Is American Income Life a Scam

Is American Income Life A Scam or You Can Trust it Totally?

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I have to review the American Income Life on basis of its legitimacy as per the request. In my research, I have come across several reviews and people who have first-hand experience with this online scheme. Honestly, most comments are not pleasant, especially in their insurance business. However, how they do insurance business is not the focus of my review. The question is if this is a real opportunity for you to make real money.

Millions of people across the globe have already dived into it with the illusion of a great company. But suspicions surface almost immediately after joining. Most people find out the structure and processes are not as per the advertisements. This is the reason I have to explain every aspect of the business and define its credibility and legitimacy.


Product Name: American Income Life

Official Website:

Cost: $490

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

Summary Review: Americans are lured to the belief of real jobs in a big company but the truth is opposite. American Income Life hires you to be an independent contractor, it is not an employment opportunity; there are no real jobs!

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what is american income life

What is American Income Life?

While it poses as an insurance company offering sales jobs, American Income Life is a Multi-level Marketing company. There is no salary, you earn from commissions. Selling insurance will of course earn you commissions but real money and core business of the company is in the recruitment process. In fact, the training process leans on equipping you with recruitment techniques. You earn from every recruit as well as recruits of your recruits. Noticeably, managers in the company will push trainees to spend most of their time recruiting than selling insurance because the managers also earn from the recruitment process. Everything in its business points to an MLM company.

Interestingly, you have to pay to get the job. Real jobs don’t come with a price. In as much as some people try to explain how the company offers real employment opportunities, it is a pyramid scheme. They have tailored their recruitment process to seem like a real interview for a real job.

The focus on recruitment rather than selling insurance is reason enough to dismiss American Income Life as a real employment opportunity. Why would you pay to get a job? I know the 21st century is characterized by difficult economic times and anyone would take a second or third job but this should not be an option.

american income life review

How American Income Life Really Works

The on-boarding process is well structured. After the interviews, you are required to sign official documents and attend trainings just like any serious job. With all these, you can easily be lured to thinking you finally have your dream job until it gets to training and you realize there is no salary.

Your earnings are dependent on selling insurance and recruitments. Actually, you are not an employee; you work as an independent contractor earning commissions. Of course, it is frustrating because of false advertisements and benefits the recruiters used to woe you. If it was a real job, you will be guaranteed of salary at the end of the month. However, earning at American Income Life is dependent on your daily effort to talk and convince people either to join the company or buy insurance.

You will be told everything you want to hear and dream of in life with regards to career. Most people are motivated in the trainings where heaven is promised. They will tell you how you will be earning a six-figure income in few months and how you can retire in less than ten years because of regular flow of residual earnings throughout the year. The promises of a good life attributes to increasing number of recruits at American Income Life. However, people find out it is an MLM and quit, usually, after several months.

American Income Life is a waste of time!

Is the American Income Life Insurance Company For You?

The sales aspect is only a cover of the pyramid scheme technique. Why would you recruit people to earn if it is a sales job? Yes, you will be introduced to life insurance policies as their products and you will have to go knocking strangers’ houses to cold-pitch. After several attempts to sell the insurance, you will realize it is an inferior policy. Some recruits are lucky to be warned by strangers they try to sell to.

Typically, you will be enticed with growth opportunities within the company. Recruits are assigned fake titles to boost self-esteem and feel part of a company. Before you are sent out to sale or recruit every morning, possibilities of growth and financial abundance is pumped into your mind to ensure you are hooked. After the presentations by gifted individuals that will automatically convince you, a test is given before you are confirmed as an “employee.” The test costs $40, you might fail several times hence need to make several payments.

is american income life scam

Is American Income Life a Scam?

The lies and empty promises present it as an MLM and pyramid scheme. There is no real job or employment with the company. They only use you to lure others that will make payments and help the owner achieve certain financial goals. Somehow, the company has survived for 70 years by adopting new techniques around sale of insurance policies. The complaints and negative reviews about the insurance are enough to point American Income life to a scam.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, Ali.

    I have sold and trained insurance agents since 2011, and can confirm the “opportunity” with American Income Life ain’t so hot… =(

    Premium prices are very high relative to other options, and former AIL agents say their sales process is a “bait and switch,” since they get in the door with something like a child safety kit offer, versus an upfront conversation on insurance.

    I’d recommend any aspiring agents considering AIL to also interview with other insurance companies. Finding the best fit agency from the start is so important for long-term success in selling insurance.

  2. Hi Ali,
    I would have to agree with you 100% about your review, the reason is because I did join the program and spent the study course and also for the license. My belief in investing for the work.
    What caught my attention was the fact is that the professional applicants did not return for the second interview and most would have if it were a promising position.
    The personal that were involved gave me another aspect of those who have not been in the industry as a one would expect.
    As you mentioned, you learn to know the product and promote it to sell it. If that is the purpose than why would you need to recruit someone? Then in the meetings once a week, it’s more like the rally event and cheering on accomplishments and earnings.. which reflects on the culture of a MLM..
    Add all those factors in and you realize this is not a profession you want to be ever associated with.
    I gave them my noticed before the training was completed, feel much better in knowing what my intuition was advising me to do.
    I spent the money for the education and the license, now still looking still to find this work because it has potential, but with a respectable company..
    New York Life.. would you recommend..?

    1. Hello Drew and thanks for your comment. To be honest, I have not tried New York Life company so I can’t 100% say if it works or not but there’re some common signs among all MLM companies which you can recognize easily so if you see some or all of these signs in another company, you can mark it as a MLM business and Multi-Level Marketing is not definitely what I can recommend you for several reasons.
      The #1 Recommended Program here helps you to build a successful online business.

      Thanks for your comment,


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