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Is Acti Labs a Scam? – What You Should Know First!

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The first glance of Acti Labs was not hopeful at all for me. Before reviewing it, I’ve taken a look at reviews of other people and I’ve found out that there are a lot of negative reviews on this product. Although “is Acti Labs a scam or not?” is one of the main questions I’m going to answer in my review but it’s not the only topic I’ll talk about and I’ll cover several other important facts about Acti Labs.

Although I always try to be honest in my review and not let the opinion of other people effects on my own thought but it should be said that I didn’t feel good after seeing all those negative words about Acti Labs even before starting my review.

Anyway, this is my review of Acti Labs which let you make a profit from making sales through an MLM business model. My experience says that research is needed always for every new company, especially if it has an attractive ad and there are several big competitors around it.

It’s nice to see that there are still persons who do research on any new business opportunity and not get scammed is just a small reward they receive for doing their research.

I believe that making money online should be a possible way for everybody who is looking for that but some people (read scammers) want to keep it as a secret for only themselves and express themselves as a person who knows this big secret but there’s no secret about money making online!

Unlike similar Acti Labs reviews, I won’t talk just about the pros and cons of this product. In addition, to give you a clear conclusion about this company, I’ll show you the Right Way (the exact method I’m using) for earning a full-time income online.

Now, I guess it’s better to dive into my unbiased review of Acti Labs. Ready? Let’s go! )


Product Name: Acti Labs Hydra Slim

Official Website:

Owner: Acti-Laboratories

Type: MLM Based On Direct Selling

Price: It starts at $16 and goes up to hundreds of dollars

Should You Give It a Try? Only if you have related experience in selling beauty and weight loss products and if you are happy to make some commission (not changing your life) through this way then feel free to give it a shot, otherwise, it won’t be beneficial for you.

Summary: Acti Labs became famous for introducing its new product Hydra Slim. Although this company is in the business for just a few years now but it’s done a good job by producing a significant amount of quality products in the health and beauty industry.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is acti labs

Intro – What Is Acti Labs All About?

It was about 3 years ago when Christopher J. Hillyard run Acti Labs and although it’s managed by Hillyard Millard now but the detailed business plan created and run by Christopher turned this company to a leader in only 3 years, especially after releasing its new product, Hydra Slim which has got the attention of people in a short time.

And more importantly, Acti Labs could go from an unrated company to an A+ rated brand during these 3 years and when a company rated as high as A+ by BBB (Better Business Bureau), we should definitely distinguish between it and other companies.

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how acti labs works

How Acti Labs Works Exactly?

I guess it’s more correct to say how Acti Labs Hydra Slim works because it’s the most popular product of this company that we are going to know more about it here.

One of the suggested ways to lose extra weight is using organic weight loss-friendly foods and Acti Labs provides this on Hydra Slim which lets people get rid of their belly fat with the help of fresh fruits and botanical without adding any additional sugar. Acti Labs says there are 5 important factors that Hydra Slim are made based on.

Each product are used for specific reasons, for example, if you use diluting 10 mL solution is something you have used constantly with water then after 25 days you can use Hydra Slim (250 mL) and you should not take more than one piece of it every day.

Also, it’s advised to use Strip Tea if it’s not a warm season like late spring or summer and you want to use a dietary supplement.

Because of the Hydra Slim, some people think that Acti Labs focused on only weight-loss products but it’s not true and taking a look at items list of this company and see products for skin and body care, Pour Homme, Makeup, Daily Essentials, etc. shows us that they are selling many different products and they didn’t limit themselves to only weight loss pills and supplements.

See If The Commission You Make Is Right For You

Amount of commission you can make through selling products of Acti-Labs is depended on the product price as well as the number of sales you make in a daily or weekly basis. Like many other types of sales commission plans, your commission will be increased if you sell more expensive products or more items.

Before telling you more about the amount of commission you can make through Acti-Labs, let me talk about a new feature of Acti Labs called Acti-Cash which let you purchase products of Acti-Labs at a cheaper price. If you are interested to buy one of the Acti Labs products, you can use the credit of your Acti-Cash. You get $20 and you can spend it when you want to buy a product from Acti Labs but this $20 will be credited to your Acti-Cash account only if you sell $200 in half of the month (between 1st and 14th of the current month).

But what about the commission from direct sales? There’s nothing complicated about commission you can get here; it starts from %20 and goes up to %30 if you sell more items. For example, you receive a %20 commission if your total sales are less $500 but if you can sell more than $1000, your commission will be increased to 30% automatically. This is a common method for companies to encourage marketer to sell more products.

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acti labs review

Acti Labs – Pros & Cons


I think you now know everything you needed to know about Acti Labs and its products. Now let’s see what are the positive points of this company and after that, we’ll take a look at its cons. There are two main things I liked about Acti Labs:

  • It does not cheat people with crappy items. It’s a fact that products of Acti Labs are not the best in the world but they are good enough to get the 80% satisfaction of their customers and this is absolutely a great achievement for a health and wellness company.
    Although there are some negative feedbacks about the price of the products which considered expensive but people are happy with the result they get after using their products.
  • They are honest with customers and affiliates. I’ve worked with many different MLM companies in the past and have seen tons of unrealistic income claims from them. The main aim of showing not real income claims is attracting people to join the program and start promoting products of the company as much as possible and it’s good to see that Acti Labs didn’t choose this way as a marketing strategy.


Now it’s time to see the cons of Acti Labs and all those negative things that convinced me that this MLM opportunity is not the best money making opportunity you can find on the Internet.

  • The first negative point of Acti Labs is about one of its features called ‘Team Commission’. Although your commission is higher if you receive it as team commission but the problem is that a certain monthly quota should be reached by you before joining to team commission and you won’t get anything as team commission if you can’t reach that.
  • The second thing I considered as a con for Acti Labs is lack of information. Unfortunately, there’s not any information about their MLM program. You are lucky if you hear about MLM opportunity of Acti Labs from your friend or you will be invited to join their program by another person because if you land on their official website, there’s nothing about it!

I’ve surfed their website several times and checked all sections but I could not find any information about that. I don’t know why they’ve decided to hide this critical information but I’m sure if they publish it publicly, much more people can get benefits from it.

is acti labs scam

Final Word – Is Acti Labs a Scam? 

Fortunately, unlike crappy platforms like Buyout Millionaires Club, we are facing with a legit and reliable company when it comes to reviewing Acti Labs. Everything confirms that Acti Labs is a legit company and my research shows that all marketers, affiliates, and ambassadors who work with them are getting paid.

Many different people can get benefit from Acti Labs company but to be honest, it’s not suitable for everyone. If you have not had any previous experience in working in an MLM business then you are not going to have an easy job because big competitors like Younique, Nerium  International or even Limu are out there and they have a better reputation than Acti Labs so when it comes to a purchase-decision you know which one people prefer to choose.

On the other hand, when we compare the quality and price of Acti Labs with other competitors, we see a great opportunity behind it. Although this company does not have a good compensation plan compared to competitors I mentioned above but Acti Labs could keep the price at a standard level and increase the quality of the products at the same time so if you could show this fact to people and promote their items in the right way, there’s a high chance that you can make good money from it.

MLM never been my favorite method for making money online because of all those negative points I’ve mentioned in this article above, so if you want to know how I make full-time online the Right Way, keep reading my Best Recommendation section below.

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  1. Hi Ali, your pors was very informative, and to my opinion gave a very balanced and objective point of view. I Personally have a bit of a doubt when it comes to MLM programs, I don’t believe them as a convenient and sustainable form to make business unless you are at the very top. I find affiliate programs much more convenient in that matter.
    As to the products themselves, whatever is helping people have a healthy lifestyle will always grab my attention, glad you gave them this Pro.

  2. Hi Ali, thank you for the information. I think it’s very important to be informed about a products/website/other before joining or dedicating yourself to it. Something I always like to check is comments and reviews about customer service. If the customer service is not good and has a lot of bad reviews then its harder for me to want to join them. I haven’t heard about this product before but you did provide great amount of information. Again, thanks. Looking forward to your future articles!

  3. This is a really great article Ali!

    I had no idea what Acti-Labs was but I feel like you have given me a very comprehensive overview of it and the services it offers. I really like the way you’ve broken it down into manageable sections and it flows very naturally.

    With regard to your terminology I would suggest that when you first mention things like MLM models you just put an explanation in afterwards (like this) as some people may be very new to this world and not know what that means (like me!)

    Overall I think your article is very well written and easy to read and I really like the fact that throughout there are links to help people access the services you personally recommend to make money online, which is exactly what anyone reading this will be looking for.


  4. Hello, I am sorry to ask but I am new to this now.

    According to what I have researched is that most MLM are pyramid schemes.

    But according to what I read here Acti Labs has a affiliate program , am I right?

    The biggest concern for me is that second Con, not precisely knowing what a program is about is my biggest fear. I do tons of research before I go and invest my time or money into something. And even when researching there are no guarantees.

    But thank you for shedding light on this company.

  5. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for this review. I like that you don’t let your judgment get clouded by other people’s opinions. You are so right when saying that you have to do your research on EVERY business opportunities. I wish I’ve done that too in the past. I jumped into another MLM ‘business opp’ and lost everything. You live and learn, right?
    Luckily I’m learning other ways to money online in safer and actually working ways like Affiliate marketing.
    When starting it’s great to have a platform that teaches you the how’s and a community for support. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best out there. No hidden costs as you worded it. I tried other programs where you get a “free” blueprint but no training on how to use it.
    Or programs where you paid great money for training you could find for free on Youtube. that teaches you the basics and you are still left alone to figure it out.

    I was just wondering. Are there any MLM’s that are worth your time, especially when you are online-based?

    1. Hi Nikeze and thanks for your comment. No, I’m not a fan of LML business and I don’t think you can find any valuable opportunity in this industry.

  6. Thanks for the information and for doing the homework Ali. It looks like you are being fair and balanced. Any time anyone offers me an opportunity the first thing I do is look for reviews. It sounds like this is the sort of MLM where if you like and want to use the product, then you may do OK given that perhaps your friends will too and then you have the makings of a small opportunity, although it doesn’t sound much like a serious Business opportunity if its about making money.
    The challenge with a lot of MLM’s is that you don’t get a lot of the detail until you’ve made an investment that you may not get back.

  7. Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for revealing the truth behind an another MLM called :Acti labs .
    Personally I have never heard about this product , but now after I came across your post,I can tell that I have enough information to deal with if I want to monetize this product as it has good and quality items you can choose from.
    Again Thank you ,for being so honest and clear When presenting your review about Acti tabs products.
    I guess any affiliate marketers , after checking out the icons and pros of this topic ,can easy decide whether they can promote it or not .

  8. Very informative post. My experience with MLM’s in the past has not been good, especially in the health market. I find affiliate marketing to be a much easier business model and not so much of a grind as working an MLM. It really depends on how good the product is whether you can make money. If it’s just about recruiting people, then it will fizzle out quick. Stick to affiliate marketing.

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