is ameriplan a scam

Is AmeriPlan a Scam? – Are They up For +20 Years by Chance?

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Is AmeriPlan a Scam?

Welcome to my review of AmeriPlan! Chances are, someone has just introduced to you this “business opportunity” where you can save money on healthcare and also make money at the same time.

Sounds like a pretty good opportunity, huh? But, is AmeriPlan a scam? And is it too good to be true to save and make money at the same time? Let’s find out…


Product Name: AmeriPlan USA

Product Type: MLM business offering discounts for medical services

Founder: Dennis Bloom (CEO) and Daniel Bloom

Price: From $24.95 to $269.95

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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There are two main reasons why someone may ask “Is AmeriPlan a scam?”. You may have been called and asked to buy one of their plans, or you may be considering trying to make money by selling for them. In this review I will go over answers to both of these questions. The way I see it, if the answer to either of these is, Yes, it is a scam, then neither one should be pursued.

I started this website to help people learn how to start their own website, and offer them the best tools to do so. I have found out though that a lot of people come here wanting to start their own website to make money from home. So, I thought it would also be helpful to point out other good and bad opportunities to make money from home in case you think building your own website might not be for you.

What is Ameriplan?

Multilevel marketing. It is what most people would consider your typical pyramid scheme style of business, which is something that comes with the territory.

It is a recruiting based business which falls in the lotions and potions category. They offer DISCOUNTS on medical and dental related products and they are not an insurance company.

Who This is For

This is actually great for anyone who requires a lot of medical services and prescriptions that your insurance providers don’t cover. I would say this is also for those of you who don’t have insurance, but with a monthly fee, I think you’re better off getting an actual insurance provide, depending on your needs of course.

Ultimately, this is for those of you that are looking to do some type of network marketing business. You are the type that is comfortable with talking to people and are looking to do some networking of your own.

Let’s talk about the memberships..

Dental Plus is the most basic membership and costs $24.95/month. There’s also an additional $20 registration fee that’s revealed when you proceed to check-out.

Dental Plus provides discounts for the following services:

  • Dental Work – Oral Exams, etc.
  • Vision – Eye Exams, etc
  • Prescription – Discounts on Prescription Drugs, etc.
  • Chiropractic – X-Rays, etc.

Once again, it’s important to remember that discounts are only available if you visit a clinic that participates in this program. Dental Plus covers and entire household.

It doesn’t work everywhere.

I wasn’t able to find any resource where you can find all Ameriplan partners, it would be nice to know.

Med Plus.

Med Plus costs $24.95/month + $20 registration fee. It costs the same as the dental plan but the services are a bit different. Med Plus services are most based on consultations. You can call a hotline where doctors can answer your questions, this is called Tele-Medicine.

There’s another service called Bill Negotiator that helps you find the best solutions to pay for your medical bills.

Deluxe Plus Membership.

Deluxe Plus is a combination of the two memberships, Dental and Med Plus, and there are some additional services thrown in as well. This combo deal costs $39.95/month + $30 registration fee. It covers a wide range of medical issues plus some non-medical services such as discount on Dell Computers and other companies.

Ameriplan Complaints

  1. You really need to be a telephone person to do well with the Ameriplan Work At Home opportunity. For me this wasn’t very feasible. I have young (loud) children and I hate being on the phone. But I tried as much as possible to make it a totally online based business but it just wasn’t feasible. If you’re a telephone person then you may be able to do well with this opportunity. But if you’re not and have young kids, you may be better of with my #1 Free Recommendation instead.
  2. Second issue was their daily pay policy. In theory this was great to me. Most companies make you wait a month or more for you pay. The problem here is that if someone you enrolled decided to cancel after they paid you, they would deduct that money on your future earnings. This always burned me. It’s also one of the reasons I decided to focus on my other work at home opportunity. Fortunately they have provided another option to address this issue. So it’s no longer a major issue to be concerned with.
  3. And finally their training and broker website was just too overwhelming and not user friendly. I always felt very lost with the information and maybe it’s because I’m an idiot. My up-line did help me a lot but even with that I always felt overwhelmed. Furthermore I also felt Ameriplan was always trying to upsell you tools and services that were suppose to help you make more money. But shouldn’t that stuff be free? Doesn’t it make sense to provide these tools to me for free so I can make the company and myself more money? Maybe I’m asking for too much? Granted they do have a very impressive training support system but why offer so many up-sell options?

Conclusion – Do I recommend Ameriplan?

The company itself is not bad and I do think that you can save a lot of money with the packages that you can buy, but the compensation plan is not for me. There are people that are making a lot of money from this company, but they are only a few.

Within each MLM company, only a few people will reach the top of the structure while those in the bottom have to work their buds off. Personally I am not a big mlm fan, because I have tried it and it did not work out for me. There are far better ways to earn a passive income online other than mlm.

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