is ambit energy a pyramid scheme

Is Ambit Energy a Pyramid Scheme? – Here is What You SHOULD Know!

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  • Will you like to save a lot of money on your electricity bill?
  • Will you like to earn some residual income in addition to your normal income?
  • Will you like to be financially free?

You can achieve all this with Ambit Energy! Now your question is: Is ambit energy a pyramid scheme or it really gives you those opportunities?

The above is from Ambit Energy’s marketing campaign. They lure you in with those words. They promise you will make a lot of money if you switch your electric provider to them. But can you save on electricity bills if you switch to Ambit Energy? Read on to find out more

This review will tell you all that you need to know about making money with Ambit Energy. It will tell how much you stand to make with the company. I am not affiliated with Ambit Energy in any way, so you can be sure that is a 100% honest review. Let’s start the review and tell you all that you want to know.


Name: Ambit Energy

Founded: 2006 by Jere Thompson – Chris Chambles

Cost: $429 plus a $24.95 monthly fee to stay active

Type & Industry: Multi-Level Marketing. Energy Products.

Short Review: Even though, Ambit Energy has been quite controversial, it is not an illegal pyramid scheme. There are people that complained of increased electric bills after switching over to Ambit Energy while some people reported reduced electric bills.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is ambit energy

But you need to pay extra money every month because of the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) marketing that is involved with Ambit Energy. It’s best that you take your electricity from a company that is not involved in any MLM marketing, so you won’t have to pay an extra fee every month.

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Background – What is Ambit Energy?

Founded in 2006, Ambit Energy is an international energy company that was founded by Jere Thompson Jr and Chris Chambles. The corporate headquarters of Ambit Energy is in Dallas, Texas. The operational headquarters is in Plano, Texas. Ambit Energy uses an MLM scheme to market their natural gas and electricity service in energy markets in the United States.

Ambit Energy is focused on homeowners all over America. The company also has a branch in Japan. Prior to deregulation, you couldn’t choose your energy provider in America. But after deregulation, you were allowed to pick your energy provider.

The mission statement of Ambit Energy reveals that they want to provide the best energy products for users worldwide. Obviously, every energy company wants to provide the best services for their customers. No one wants to be anything other than the best.

Ambit Energy is not an illegal pyramid scheme or a scam. They are involved in the sale of energy products, so there is an actual product involved. They do not specialize in recruiting people. But recruiting is a big part of Ambit Energy which is why a lot of people have compared Ambit Energy to other pyramid schemes.

Someone I know personally started using Ambit Energy, and his electricity bill became exponentially larger after joining. There are also a few other people that have complained of receiving electricity bills two or three times larger than what they are billed normally after switching over.

But most people reported normal electric billings. Some even said that their electricity bills went down. I’m sure that what you are really interested in is the money-making opportunity provided by Ambit Energy. We’ll jump right to that.

how ambit energy works

 Ambit Energy Compensation Plan – Let’s Discuss!

To join Ambit Energy business opportunity, you need to pay a one-time fee of $429. After the one-time fee, you will need to make monthly payments of $24.95. This may sound expensive compared to other MLM systems that allow you to join them for less than $100. But according to consultants from Ambit Energy, they charge you a high price to join because their money-making potential is high.

They tell you that you can earn a lot of residual income through the power of multiplication. They tell you to bring in 3 consultants who will bring in 3 customers of their own. Then they tell you about the commission structure which is 7 tiered and tell you that you can make up to $12,000 in one month.

But of course, things are not as easy as they make it seem. This is why over 95% of people that try MLM schemes fail. They deceive you with their sweet words of recruiting just 2 or 3 people, and you will become a millionaire. They tell you how their 7-tier compensation plan can earn you a lot of money without you doing much.

They tell you that it is easy to sell Ambit Energy because Ambit Energy sells for itself and you don’t need to sell any actual product. They tell you how everyone needs electricity, and everyone needs to make extra money. But things are not as easy as this. If it were that easy, Ambit Energy wouldn’t be using an MLM scheme to sell their products. Their products should sell for themselves without enlisting the services of MLM marketers.

When you try selling electricity to people, you will realize that it is not that easy. It’s hard to convince people to change their electricity provider. Even those that were on expensive plans were reluctant to change. You will face a lot of rejections.

“I Was Able to Recruit 3. Can I Retire Now?”

The reality is that over 95%of people that try MLM schemes fail. Sometimes the failure rate stretches to over 99%. So, you are striving to be among the 1-5% that succeed. Network marketing often goes through the following process:

  • You invite 100 people to join an MLM scheme
  • Not more than 20 will join (if you’re even lucky to get up to 20!)
  • 10 out of those 20 people leave the first month, so you are left with 10 people
  • 7 out of those 10 people leave after a year because they have invested a lot of time and money without getting much in return and you are left with 3 people
  • 2 of those 3 people leave because they have moved on to other things
  • Then you have just one person below your downline who still believes in the business

To be honest, there is not any way except than recruiting people when you want to make money with Ambit Energy. The fact is that many persons who make money through recruiting model can only continue working for a few days and except few ones, others give up soon.

Actually, it’s not as good as what companies say. If you have worked with companies like Amway or Mary Kay before, you know that MLM business is one of the hardest careers you can make money from the internet.

If you have enough time (at least 30 or 40 hours a week), if you are a hard-worker person and if you can be “patience” enough to recruit tens of people daily and encourage them to stay in the program (because you only make money when they recruit new people) then feel free to give it a try but do not expect to get rich with that.

I wanted to make everything clear about MLM business and tell you what’s going on inside this industry; hope it helps you make the best decision if you want to give an MLM business a try.

ambit energy pros and cons

What Are Complaints About Ambit Energy?

It’s always good to know ALL facts about a company when you want to join it and it’s something I’m going to share with you here about Ambit Energy.

Well, complaints happen for almost all companies from Samsung or LG to less-known brands. Unfortunately, it happened for Ambit Energy too which they had to pay about one million dollars to their customers in 2015 with court vote of New York City.

They had to accept this vote because if they didn’t pay that $1 million, they should shut down their business. Although this is not the only complaint about Ambit Energy but because of that big amount of money, it gets the attention of people a lot. And finally, to stay alive, they had to pay that $1 million to their customers as a refund.

One of the main sources I’m always looking at when I want to see what are complaints about a company is BBB (aka Better Business Bureau). According to BBB report, more than 500 complaints from different customers in different topics have been submitted for Ambit Energy.

Complaints included but not limited to:

  • Lack of information about their marketing strategy which make customers confused
  • Gap between price that they promised and what customers had to pay
  • Giving misleading information to customers from their consultant

I guess we can’t compare this kind of complaints with normal ones that well-known brands like Apple Company receive so I think it makes many things clear for you.

What about Making Money Opportunity that Ambit Energy Provides?

Well, I see something valuable inside business opportunity of Ambit Energy because your task is promoting and selling electricity devices and this is what almost everybody needs.

Although there is a good potential for making money through electricity devices facts like more than five hundreds of complains and pyramid model they use to attract new customers stop me from joining them!

You will put yourself in a circle machine which push you to recruit new people into system and only if those persons who join this game through your referral link continue recruiting new customers, you’ll be able to make money.

is ambit energy pyramid scheme

My Final Conclusion – Is Ambit Energy a Pyramid Scheme?

Actually during the last couple of years that I review making money programs and MLM companies the only thing that is common between almost all of them is that price of products they are selling is higher than standard price and it’s because they need to cover the cost as well as pay their partners.

Also, it’s not always free to join their partnership program and a fee is mostly included or you need to but a package of products to be able to sell them. The only reason they give you for this is that the quality of their products is better than similar products but it’s not true and this is just a trick has been used by MLM companies.

Anyway, if you are totally free and can pay product’s cost and membership fee and also if it’s ok for you to do not get any guarantee for your profit then you can join an MLM company but normally I do not recommend this kind of business especially when there are much better ways to build your own online business and start making money from the Internet.

my recommendation

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