is anthony morrison a scam artist

Is Anthony Morrison a Scam Artist or An Experienced Expert?

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If you’ve been in the Internet Marketing world even for a short time, you’ve probably heard a name, Anthony Morrison but who is this guy really? Or is Anthony Morrison a scam artist that wants to become rich with your hard-earned money?

In my opinion, one of the most difficult and crucial tasks in online businesses – no matter whether you work in affiliate marketing or have your own online store – is driving traffic to your website. The more people come to your website, the better sales you are going to have. As simple as that.

Now, in the Internet, there are dozens of programs which promise to drive a lot of traffic to your website or to teach you do it by yourself. The only thing you need to do is to pay the fee.

Success With Anthony is one of the training courses which promises to enlarge your audience and increase the traffic on your website. Today I`m going to tell you how this program works and why you should never consider joining it. Continue reading to find it out!


Product Name: Success with Anthony

Official Website:

Owner: Anthony Morrison

Type: Training Program for Internet Marketing

Cost to Join: $49

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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who is anthony morrison

All You Need to Know About the Success with Anthony

Basically, Success With Anthony is a training course which explains how to create an online business and create a huge flow of traffic to it. The course is based on several e-books and educational videos which are supposed to teach you everything from A to Z.

However, if you haven`t had any prior experience in online marketing, then probably it will be quite hard for you to grasp all the information provided by the course, because, to be honest, the information is not well performed – it`s badly organized and written in a very sophisticated manner.

You will definitely learn a thing or two about SEO and some marketing techniques using social media or email lists, but it will take you time and effort to organize your knowledge by yourself.

The website states that they offer free training for everyone, however, every further step you take during the training will cost you money. In fact, with these claims they are just luring you into the program so that they can get as much money as possible out of you. And what will YOU get out of it?

Probably, just some scattered knowledge on various aspects of Internet marketing which unfortunately is far from enough to succeed in this field.

What You Will Learn in the Course?

The course Anthony Morrison offers is based on online advertising. In his course, you will learn about cost per view and pay per view concepts, conversion rates and other basic principles of online advertising.

One strategy you are going to learn is based on CPV (cost-per-view) and PPV (pay-per-view) notions. In short, it means that you are going to pay a website or a network to show your ads. If people click on your ad and purchase the product via your link, then your link will get a higher conversion rate which will result in better payments.

However, the fewer people make a purchase via your link, the lower will become your conversion rate which will result in lower payments or no income at all. If your conversion rate keeps falling down, you may start losing the money you keep spending on advertising.

The other strategy you will learn is called contextual online advertising and is aimed at your target audience. Your ads will be shown only to people who are likely to be interested in your product. The rest is the same. The more times people visit your website and make a purchase, the better is your conversion rate, and the better is your income.

But the major issue with this course is that it covers quite complicated topics and if you haven`t had any prior experience or training in this field, then you would probably have problems completely understanding what is being explained in the course.

Anthony Morrison claims that the course is suitable for all kinds of people, no matter what their education or experience is, but I wouldn`t agree with that at all.

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All Products of Anthony Morrison

For now, Anthony Morrison offers 3 courses covering various marketing strategies.

  1. Fast Traffic Formula. This course covers the strategies I have shortly explained above. In this course, you will learn a thing or two about CPV and PPV as well as conversion rates and what you need to do to keep them as high as possible.
  2. Partner With Anthony. This course covers only email marketing when you gather people`s emails and send out your ads only to people who are certainly interested in your product.
  3. Who Likes Money. Although this course may really help you increase your sales and help you make more money, but, in my opinion, it teaches you illegal strategies for gathering people`s emails without their consent which is highly unethical. I strongly recommend you to avoid illegal schemes and offers.

Should You Try Success with Anthony Course?

Success With Anthony courses aim at people who have created and website and now want to drive as much traffic to their website as possible. (see how to increase your website traffic here) Of course, most of these website offer people a product or service and higher traffic means higher income for them. That can be online shops and all kinds of businesses.

It might not be an issue for a big company who has professional marketers to do the advertising, but you have just started working in this field and don`t have much experience in advertising, then this course may be really hard to understand for you.

The strategies and notions Anthony is explaining can be confusing for beginners, and unfortunately, he hasn`t done anything to make it any easier.

A Summary of Training

The basic training consists of three major parts which include SEO, email marketing and social media marketing. In the course of the training your will be offered several more courses, but they are designed and performed by other companies.

The training involves both videos and e-books which gives you an opportunity to study the material at your own pace.

What About the Support?

Many users who have signed up for Success With Anthony complain that they can`t get support when they need it. If you are just considering purchasing the course, the support team will do their best to clear up all the doubts you may have, but once you pay the money, they disappear and hardly answer questions concerning the course itself. No need to say that you won`t get a chance to talk to Anthony himself.

How Much You Should Pay?

At first, you may think that Success With Anthony has a very low price for such a great value. However, as soon as you join, you will be offered to purchase more and more upsells which in the end can cost you a fortune. Believe me, it will be hard to quit, because the moment you decide to stop, they will give you an offer you can`t say no too, and that will just go on and on.

People who`ve gone through all of it, say that the potential investment you will need to complete the course is something around $4,000. Just think twice before you sign up.

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anthony morrison pros and cons

All Things I Liked & Didn’t Like in Success with Anthony

That has been a difficult task to balance the negative points of Success With Anthony with some positive ones. And the reason for that is that this course gives nothing that can`t be found in the Internet for free. The question that kept popping up in my head during my research was ‘Why do people still pay for this information?’

Anyway, I have to stay unbiased and that`s why here are all the pros and cons I`ve come up with reviewing Success With Anthony.


  • Partially the course offers some useful information (not taking into account all the unethical strategies).
  • If you continue with the training and purchase some upsells, you might get support from Success With Anthony`s team, and if you are lucky from Anthony himself.


  • All the information performed in the course can be easily found online and for free.
  • You have to pay for additional upsells.
  • The team can be pushy in order to sell the upsells, they may even call you on phone to persuade you to make the purchase.
  • Next to zero online support. The only way get some guidance is to invest money in the program.
  • Although the training belongs to Anthony, most likely you won`t get a chance to talk to him personally.

There’s One More Important Thing You Need to Know

Anthony Morrison`s program called Profits From Home, promises you the income you have only dreamed of. Anthony claims that for a reasonable amount of money he will share his secret strategy to achieve financial independence with you. He makes you believe that this secret strategy is the only thing you need to succeed in life.

Now, do you know what happens after you pay the required amount of money? Soon after you receive all the course materials that are supposedly going to train you to make money online, Anthony`s team contacts you to let you know that they haven`t sent you the actual secret strategy without which you cannot succeed. In order to get it, you will need to pay more money.

Then, after you receive that missing part, you will be offered to purchase the tools that will make your way to success easier. And the offers go on and on, until you finally get tired of it and say no. But then what?

You have invested lots of money in the business which you just cannot handle yourself. You either lose all the money you`ve invested and quit or continue paying with no sign of success in front of you.

is anthony morrison scam artist

Final Word – Is Anthony Morrison a Scam Artist? 

I start almost my every post with noting that I write honest reviews and give you an unbiased image of this or that money-making scheme. I’ve done this about my past reviews like Freelance Marketing Secrets, Auto Chat Profits, Affiliate Cash Club, etc.

It means that I explain how the scheme works, mention all pros and cons and calculate how much money you are going to make if you join.

All of this gives my readers an opportunity to make their own decision whether the program I`m reviewing works out for them or not and make their own personal decision whether to join it or not.

In this review of Success With Anthony program, I tried to do the same. I have mentioned all the advantages it has and all the issues you may experience with it. However, at least here, in the final words, I need to tell you what I personally think of this program, because if you decide to join it, it will partially be my fault as well, because I didn`t warn you enough.

Previously, I wrote that the Success With Anthony program partially contains some valuable information that can be used in online marketing. But you shouldn`t think that it`s a reason enough to sign up for this course. And there are 2 main reasons for that. First, you don`t have to spend money to find this kind of information, you can find it online totally for free. Save your money for something more important.

The other reason is that it is called a training program, but in fact it`s just another scamming strategy which sole aim is to drag as much money as possible out of its customers.

If you ask me, the chances for success of an ordinary person without solid experience in this sphere are close to zero. The strategy Anthony offers requires specific knowledge which most people don`t have, and he takes advantage of that, because most his customers just can`t handle the business without extra help which he is most willing to perform for more and more money.

Moreover, the program is getting more and more complaints recently. After signing up, people start to realize that they have been caught up in a scam, but when they decide to get money refund which is promised by the program, they realize that they are not going to get their money back.

I really don`t want this scenario to happen to you; that is why I insist that you don`t join Success With Anthony program. And why would you when there are so many opportunities which don`t require constant payments, offer you solid training and guarantee a stable income?

my recommendation

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