

There are some very valuable training programs that you can get for much less than $2000 which teach you everything you need to start your OWN online business so why incest your money on Michael Cheney’s business and wait for him to see if he does everything for you? And of course he’s not going to do everything for you for sure.

The only winner of this game is Michael Cheney and what you’ll do is something like buying a Franchise from him. Now you know why he has called it 7 Figure Franchise. So here’s what happens: you pay $2000 to buy franchise of promoting his products and after buying it, you have the rights to sell his product. It works exactly the same as McDonald’s marketing business model. You (and anyone else) can purchase a McDonald’s franchise then open a fast-food restaurant in your town and start selling all products of McDonald’s. Just like the McDonald’s, you are buying his franchise which give you the right to sell his products.

You know what’s the negative point? Buying this franchise and promoting products of Michael Cheney is ALL you’ll learn in the training! He’ll show you how to build a website and start promoting his products. That’s why I’ve told you that this game has only one winner and unfortunately it’s not you. Yes, you may be able to make some commissions but you won’t make any business for YOUSELF.

Finally, again I don’t recommend 7 Figure Franchise. If Michael Chaney knows how affiliate marketing works, it does not mean that his product is valuable too. So this is my opinion, stay away from it! But finally, it’s you who make the final decision!

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