is American Consumer Panels scam

Is American Consumer Panels Scam? – Without Doubt Yes!

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Is American Consumer Panels Scam?

Do They Pay $45/Hour? This is the first question you should ask yourself. American Consumer Panels (aka ACP) claims that you can make up to $45 per hour by only testing products and giving your feedback to the companies but it’s not what I’ve personally experienced in my in deep review of American Consumer Panels. Continue reading to find out why I do not recommend this company.


Product Name: American Consumer Panels

Official Website:

Type: Get Paid By Testing Products

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is american consumer panels

Make Money by Testing Free Products

What do you think if you see an opportunity for making money online which is willing to pay you from $25 to $45 per hour for testing new quality products like Xbox, Smart TV, NutriBullet-in-Cherry -Smoothie Machine etc.? Does it sound too good to be true?

Well it’s something that American Consumer Panels claims and there are only two ways to find out if it’s true or not:

  1. Join them and test it by yourself (Not recommended because it costs your money and time)
  2. Read the next couple of paragraph to find all the truth about this company (Recommended and does not cost your anything!)

With claim of paying $45 per hour as well as showing pictures from people who had made that amount of money before, it gets attention of many people easily. In this review of ACP, you will find out that you should not trust every single company that you see in the web and more importantly, you’ll find out what’s the right way for making money online.

Without doubt, information and facts about American Consumer Panels that included in this review will be useful for you so I recommend you read this first before making any decision, also feel free to ask any questions at the comment section if there is still something unclear for you at the end.

What Is American Consumer Panels All About?

ACP claims that it started its work 12 years ago in 2006 but there are some facts which shows the truth is something else. They say that you’ll be able to make money by testing products in their website. Well this is not the first time that I’m reviewing a company which is willing to pay you for testing products. I’ve recently made a list of all legit companies that pay users to test products but ACP is not on my list.

Although it does the same thing which means, you just need to sign up with them and receive and test product then leave your feedback but there are some big red flags and does not let me to put it on my list of legit companies.

how american consumer panels works

How American Consumer Panels Works?

The first thing I want to tell about ACP is about products that they claim you’ll get for testing. I’m also going to tell you that what’s wrong with products that they offer and why I’m not trust them. But before that, I think you should know about the technics they use to attract people and see how they encourage them to join their program with an eye catching ads and interesting things that they mention in their site.

Well, making $250 minimum weekly with zero experience is something that ACP guarantees you’ll have when you join them and this is not something that I can trust easily.

Is $25 Hourly too good to be true?

Have I told you that they claim that you’ll have at least 15-20 hours of projects for working per week? Yes, this is another thing that they tell you about and when we mix it with that “No Experience Needed” they mentioned too, we find all it very attractive opportunity.

But wait… take a deep breath to control your excitement and continue reading to find the fact!

You know better than me that making money online/offline IS NOT EASY and here are my main reasons why I do not recommend ACP to anyone. These facts let you find the truth about this company and show you what’s the right way for making money online.

My Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from American Consumer Panels

I’ve told you about all things that ACP claims you’ll have after joining them and now I want to tell you about all facts that you should know about them before joining:

1.A lot of Negative Feedback

Nobody is perfect! This is what I believe and that’s why sometimes we see negative reviews even for well-known global companies like Microsoft or Facebook. But this is only acceptable when number of negative feedbacks is lower than positive ones which does not happen for American Consumer Panels. If you do a little research on the web for ACP reviews, you’ll see that more than 90% of reviews is negative for this company and that’s not a good point at all for a company that you want to work with.

Many and many people are out there that say they spent a lot of time to write quality reviews for ACP but they did not get paid anything. Again do your research to see how many negative reviews about ACP is out there. I’ve done it and it was hard for me to find only one positive feedback!

Well I always trust what people say about a company because feedback from real people is more reliable compared to what the company says and after seeing a tons of negative reviews about ACP, it’s hard for me to believe that it’s a legit company.

2.Domain Authority

I hate lying and if I see a company says something that is not true, I totally lose my confidence about that company. It’s something that happened for me about ACP when I’ve seen that they mention clearly that their website is up there for more than 12 years now and that’s one of the reasons why they are a legit company but when I’ve checked it manually in Domain Authority Checker sites like MOZ, the truth was something else.

According to the domain authority sites, domain of American Consumer Panels is registered just 3 year ago in 2015 and stranger thing is that it was impossible for me to find information about this company before that year (2015). Also the feedback and reviews that are about them are just published after 2015 which shows that nobody did not know about them before that OR Simply They Did Not Exist Before 2015!

3.Are They Still Available?

I continued reading reviews and found something interesting in the recent reviews. I’ve found that some people say that they could not open an account in ACP when they wanted to apply for jobs and it putted another read flag in front of their name as well as brings a big question: Are they still working?

Lack of online support, not paying to the members and a few or even no positive reviews about the company are other main common things that I’ve found in the reviews. I hope that ACP is not working anymore but if it’s still available, it must be said that they are having a very poor performance which brings them more and more negative reviews in return. Also availability of working on different projects except of testing products is another thing that I’ve never found in their site.

Conclusion – Is American Consumer Panels Scam?

According to all those serious problems that I’ve mentioned above as well as many negative reviews about ACP all around the web, I confirm that it’s a scam and you should avoid it. There are many negative things about this company such as not paying to the members which is one of the main reasons you should not join it.

I’ve tried to find something positive about ACP and although it was too hard but I’ve found something. Here is one of those few positive review that I’ve seen about American Consumer Panels:

“The positive side is that Brian has been revived $11 as his payment for working on ACP but it took about 5 months for him to receive the payment!”

If I disregard all above negative points about ACP, I cannot disregard this one! Why you should wait 5 months to receive your payment and is it really worth to wait that long for that amount of money? I do not think so. Of course, you have to continue working with them while you are waiting for your payment because if you stop working, your account will be deactivated and you do not receive even that $11!

As I’ve mentioned before, reviewing making money online programs is my main tasks and I’ve doing this for a long time. It must be said making money online is an attractive thing for many people who are ready to pay money to find a way for earning online. This is exactly the main weakness that scammers use to scam beginners. Of course, make money from the internet and from your home is totally possible but you should always be careful about all those many scams out there.

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  1. American Consumer Panel is preying on unsuspecting people and taking their money. Why can’t the authorities stop this? They say their address is World Trade Center, I checked, doesn’t exist. Scam,Scam,Scam.!!!!!

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