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Is ACN a Scam? – Be Careful About New Model of Pyramid Scheme!

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There are many making money opportunities you find in Internet every day and ACN is only one of them. If you are wondering this is a real deal which you can take advantage of or not, my review is something you should read till end to find answer of this important question: Is ACN a scam or legit?

Sadly many people join new programs and paying membership’s fee without doing any research and the result of acting like this is losing money most of the times. ACN is a new program which claims you can earn money by doing simple things like surfing the web, talking with someone on the phone, watching videos on YT, send and receive short text messages, etc. That would be pretty cool right? But isn’t it too good to be true?

The first thing you should do when you see such that claims is doing a quick research about background of company or person who made that claim. Gladly you’ve already done it and that’s why you’re here now. Nothing can help you make a logical decision better than reading a detailed review about program or website you have doubt about.

According to reviews that I’ve read about this program, there are two different opinions about it. Some people call it a scam while others believe it’s legit and trustworthy. Persons who believe it’s nothing more than a scam say it uses a strong pyramid scheme model to make profit as much as possible from new members as well as keep itself alive by paying few members.

On the other hand, persons who mark it as a legit company say: “This is the method many companies use all around the world and everybody can make money from it”. They also show some screenshots of their payments they received from ACN.

So which one is true? Legit or Scam? Continue reading my review to find the truth!


Product Name: ACN, LLC (formerly ACN, Inc.)

Official Website:

Owner: Greg Provenzano & Robert Stevanovski

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company based on Telecommunication services

Cost to Join: $499 membership’s fee plus $39.99 monthly fee

Perfect for: People who like to earn money by recruiting other people

Summary: The truth is that ACN uses a business model which many people can’t get success with. I don’t call it a scam or pyramid scheme and although it’s a legit program in terms of legitimacy but the method they’ll tech you, low potential income and high cost of running your business are three main negative points which result failing of many people.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is acn

What is ACN All About?

If we take a short look at background of ACN, we found that it’s a Telecommunication Company which provides services to more than 20 countries all around the world from America to Europe. But what ACN means?

When you visit their official website, it says ACN is an “American Communications Network” so you’ll understand what it stands for. This telecommunication company is pretty famous in United States and they are known as a MLM (aka Multi-Level Marketing) company.

This is all we can understand from what they’ve written in their website.

how acn works

How ACN Works & How to Get Started with?

The same as other MLM companies, you’ll get commission for every qualified sale you make. As I’ve mentioned in “Summary” section, there is $499 fee you have to pay if you want to start promoting products and this is too high for beginners who want to build an online business. Also you will not get any commission if you don’t pay that membership’s fee.

ACN says $499 isn’t too much if you’ve just started and for that, you’ll get a step by step guide as well as access to their training center which can help you walk on the right direction.

If you think $499 is all cost involved in the program and you can start making money after that, I’m sorry but you’re wrong! $149 yearly fee is another cost you should consider before joining them and it’s because of services they will provide you on a yearly basis.

Well, I really don’t know what you will get for that amount of money since I didn’t pay it but I have not seen any training program which charge members that much at once in the beginning. $648 ($499+$149) isn’t the cost which everybody can pay easily.

All this gives me a negative view about ACN and it lets me think they’ve focused on making more profit from every new member rather than focusing on providing a quality service. I understand there’s always a cost and you must invest some money in advance if you want access to quality training materials (especially in making money online industry) but this cost should be reasonable, especially when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing business which you expect to earn money rather than paying.

Is ACN a Pyramid Scheme or It’s Something Different?

To answer this question, we should see what is called a pyramid scheme first. Normally we call a company pyramid scheme when it uses promises to attract new members to join system. New members will be encouraged to use the same method to invite other people into the scheme and this circle continue and according to this definition, ACN isn’t a pyramid scheme company.

There is not high potential income behind a pyramid scheme company since it’s based on recruiting new people and if you can’t do it constantly then no money can be made through it. Although ACN taches you how to attract people with pyramid scheme methods and that’s why many people see it as a pyramid scheme company but it does not work based on this business model and this is what you should keep in mind when you want to join it.

acn pros and cons

Pros & Cons – All Negative Points You Didn’t Know About ACN

  • High Risk of Failure

Let me be honest with you. According to stats, less than 1% of people who join ACN can make money with that! This means from every 100 members, only 1 member is able to make some cash with their system and don’t get me wrong because it’s not a big amount of money at all. It only covers your startup’s cost.

  • Game of Encouragement

You’ll be surprised with motivations you receive when you sign-up on ACN for the first time. This is actually a trick they use to keep members as motivate as possible. This system can continue working only when there are a couple of high-motivated members who can encourage others to join program as much as possible and ACN knows this fact very well.

I call it Game of Encouragement which does not bring any real valuable to members.

  • No Serious Money Can Be Made

ACN says there is residual income if you can recruit new people on a regular basis but this process takes serious time and you will not get success without a detailed step by step plan which is not provided in ACN’s platform.

  • Can You Pay +$1000?!

Forget about that $499 required to use system. The fact is that there are some other hidden costs which will increase your initial cost up to +$1000. For example there is a $39/m fee which let you use their assistant service and if you pay it only for 1 year (this is required time to get success), it’ll cost you ~$480 after first year.

Add it into $149 fee you will pay to renewal your account yearly and you will ended up with +$1000 cost for the first year easily. Now here is the question: is this system really worth $1000? I don’t think so…

is acn scam or not

Final Conclusion – Is ACN a Scam?

If you read only one part of my review, you know the answer very well now. And if you think it’s scam, I surprise you by telling that it’s not!

Although I’m not going to recommend you ACN but there are enough reasons which proof that this is a legit company. ACN is an official member of DSA which started working many years ago in around 1993 or 1994. As a rule, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) monitors every registered company closely and ACN isn’t an exception so if there was any issue with this company, they could not continue for a long time.

Anyway, with all negative points I’ve mentioned above, it must be said that ACN isn’t an opportunity which can give you financial freedom so investing money and time behind it won’t make you happy at the end. Again ACN isn’t a scam or pyramid scheme for sure, it’s an official and legit Multi-Level Marketing company but… it’s not worth trying.

If you still believe you can get success through ACN then nothing can stop you from joining them! But before signing up, please make sure you have already extensive experience in internet marketing and promoting products as well as you’re ready to lose money first!

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