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Is Alladswork a Scam? – All Facts You Did Not Know!

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Thanks for choosing my article to read review of All Ads Work. Is Alladswork a scam is the most important question that I am going to answer in my review but that’s not the only question. How Alladswork works and is it worth to trying this service are some other questions will be covered in detail in my review.

With help of Alladswork’s tools, people can handle their advertising tasks much easier and also they have an opportunity to make some cash through its revenue sharing model. Not only Alladswork but many other companies try to get your attention by showing great opportunities for revenue sharing and you know better than me that you should not trust these advertising easily.

If you are here, it means that you are doing your own research to find all facts about Alladswork and this is what I congratulate you for. My honest review helps you find all information you need about this network and since I’m not affiliate and do not get any profit from them, you can make sure that this is a real review not a sponsored fake review.

Let’s take a look at a couple of questions come to mind when we talk about Alladswork:

  • Is Alladswork scam or it’s a legit company?
  • Am I wasting my time or it’ll be valuable?
  • Can I trust this network or I should stay away from it?
  • And finally… Am I going to make or lose money with Alladswork?

Let’s start without wasting any time!


Product Name: Alladswork

Founder:  Annique Doman

Type: Revenue Sharing

Cost to Join: $10

Who Should Join? Nobody

Review Summary:

At the beginning it’s good to know that we are talking about an advertising platform with over 600,000 members so we can’t ignore them easily especially when you know that advertisers can make money with revenue sharing model of Alladswork. But to be honest, this is an old method which scammers use to attract more people so if it’s up there with a lot of members today, it does not mean that it’ll be there tomorrow!

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is alladswork

Overview – What is Alladswork Exactly?

In simple words, it’s a community between two groups of members; the first group are people who want to advertise their business and the second group are those who get money to see ads. Alladswork sells ad packs which means if you want get visitors for your website, you can choose one of their packs and if you join them as a member and can sell ad packs to other people, you’ll get commission.

how alladswork works

How Does Alladswork Exactly Work?

The same as many ad networks, you do not need to pay any money to join them at the beginning but to make money, you have to purchase one of their ad packs which is available in different prices.

Let’s take a closer look at different types of ad packs you have access to in the program:

Plan One – This is the cheapest type of ad pack available in Alladswork which will cost you $10. If you can promote and sell it successfully, you’ll receive $12. There is a limitation of 50 for buying this pack which means for example if you want to purchase 60 ad packs, you can’t get it in Plan One and should move to Plan Two.

Plan Two – You can make up to $24 with this plan and it costs you $20. You’ll get 100 ad packs if you purchase Plan Two and the same as Plan One, if you want to get more than 100 credits, Plan Three should be bought by you.

Plan Three – This is not the most expensive plan available on Alladswork but it’s one those costly ones, especially if you’re in a limited budget. To have this plan and take advantage of its 400 credits/ad packs, you should pay $40 and with $8 profit, you can make $48 if you sell it successfully. But if you still need more credit, the last plan (Plan Four) is for you.

Plan Four – This is the most expensive plan which will cost you $60 and you can make up to $72 through it. You do not need to move to upper plan if you get this plan because Plan Four gives you unlimited credit/ad packs.

What about Referral Commission of Alladswork?

Referral commission is another way of making money through Alladswork. There is a %8 revenue if you can refer someone else to the program and when he/she make a purchase. To make profit from referring people, you should know something about marketing and getting new referrals on a regular basis.

There is not a fixed commission if you get referrals and it’s sorted in 5 different levels that I mention below;

  • Level One – You can earn up to %8 commission at this level
  • Level Two – You can earn up to %2 commission at this level
  • Level Three – You can earn up to %1 commission at this level
  • Level Four – You can earn up to %1 commission at this level
  • Level Five – You can earn up to %1 commission at this level

There is also a minimum threshold of $10 that you should reach to receive your money and Perfect Money, Bitcoins and Payeer are online payment options to receive your money. Yes they do not support famous option, PayPal!

pros and cons alladswork

What Are All Complaints About AllAdsWork?

Complaint #1- Revenue Sharing: The first problem with AllAdsWork is that its business model is not reliable and it can be shut down anytime! Imagine what happens if nobody buy one of their ad packs one day… Yes there won’t be AllAdsWork anymore. They alive because they have customers and they could not (or did not) add any additional revenue generating model into their program till now.

Of course they have revenue sharing as well but who cares about it! I mean as long as there are well-known advertising services like Google or Bing, who are interested to pay money to get ad places in websites like AllAdsWork?

The only reason people join AllAdsWork is making money. I think if they did not have revenue sharing model, they could not be up there for even 1 week. So do you like to work with a company which takes money from other people to pay you and keep you happy? I personally do not like to participate in this cheating scheme.

So if someday they can’t get promote themselves, they won’t have new members and if there is not new member, there is not money too.

Complaint #2- Product with Low Quality:

What you can find in AllAdsWork except of advertising service? The answer is nothing! Actually advertising is the only service you can purchase there and of course it’s a million dollar business if it used the right way but company and advertisers are very smart these days, they don’t pay even a cent on not profitable services.

Again if you were an advertiser, would you willing to invest your money on a less-known brand like AllAdsWork while there are big players like YouTube, Google, Facebook or Bing? Why you should put your money in risk when you have better options with millions of million visitors?

It’s more logical for companies, individuals and businesses to run their ads on above famous advertising platforms so they know there are high potential of targeted visitors for them and they also can increase their ROI.

As result spending money on platforms like Alladswork turns into kind of a waste of time because it puts your brand and ad in front of people who do not care about your company and those people are poor traffic because they came to Alladswork just to earn online so anything other than this (like seeing your ad) is worthless for them

The only reason people (read members) read and see your ads is because Alladswork pays money to them and they need to watch ads to reach that minimum threshold of $10. As you see everything is planned there and Alladswork and members who watch ads are only persons who get benefit from this business.

is alladswork scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Alladswork a Scam?

Let me be honest with you, if you join Alladswork and start watching ads, you can make money (a little bit) and there are reviews from people who confirm they get paid by Alladswork so technically I call it a legit program at the moment but without doubt it can continue only for a short period of time not more.

If they decide to change their revenue sharing model and add more options to it to make it valuable for both sides (advertises and publishers) then I may change my mind too but at the moment, that’s not my recommendation and I do not change my opinion as long as they do not change their revenue generation options.

High-risk involved in this advertising network and there is a high chance of losing your hard earned money if you decide to give it a try. Except of members who earn money for watching ads as well as Alladswork that make profit from people who purchase ad packs, everyone else is a loser here.

Another negative point about this network is that they do not guarantee your revenue (because maybe they know better than anyone else what they are exactly doing). So if you make even $1000 one day, you may lose it instantly if Alladswork loses their new buyers.

By the way, did you know that you won’t get any refund if you invest on Alladswork? This means, if you regret for any reason even 1 hour after investing, there is not any money-back guarantee at all.

my recommendation

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